My own Pleasantview TV series!

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My own Pleasantview TV series!

Postby Nathan » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:56 am

People are probably gonna be like 'Oh what's the point now' etc, etc. But I thought I'd share anyway. I made a 7 episode Pleasantview series on youtube only with The Sims 3. I remade the sims and edited a Sunset Valley neighbourhood to fit the homes so it looked like Pleasantview. Anyway, at first it was an experiment because I was wondering whether it would be any good or not, but seen as people enjoyed it it's become a full series haha. Now I want people to be nice because TS3 is hard show-wise, especially cause it's a video as well, so like I said, be nice. Also the voices, the first 4 episodes have some dodgy Simlish talk, but after that it improved and it sounds a lot better. The Graphics also improved so if anyone is interested in watching then please wait until they've watched all the series before saying it's crap :mrgreen:
It's the same storylines from TS2, just re-made with TS3. Not all the characters appear, it's just a few main ones this series. Although I 100% intend on carrying on with this :) It's a lot darker than you'd probably expect from a Pleasantview series because it's quite serious from the word-go. I've posted it on a few forums and a few people have said it was quite dark, in fact I got banned from a site because they said it was something that should have had an "over 15" warning -.-. Hope some of you will enjoy it though :)

Episode 1 - Pilot:
"The day of Mortimer and Bella's Wedding Renewal ends in tragedy. Whilst Dina plays a dangerous game between Nina and Don."

Episode 2 - Beneath The Pleasantview Lake:
"Mortimer's search for Bella leads him to the Pleasantview park, with devastating consequences. Meanwhile Nina hatches a plot against Don and makes an unexpected discovery".

Episode 3 - The Broke-en Family:
"An investigation is underway following the discovery of the body in Pleasantview Lake. Dina and Don's betrayal leaves Nina feeling heartbroken and revengeful. Meanwhile two families hear some tragic news."

Episode 4 - Dina's Plan:
'Dina blackmails Don to help her gain control of the Goth Empire, whilst trying to prevent a revengeful letter ending up in the wrong hands. Nina returns to Barnacle Bay and learns some home truth's about her sister from long-term friend Luisa'.

Episode 5 - A Secret Exposed:
"The Goth's say goodbye to Bella, as Cassandra makes a deadly mistake. The police make a startling discovery which could be the answer they're looking for relating to Skip Broke's death. Dustin's behaviour continues to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, Nina makes an important decision about her future."

Episode 6 - Closer To The Truth
'The police investigation takes an unexpected turn; whilst Brandi searches frantically for Beau. Mortimer recognises a familiar face in the Pleasantview Times paper; which leads to a tragic accident.'

Episode 7 - A Stab In The Dark
"A confrontation prompts a confession at the Broke household; whilst Nina plays with fire when she becomes involved with a married man and not just any married man. Dina has a break through with Mortimer, whilst Don receives a shock from the past."

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