Day 28 Highlights

Celebrity Sim Brother: Series Four

It's the twenty-eighth day in the Celebrity Sim Brother 4 house. Yesterday, Horace was chosen by his fellow housemates to be evicted. Unbeknown to them, his eviction wasn't real and he is in a secret area of the house, where he and he alone, will watch the activity in the house and be the sole housemate to decide who faces the next eviction.


All of the housemates are asleep.

Yesterday, Joanne and Jolene had yet another row over disagreeing who to nominate to evict.

Joanne: I'm actually nervous...

Joanne: Hi.
Sim Brother: Hello, Joanne. How are you this morning?
Joanne: Not great, to be honest.
Sim Brother: What seems to be on your mind?
Joanne: A lot of things. I've been thinking about something for the past few days... and after what happened with the row over the messages from home and then the one yesterday about the nominations, I think it's the right thing to do.
Sim Brother: What would that be your referring to, Joanne?
Joanne: Well, sorry to put you on the spot, but it's sort of an ultimatum. 

Sim Brother: Please clarify for Sim Brother.
Joanne: I need to be separated from Jolene for the rest of this process. We're just totally different in our views and I'm sure we've come across completely different to the viewers as well. A lot of people have said I'm holding her back, and as much as I hate to admit it, I think they're right.
Sim Brother: What do you propose, Joanne?
Joanne: Well, ideally I would like us to become two separate housemates if possible. I understand it would be easier said than done because you obviously have a certain amount of days left and a limited amount of time to evict us all, but if it's not possible, then I'll walk from the house and hope that you would allow Jolene to remain to continue on alone.
Sim Brother: Why do you think this is necessary, Joanne?
Joanne: Like people have said, I'm holding her back. She could win, or at the very least, do very well, and the thought of preventing that from happening just doesn't sit right with me. She's my little sister. I want her to do as best as she possibly can. And if that's without me, then so be it.

Sim Brother: The viewers have kept you in numerous times, Joanne.
Joanne: They've kept us in, Sim Brother. Would that have been the case if we faced those evictions individually? I'd like to think so, but I'm not so sure. I have a feeling most of those votes were for Jolene, so I want to get out of her way. Not only that, but like I said, we're very different anyway, and it's gotten to a point where we're disagreeing over who to nominate, and that's not right.
Sim Brother: Sim Brother will get back to you later today, Joanne.
Joanne: OK. Please consider it. Because regardless, Jolene will be going forward on her own. If I need to walk, then so be it. Thanks, Sim Brother.

Joanne: Oh. Hello.
Troy: Sorry. I heard you get up and after what happened yesterday, I thought I'd best check on you.
Joanne: That's sweet of you.
Troy: Shall we sit down and talk?

Troy: So, what's going on?
Joanne: Basically, I've come to a decision.
Troy: Oh, don't tell me you're leaving!?
Joanne: Not necessarily. It's basically down to Sim Brother.
Troy: How so?
Joanne: Well, I've said to them that I want Jolene and I to separate and become individual housemates.

Troy: Wow. Really? That's a big decision.
Joanne: I know, but I've been thinking about it for a while, and it's absolutely the right thing to do.
Troy: I can see why, but what are your reasons?
Joanne: She can do better. I'm dragging her down.
Troy: You don't know that, Joanne.
Joanne: No, I don't. And that's the point. The viewers should be able to make their own minds about us individually. If they love her as much as I think and hope they do, I want her to do as well as she possibly can. I'm not standing in the way of that. If she missed out on a place in the final because of me I'd never forgive myself.

Troy: That's really selfless, Joanne. But please don't underestimate yourself. The viewers might like you, for all you know!
Joanne: Maybe, but I doubt it. Regardless, it's the right thing to do.
Troy: I don't disagree, but mainly because you're two very different people and I never really understood why you were one housemate in the first place.
Joanne: No. It doesn't make much sense looking back.
Troy: What did Sim Brother say?
Joanne: They said they'll get back to me later.
Troy: What if they say no?
Joanne: Then I'm walking.
Troy: Seriously!?
Joanne: Jolene needs to come into her own. I need to step back and let that happen.

Troy: Honestly, Joanne, this is such an incredibly sweet thing to do. 
Joanne: Thanks, Troy. You've made me feel a lot better about it.
Troy: If they don't let you separate, we'll go on strike. You're not walking.
Joanne: (Laughs). Thanks. We'll have to see.


All of the housemates are once again asleep. 


Sim Brother has woken up the housemates.

Horace: This bed is coming back into the main house with me. So comfortable.

Opal: I didn't know you slept next to me, chicken.
Jolene: Yeah. Wanted to be as far away from my sister as possible.
Opal: (Laughs). Oh dear.

Jolene: Morning, CeCe.
CeCe: Good morning.
Jolene: You OK?
CeCe: Yeah. Bit down in the dumps about Horace going, but I'll live.

Billie: Did you get up during the night, or was I imagining things?
Troy: Yeah. Went to check on Joanne. She got up.
Billie: Everything OK with her?
Troy: I think so.

Jay: Mate, how depressing is that.
Jesse: It's absolutely thundering it down out there.
Jay: So much for a pool day, huh?
Jesse: Hopefully it'll pass.


Horace is enjoying a soak.

Sim Brother has called CeCe to the diary room.

CeCe: Hi.
Sim Brother: Hello, CeCe. How are you?
CeCe: Not great, but I'm not exactly suicidal either.
Sim Brother: What seems to be getting you down?
CeCe: Horace going. I don't think it was the right decision at all.
Sim Brother: Have you shared that view with your fellow housemates?
CeCe: No, I'm not annoyed with them in the least. They did what he wanted them to do at the end of the day. He's wanted out since the start and they knew it. And you also knew it. If I'm honest, I think it was highly unfair. You knew he was more than likely going to be the one to go. And I don't think that's OK. I think people should be evicted by the viewers and the viewers alone. He'd survived four evictions, for crying out loud. He could've won. 


Ana and Opal are in the kitchen.

Opal: How weird is it without Horace?
Ana: I know. It doesn't actually feel right. Gotta admit though, I'm more relaxed.
Opal: You two never rowed, or anything?
Ana: No, but I was always wary about pissing him off.
Opal: Hold the front gate, are you actually cleaning the sink?
Ana: Boredom, Opal.
Opal: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Never thought I'd see the day... Ana doing chores!?
Ana: Fuck off. 


Joanne and Jolene are at the bar.

Jolene: I'm not really ready to talk.
Joanne: It's important.
Jolene: I'm only hear because Troy told me to come and hear you out.
Joanne: He knows what I'm going to tell you. That's why.
Joanne: Oh?
Joanne: Sit down.

Joanne: I've come to a decision about something.
Jolene: I don't want you to walk.
Joanne: Just shush for a minute and listen. There's a chance that I will walk, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.
Jolene: I don't understand?
Joanne: I want us to separate and become individual housemates?
Jolene: You don't want to be with me anymore?
Joanne: It's not that, baby girl. I'm doing this for you. I'm holding you back.
Jolene: No! I never meant it like that... 
Joanne: You're not the only one who's said it, darling. And I agree with it. I am.

Jolene: We've survived some evictions already.
Joanne: Yes, and I'm glad! But imagine if I stopped you from getting to the final... or actually winning!? I'd never forgive myself. I know how much this experience means to you.
Jolene: You don't know you will get in my way... and I'm never going to win!
Joanne: Jolene, there's no reason why you can't! You're an amazing, funny, sweet, talented young girl and people love you! I'm a miserable old trout and I know it. (Laughs). 
Jolene: You're amazing.
Joanne: Thank you, but my mind's made up on this. You said to me about letting you go and allowing you to be an adult. And you were right... and this is what I have to do. I want the viewers to judge the two of us as individuals. If you get to the final and I don't, then fine. If we both don't get there, then hey ho, it wasn't to be. But if we both get there, imagine how much more fulfilling that will be! We both got there on our own merits. It wasn't a case of me riding your coattails. 

Jolene: Or me riding yours.
Joanne: I doubt that would be the case, but sure. You know this makes sense, right?
Jolene: I do, but what does this have to do with you walking?
Joanne: I said to Sim Brother that if they don't let us separate, I'm going to go so you can continue this process alone.
Jolene: What!? No! I'd rather continue it with you!
Joanne: Darling, my mind is made up. I hope I can stay, but if not, I'm going and that's the end of it. You can do this alone if need be. I know you can.

Jolene: I love you so much.
Joanne: I love you, too.
Jolene: I'm so sorry for everything...
Joanne: Don't apologise. This'll sort everything out. No more petty arguments for us. (Laughs).

Horace: Christ. That's even moved me a little bit.
Horace: Nope. It was indigestion. 
Horace: Oh, to hell with it! That was quite sweet.


Sim Brother has called Joanne and Jolene to the diary room.

Sim Brother: Hello, Joanne. Hello, Jolene.
Joanne: Hey!
Jolene: Hi!
Sim Brother: Earlier today, Sim Brother noted your request to separate from Jolene and become your own housemate, Joanne.
Joanne: That's right.
Sim Brother: Sim Brother has reached a decision.
Jolene: Oh, God. Please... please...
Sim Brother: As of right now, you are both individual housemates and will nominate and face the eviction process separate from each other.

Jolene: Oh, thank God!
Joanne: Wahoo! I get to stay! (Laughs).
Jolene: Thanks so much, Sim Brother! I'm so relieved!
Joanne: Me too!


Sim Brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge to nominate. What they don't know, is that these nominations will not count and are only taking place to avoid housemates getting suspicious. 

Jolene: We have some news, guys!
Jesse: Oh?
Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother...
Joanne: They'll probably tell everyone now! (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Joanne and Jolene have separated and have become two individual housemates.
Billie: Whoa!?
Troy: Wahey!
Jay: Wow.
CeCe: Ooh!
Opal: That's amazing!
Jolene: Thanks, everyone.
Joanne: It was the right thing to do.
Sim Brother: They will nominate separately, and can be nominated separately. Would Ana please come to the diary room.

Jay: You look like you're going to a fucking Mardi Gras concert, or something.
Ana: (Laughs). I wish.

Ana: Hiya.
Sim Brother: Hello, Ana. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Ana: Sure. My first nomination is for Joanne.

Ana: I'm really pleased she and Jolene are on their own now, as I've never wanted to nominate Jolene. She's a sweet girl. Joanne, on the other hand, is a bit of a pain in the arse really. She doesn't really do much for me at all. She's a bit of a wet fart. We have next to nothing in common, and to be honest, now that she's on her own, I think she'll be out as soon as she's up. 

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Ana: This is tough now as I really like everyone else, but I'm gonna go for CeCe.

Ana: Out of everyone else in here, I've got more of a problem with her, if that makes sense? She's been a bit of a miserable cow since Horace went yesterday and I think it's a bit sad. I'm also wary of the fact that I think she can be a little bit two-faced? I'm not a hundred percent on that, but it wouldn't surprise me.
Sim Brother: Thank you, Ana.

Sim Brother: Would Billie please come to the diary room.

Billie: I'm dreading this.
Sim Brother: Hello, Billie. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Billie: This'll probably come as no surprise, but it's Opal.

Billie: I just can't warm to her as much I try. She's really distant with everyone outside her circle of friends and it's just like she has no interest in speaking to me at all. She could literally come over to me and Troy, and talk to him, without ever saying a thing to me. And I think it's a little bit rude. I also didn't like how she was really selfish about the messages from home the other day. She's meant to be friends with Jolene, but she didn't care much for her at all. My second nomination will be for Ana.

Billie: I like her. I think she's fun and really nice, but out of everybody else, I think I have least in common with her and probably the weakest bond. We don't really have much to talk about at all...
Sim Brother: Thank you, Billie.
Billie: Thanks.

Sim Brother: Would CeCe please come to the diary room.
Billie: Good luck.
CeCe: Thank you, sweet.

CeCe: Still mad at you.
Sim Brother: Hello, CeCe. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
CeCe: Ana.

CeCe: I think the way she treated Jesse was pretty disgusting, to be honest with you. Not only did she say she liked him and then flirt with two other people... but she did it to two of the people he was closest to in the house! And I know for a fact that put Jay and Jude in a really uncomfortable situation and made Jesse turn on them too and it was all totally her fault. I think she needs to grow up, to be perfectly honest.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination.
CeCe: Easy. Opal.

CeCe: There's nothing wrong with looking out for yourself, but Opal takes the biscuit. She was totally selfish about the messages from home and didn't even give Jolene a second's thought, but the way she was so quick to vote out Horace to try and save herself when she knew she'd probably pick up a few votes was totally telling, as far as I'm concerned. I honestly didn't think she was that bothered about coming or going, but the last few days has shown me that she might be more hungry for the win than she lets on. 
Sim Brother: Thank you, CeCe.

Sim Brother: Would Jay please come to the diary room.

Jay: Hi!
Sim Brother: Hello, Jay. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Jay: No Horace to nominate this time which makes it harder. (Laughs). No. He was all right. But for me, I'm gonna have to go for Joanne first.

Jay: I like her and what she's just done for Jolene is incredibly sweet and selfless, but I think she's probably come as far as she can in this show now. I think she's ready to go and that might be a big reason as to why she's done this. She can leave without feeling as if she's abandoning Jolene or dragging her out with her if she was evicted. I don't know? I just think she's been so up and down throughout this entire process that it's impossible to know where she actually stands.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination.
Jay: This is really fucking hard for me now. I literally really like everybody that's left a lot. I'm probably least closest with Troy, Billie, and Jolene, but I don't think I have genuine reasons to give them a nomination. So, sadly, for that reason, I'm gonna have to say Opal.

Jay: I know she'd be quite hurt by this, and I understand completely, but like I said, I haven't got genuine reasons for everyone else. Whereas with her, I think she can be far too blunt and honest for her own good. Yes, it's good to be up-front but it's also good to have tact, and she's completely missing that. I just want to throttle her sometimes when she's piping up. Especially as half the time there's no reason for her to throw her two cents in.
Sim Brother: Thank you, Jay.

Jay: Toughest one yet, for sure.
CeCe: Agreed.
Sim Brother: Would Jesse please come to the diary room.

Jesse: 'Sup, big guy!?
Sim Brother: Hello, Jesse. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Jesse: Sure. This is pretty easy. Troy.

Jesse: I think he feels totally lost in here without Horace to back him up and fight his battles for him, and to be honest, I find it quite funny. He's completely withdrawn now and I'm half-tempted to try and wind him up at some point to see how he'll respond. I bet he won't now Horace isn't here. I just feel as if he was totally up his ass, if you know what I mean? And I didn't have time for that guy, as you well know.

Horace: Don't worry, Jesse. You might not have time for me, but I'll endeavour to make room in my diary to nominate the shit out of you later.

Jesse: My second nomination is Joanne.

Jesse: She's a nice woman deep down and I think she's been through more than what people realise, and for that I totally respect her. I know her mother had issues with alcohol and I know what that's like, so she has nothing but my sympathy. With that being said, we just don't mesh together at all and I'd much rather spend the rest of my time in here with the others.
Sim Brother: Thank you, Jesse.

Sim Brother: Would Joanne please come to the diary room.

Joanne: My first ones on my own! This is weird!
Sim Brother: Hello, Joanne. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Joanne: Opal is obviously my first nomination.

Joanne: I just don't trust her as far as I can throw her. She says she really cares about Jolene, and I'd truly like to believe that, but I have my doubts. I can see her dropping Jolene like a bag of cold sick on the outside and I think that'll really upset her as she looks up to Opal for whatever reason. I just think that for someone who claims to be so up-front and straight to the point, she's actually a bit disingenuous. Regardless, we're never gonna be friends.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination.
Joanne: Sure. It's Ana.

Joanne: She's everything I dislike in some women. She gives the rest of us a bad name by whoring herself around and being so easy. I just find it really distasteful. We ask as women to be treated with dignity and respect and to be treated as equal to men, and rightly so, and then you get people like her who act like the only thing that matters in her life is men and sex. I just find it sad.
Sim Brother: Thank you, Joanne.

Joanne: That was strange. (Laughs).
Jolene: I bet! 

Jolene: I'm quite excited! I get to make my own nominations for once! (Laughs).
Sim Brother: Hello, Jolene. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Jolene: Ana.

Jolene: I don't dislike her at all. In fact, I think she's a good laugh and she's sweet to me, but I just disagree with how she's handled herself in here, especially over the past week or so. She really upset a lot of people, including Jude who I was really fond of! (Laughs). Yet it didn't seem to bother her much in the least. She seemed more upset when Opal turned against her than what she did about hurting any of the guys.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination.
Jolene: This one is for Jesse.

Jolene: He's always been very nice to me, so I feel badly about this, but I've seen a bit of a cocky side to him since Horace left yesterday, and I'm not sure I like it. Don't get me wrong, I get why Horace rubbed people up the wrong way, but I feel Jesse went so over-the-top about it all. Horace never bothered me because I never gave him any reason to, and I know that's the same for everyone else, too. I just felt like he was trying to act like the group's saviour and trying to make himself look good by going up against Horace all the time.

Smart girl.
Sim Brother: Thank you, Jolene.

Sim Brother: Would Opal please come to the diary room.

Opal: Hiya.
Sim Brother: Hello, Opal. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Opal: Respect to her for what she did today, but I'm still gonna go for Joanne.

Opal: I can go for her totally guilt-free now as she's not dragging Jolene down with her. (Laughs). But yeah, I feel as if I understand her more than what I did before, but she's still not my cup of tea and the way she's handled situations in here have been, quite frankly, ridiculous. And at times... batshit crazy. I mean, the whole thing with Adam wearing Jolene's slippers and how she acted!? I'm sorry, but that's just pathetic. 

Sim Brother: Please continue, Opal.
Opal: My second nomination is for Billie.

Opal: People have said to me a couple of times that I don't bother with her, which there's some truth to, sure, but she doesn't exactly make much of an effort with me either!? She just seems to show zero interest in trying to get to know me, so why should I make the effort!? I'm also not sure if I buy this whole sweet girl act. Yes, she's a nice girl and I would never say she isn't, but sometimes I just wonder, y'know? 
Sim Brother: Thank you, Opal.

Sim Brother: Would Troy please come to the diary room.
Troy: Time to stab you in the back, Opal!
Opal: Fuck ya! (Laughs).

Troy: Howdy.
Sim Brother: Hello, Troy. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Troy: Sure. It's Ana.

Troy: I've always got on well with her and we've got a good bantering relationship but as the numbers go down, it's gonna get harder to nominate and at the end of the day, I'd say I'm closer to everybody else than what I am her and my other nominee. I think I'd rather get to the end with those people... 

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination.
Troy: Jesse.

Troy: He acted pathetic yesterday after Horace left. He was walking around with a huge grin on his face and it drove me insane. I don't see why he hated him so much. Horace only ever retaliated to him. He never set out to insult him of his own accord. I just thought it was pretty disrespectful as he knew Billie, CeCe, and I. were sad about Horace leaving but he didn't care about us enough to be dignified and considerate about it. Hell, I haven't been a fan of any of the four evictees before Horace, but I wasn't walking around with a stupid smile on my face after they left.
Sim Brother: Thank you, Troy.

Ana received five nominations and Joanne and Opal received four. If these nominations counted, the three of them would face the next eviction. However, as Horace will be the only housemate whose nominations count, they will not. Sim Brother will announce Ana, Joanne, and Opal as the nominees tomorrow to avoid the housemates getting suspicious. 

Troy: Well, that's that.
Opal: Thank fuck. I need a piss.
CeCe: Can you hear that weather!?
Ana: It's getting worse, for sure.
Jolene: I might have to go and hide...
Jesse: Eh?
Joanne: She's terrified of thunder. (Laughs).
Jay: It's the lightning you wanna be scared of, kid.
Jolene: Eeee! Don't!


Sim Brother has called Horace to the diary room to make the nominations.

Sim Brother: Hello, Horace. Just to remind you, you will be making three nominations.
Horace: I'm aware. And I'm ready.
Sim Brother: Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.
Horace: With pleasure. It's the red-neck, hillbilly toss-pot that is Jesse!

Horace: I can't even begin to tell you how this so-called man infuriates me. His voice... his mannerisms... his stupid music... urgh. It's all intolerable. I don't give one iota about this game as you know, but I can't deny the pleasure I would get at being the one to nominate him and watch him be evicted. Oh, it would be tremendous. He can go back to his relatives. They no doubt don MAGA hats, watch NasCar twenty-four-fucking-seven, and truly think Hillary Clinton is the anti-Christ.

Sim Brother: Please continue.
Horace: Ana.

Horace: I don't really have much of a problem with her, but I've never been keen on her either. I think the way she conducts herself is desperate and she should be above that. She's not an unattractive lady by any means, so she should hold herself to a higher standard. Instead, she walks around the place like she's the Madam at a Brothel. The girls been slammed more than a front door, for crying out loud.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your third and final nomination, Horace.
Horace: This one was tougher. But I'm going for Jay.

Horace: Nice guy. I don't dislike him at all. But I've got to go for someone and I think everyone else deserves to get further, if I'm completely honest. Joanne and Opal have been complete train-wrecks, but they've been entertaining. I'm not saying Jay's boring, but he could send an insomniac to sleep. Plus, everyone else left has faced eviction and these three haven't, so let's see what the viewers think, shall we?

Ana, Jay, and Jesse will face eviction on day thirty.


Lightning has caught the attention of the housemates.

Jesse: FUCK! That one was in the garden, for sure!

Jay: Bit early for bed, isn't it?
Jolene: I've got no choice, Jay!
Jay: You haven't?
Jolene: I'm terrified! If I don't hide under the duvet I could die.
Jay: Not sure there's any logic in that personally. (Laughs).
Jolene: It makes me feel better, OK!?
Jay: You're really that scared!? You know you're perfectly safe indoors, right?
Jolene: That's what everyone thinks... until they're dead!
Jay: Oh, boy. 


Billie, Joanne, Opal, and Troy are in the kitchen.

Opal: I was well fucking impressed by you earlier.
Joanne: Yeah?
Opal: Totally. I thought it was so selfless what you did.
Joanne: Thanks, Opal.
Opal: You deserve credit for doing that. You could've gone further being a housemate with Jolene and you knew that but instead you cared more about her doing well. I know we've had our differences in here, but you've gotta give it to ya: you're a fucking amazing big sister.
Joanne: That means the world to me. Thank you. I hope I don't go out first time I'm up though!
Opal: I've got every eviction wrong so far, babe. I thought Carlos would go when Rainbow did, I thought you and Jolene would go when Donna did, and I thought it was between me, you two, and Billie when Jean-Paul and Matteo went, so you never fucking know for sure. I reckon you've done yourself a world of favours by what you did today.
Joanne: That wasn't my intention though.
Opal: Course not. But you have.

Troy: I say we go out there.
Billie: Are you insane!?
Troy: The mud looks fun.
Billie: (Laughs). You can't be serious!?
Troy: We always think we're bores, why don't we do something spontaneous for once in our lives!?
Billie: You're serious!?
Troy: Yup! I'm going!

Troy: SHIT!
Billie: (Gasps).

Billie: Are you OK!?
Troy: Aw. Fuck. That hurt.
Billie: (Laughs). You idiot, Troy!

Troy: C'mon! Join in!
Billie: What are you doing!?
Troy: You never did this as a kid?
Billie: Yes, but as a kid! (Laughs).
Troy: It's fun! Why not!?
Billie: (Laughs). I'm wearing nice clothes!
Troy: Oh, to hell with that! What are washing machines for!?

Opal: The fuck are they doing out there!?
Joanne: (Laughs). They've lost it.

Billie: You're right! This is actually fun!
Troy: See! I told you!
Sim Brother: For health and safety reasons, Billie and Troy must go inside immediately.

Opal: They'll get struck by lightning in a minute! Silly twats!
Joanne: My Dad did once, y'know?
Opal: Fuck off!?
Joanne: Yep. He survived obviously. But he said it was the worst pain he ever felt.
Opal: I bet!
Billie: Troy, c'mon!

Troy: FUCK!
Billie: Oh, not again! (Laughs).

Troy: This is a new low, Troy.

Horace: Don't disagree there.


Most of the housemates are in bed.

Billie and Troy are in the bathroom.

Billie: How you feeling?
Troy: Fine now, but I'll feel that second fall in the morning!
Billie: (Laughs). That was easily the highlight of my entire stay in here, gotta be honest.
Troy: Glad it amused you! You did shower, right!?
Billie: Of course! What do you take me for!?

Opal has come to the diary room to talk to Sim Brother.

Opal: Not gonna lie, Sim Brother. There might be some serious game-players in this house.
Sim Brother: Who are you referring to, Opal?
Opal: Billie and Troy! Playing in the mud in the garden like they're out of fucking Rugrats or something! That was completely out of character for both of them and it just came across weird.
Sim Brother: What if they just wanted to have fun?
Opal: Sure. Maybe I'm just being a paranoid cow, but this is a game and there's not long to go now at all and we're all aware that the finishing line is in sight. That's all I'm saying. 

The twenty-eighth day in the Celebrity Sim Brother house has come to an end. Tune in soon for the highlights of day twenty-nine where the housemates are told a lie over who faces eviction and Jesse creates conflict and also for the next live eviction where either Ana, Jay, or Jesse become the fifth evictee of the series. Stay tuned!

Ana, Jay and Jesse face eviction from the house. WHO STAYS? You decide! Vote HERE!