Live Eviction 06, 07, & 08

Celebrity Sim Brother: Series Four

Preeya: Hello there, viewers!
Deborah: And welcome to triple eviction night here on Celebrity Sim Brother 4!
Preeya: In forty-eight hours time, we will crown your champion! But there are still eight people standing in the way of that.
Deborah: Tonight, we kick out three of them! A few days ago the housemates nominated and Ana, Billie, CeCe, Horace, Joanne, Jolene, and Opal were put on the chopping block.
Preeya: This gave the first two slots in the final to Jay and Troy. But only four of our seven nominees can join them. And just to give you a heads up, Opal has indeed given Joanne a make-over... and she looks amazing! 
Deborah: There's no special guests tonight as we've got a busy night. Shall we get to it?
Preeya: I think we should, Debs. It's time to cross over to the house...

Ana: I don't know how much longer I can wait... 
Jay: They are taking forever.
Jolene: Yeah! Come on!
Horace: It'll be any second now...
CeCe: How can you tell?
Horace: Because the TV's on.
CeCe: OH! 

Deborah and Preeya: Good evening, housemates!
Jay: Whoo!
Troy: Hello!
Opal: Hey there!
Jolene: We're scared! So, hurry up!

Ana: Yes?

Preeya: Billie...
Billie: Hiya!

Deborah: CeCe...
CeCe: Good evening!
Preeya: Horace...
Horace: Hi.

Deborah: Joanne...
Joanne: Yes! Hello! Let's do this!
Preeya: Jolene...
Jolene: Hi!
Deborah: Opal...
Opal: That's me.

Deborah: As you know, the seven of you face a triple eviction from the house tonight.
Preeya: The viewers have been voting and one of you is about to become the sixth person to be evicted from the Celebrity Sim Brother house.
Deborah: It's time to go... 
Horace: Bring the pause.
Jay: Oh, come on.
Billie: Good luck, everyone!
CeCe: You too, sweet.
Jolene: Oh, come on!
Deborah and Preeya: IT'S TIME TO GO... 

Deborah and Preeya: JOLENE!
Joanne: WHAT!?
Jolene: Oh.
Billie: NO!
Opal: Fuck off!?
CeCe: No way!
Jay: Are you joking!?
Jolene: It's OK.
Joanne: There's no way! No fucking way!

Jolene: It's all right, honestly!
Joanne: This wasn't supposed to happen!
Opal: They're fucking having us on, surely!?
Ana: I'm at a loss for words...
CeCe: Jolene, you're going to be fine, baby girl!
Troy: This is the biggest shock ever.
Jolene: Joanne, honestly, it's all right.

Preeya: Jolene, we're so sorry, darling, but the viewers have decreed that you are the sixth person to be evicted from the Celebrity Sim Brother house. Please say your goodbyes. Your time is up.
Jolene: (Laughs). OK! It's all good fun! I'm going!
Joanne: I can't believe this! No! No! No!

Jolene: Joanne, honestly, I'm fine!
Joanne: I'm so, so sorry!
Jolene: Don't be! You have nothing to be sorry for! It's fine.
Opal: This is an absolute fucking sham, kid.
Billie: I'm so upset!
Jolene: It's fine! I'm so happy for all of you! I'm going to have a great night.
Horace: That's the spirit.
Joanne: I love you so much.
Jolene: I love you, too!
Joanne: I'll be out next. I swear.
Jolene: You don't know that! If you stay, you have an incredible time, you hear!? I best go, guys!
Billie: We love you so much, Jolene!

Preeya: Oh, Jolene! I'm so sorry! That was awful!
Jolene: I'm really teary! (Laughs).
Preeya: We'll take care of you! I promise! You look stunning!
Jolene: Thank you! So do you!

Deborah: Come here you!
Jolene: I'll be all right!
Deborah: I know will you, babes!

Deborah: So, Jolene, first thing's first! What a shock!
Jolene: I know. (Laughs). I wasn't expecting to go first, I'm not not going to lie!
Preeya: Everyone was stunned in there!
Jolene: And that's why. Everybody kept telling me over and over again that I was one of the contenders to win and that I was definitely going to be in the final! They completely threw me off. I knew I wasn't going to win, or anything, but they were quite convincing!
Deborah: It always makes me laugh when people inside the house speak with so much confidence about what's gonna happen when they haven't got a clue! But, to be fair, when Preeya and I discovered you were out, we were stunned! Absolutely stunned!
Jolene: Aw. Really?
Preeya: Absolutely! We didn't expect it at all! Why do you think you are the first one out tonight?
Jolene: I'm not sure. Hopefully I haven't done anything wrong?
Preeya: Not at all.

Jolene: Phew! But I dunno then! Maybe I flew under the radar a little bit? Or people assumed I was safe? 
Preeya: It could be that! But I also think it comes down to the fact that it's a vote to save and you were up against a lot of big personalities.
Jolene: That's true.
Deborah: Including your sister... who look absolutely shell-shocked!
Jolene: She was! (Laughs). I don't think I've ever seen her so surprised in her life. She was convinced she was going, and no way did she believe I'd go before she did.
Deborah: But it must be so upsetting for her! It was her idea for you both to go it alone and it's almost back-fired in a way! You're out before her and I don't think that was ever a part of her plan at all! 
Jolene: I hadn't thought of that! Damn. She must be feeling awful! But there was no way she could have known!
Preeya: Had you both been a single housemate, you might still be in there... 
Jolene: There's not much point worrying about hypotheticals. I think it was right for us to separate and I'm not gonna change my mind on that just because I'm out before she is.

Preeya: Good for you! Can we quickly discuss how cute it was that she did that for you!? It was really sweet! And such a noble gesture!
Jolene: I know! It really touched me! 
Deborah: Especially as the two of you had quite a rocky road in there... to put it lightly.
Jolene: (Laughs). You can say that again. 
Deborah: What were some of the rougher moments in there with your sister like? It got quite ugly on several occasions.
Jolene: It was dreadful. We squabble a lot at home, but never to the extent we did in there, but there was no escaping each other at all and it made the situation a thousand's time worse.
Preeya: She did seem to really suffocate you for most of your time in there and it was quite hard to watch at times, but we all saw the breaking point with that massive row and since you had that proper talk, she really has taken a step back, hasn't she?
Jolene: Yep! And I'm so pleased about it! I'll always love this experience for finally doing that for our relationship! I feel as if everything I used to say to her fell on deaf ears, but she's actually listened and I think it'll do wonders for us going forward.
Preeya: Let's talk about Opal. Now, you've always had a very good bond with her and you struck up a very nice friendship, but the same can't be said for Joanne.
Jolene: (Laughs). No.
Deborah: What was that all about!?

Jolene: They seem to think it's because they're so different. I beg to differ. I think they're actually similar.
Preeya: I can see that.
Jolene: They're both up-front, honest, and straight to the point. They both suffer no fools. And both are, shall we see, a bit up-tight at times? (Laughs).
Preeya: I always thought they were kindred spirits in some aspects, but they really seemed to loathe each other.
Jolene: I think they thought the worst in each other for some reason and felt threatened, but they get on quite well now! They've been quite chummy the past few days!
Deborah: We've seen that! And the make-over Opal has given Joanne is unbelievable! 
Jolene: I know! Doesn't she look stunning!?
Deborah: She really does! Now, shall we discuss Jude?
Jolene: (Laughs). Oh, God! Yes, I had a bit of a crush, OK!?
Deborah: I think a lot of people did. What was it you liked about him?
Jolene: He's so fit! (Laughs). But he's just a really nice, down-to-earth, funny guy! I've got a lot of respect for him.
Deborah: The way he sat you down and had a chat with you was so sweet.
Jolene: It was.

Preeya: We're running short on time, so we'll ask you some final, quick-fire questions. Who was the funniest housemate?
Jolene: Horace cracks me up. Especially when he's arguing.
Deborah: Who's the most real?
Jolene: Opal or Joanne.
Deborah: The most fake?
Jolene: Oh! Hm! That's tough. I don't think anyone left in there is fake. But can I say Matteo? He was clearly exposed as a bit of a fake.
Deborah: Who's the kindest?
Jolene: Billie or CeCe.
Preeya: Most argumentative?
Jolene: Opal. (Laughs).
Preeya: Who do you think will be out next?
Jolene: I'm not gonna say my sister! I'm backing her a hundred percent! I'll say Ana.
Deborah: And, I probably don't need to ask, but who do you want to win?
Jolene: Joanne! (Laughs). If not her, then Opal! Or Billie! Or CeCe! Ooh, or Jay!
Preeya: So, pretty much anybody then? (Laughs).

Deborah: Jolene, you've been an incredible housemate. Thank you so much!
Jolene: Thanks! This has been incredible!
Preeya: So, that's one down, two to go. Shall we find out who's out next?
Deborah: We should! Let's cross over to the house...

Deborah: Hello again, housemates!
Opal: Hey!
Ana: Hello!
Billie: We're a bit deflated, ladies!

Preeya: Well, sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, but it's time for another eviction. Ana, Billie, CeCe, Horace, Joanne, and Opal, the viewers have been voting and one of you is about to become the seventh housemate to be evicted.
Deborah: It's time to go...
Billie: Oh, God.
Troy: You'll be fine.
Opal: I don't even care anymore.
Joanne: Tell me about it.
Horace: Oh, hurry up.
Deborah: It's time to go...

Deborah: ANA!
Ana: Yep! OK!
Opal: Fuck.
Jay: Aw man.
Ana: I'm all right! Honestly! I'm happy to be going!
Joanne: I can't get my head around this.

Opal: You sure you're OK!?
Ana: Absolutely! I'm well fucking raring for it! Let's go!
Deborah: Ana, the viewers have decreed that you are the seventh person to be evicted from the Celebrity Sim Brother house. Please say your goodbyes. Your time is up!
CeCe: Have an amazing time, darling!
Troy: Yeah, love every second!
Ana: Oh, I will!
Opal: I fucking love the bones of you.
Ana: Likewise!

Ana: Hey, beautiful!
Preeya: Hi, Ana! How are you feeling?
Ana: Amazing! Honestly! I'm happy!
Preeya: Good! 

Deborah: Hi, babes! You look fantastic!
Ana: Aw! Thanks! So do you!
Deborah: Take a seat and we'll chat about your time in the house!
Ana: OK!

Preeya: So, Ana, you've managed thirty-three days and you're the seventh evictee! That's not bad at all! How are you feeling?
Ana: I'm feeling great! Honestly! I never for a second thought I would get this far. I was convinced I was going to go when Jesse did.
Deborah: Yeah, and I think he was, too! (Laughs).
Ana: (Laughs). Exactly. So to survive two further evictions was a bonus, and making it to two days before the end!? Never thought that would happen!
Preeya: Well, you've done well, so you should be proud! But why do you think the viewers have decided to have you just miss out on the final?
Ana: I think they've probably got everything they're ever gonna get from me. I've been a bit of a trouble-maker in that house at times through my drunken antics. (Laughs). Plus, I knew I was never really going to be winning material. I think everyone left is. Except maybe Joanne. (Laughs). But well done to her!
Deborah: The viewers clearly like an underdog! Let's talk about your drunken exploits.
Ana: Oh, God! 
Deborah: No, it's not a bad thing! Sure you had your bad moments, but I think a lot of viewers really found it entertaining as well. 
Ana: I'm not surprised! I was a train-wreck!

Preeya: You were really funny, Ana! You had us cracking up on many occasions, but there was sometimes when it maybe went too far.
Ana: Here we go...
Preeya: We have to talk about it, honey.
Ana: No, I completely get it. (Laughs). It's fine. It just wasn't my finest hour. The Jay/Jude stuff with Jesse, right?
Preeya: That's right. How do you feel looking back on that whole mess?
Ana: Well, mess was a good way of putting it. Look, I was definitely out of order and I truly regret the fact that I hurt Jesse, and I never wanted to put Jude and Jay into an uncomfortable situation so I felt terrible in that regard, but with that being said, I did feel as if the fallout from it was ever so slightly over-the-top. I mean, I wasn't married to Jesse! 
Deborah: No, that's right, and I think Opal didn't exactly help the situation.
Ana: Oh, that was absolutely ridiculous! She was a complete cow over all of that! But she gets like that sometimes.
Deborah: Speaking of, let's talk about the row you had yesterday.
Ana: (Laughs). OK.
Deborah: What was that about!?

Ana: I just reached my limit with her really. I love the girl to pieces, but it really can be exhausting being her friend. She just goes on, and on, and on about things even if it doesn't have much to do with her in the first place. She's overly-opinionated, she gets involved when there's no need to, and she's so judgemental! 
Preeya: And yet she's your best friend!
Ana: I know. It's mad. Because she is an amazing girl with so many incredible qualities, but she lets herself down sometimes.
Preeya: Do you think this experience will change her at all?
Ana: No. (Laughs). She's as stubborn as they come that girl. She'll stay exactly the same.
Deborah: What about you? Has this experience changed you?
Ana: Uh... I don't know. I might need some distance from it all to say whether it has or not, but I'm definitely going to be a bit more considerate and careful when it comes to my drunken antics. Or, I hope to, at least!
Preeya: That's good! How was it during the first week or two in the house? It looked manic with the likes of Donna, Carlos, and Rainbow causing chaos!
Ana: Oh my goodness. That's putting it lightly! It was a mad-house. An absolute fucking lunatic asylum, but it was weirdly entertaining and a lot of fun at the same time. (Laughs).
Preeya: I bet! What were some of your highlights during your time in the house?

Ana: The parties... obviously! I loved it when the guests came in as I've always been a fan of this show and it was like living with celebrities almost! Even though I was already living with celebrities! The tasks could also be a lot of fun, except for that bloody one in the first week where I had to speak about my modelling experiences... that was so cringey! 
Deborah: (Laughs). What were some of your least favourite moments?
Ana: Yesterday! It was a miserable day from start to finish and I'm sad that was what my last full day in the house was like, but today was a lot better! I hated the whole stuff with Jesse as well and living with Rainbow was quite tough. I was nice to her, but my God, did I struggle! 
Deborah: Understandably so. And oh, before I forget, that whole thing with Jay... 
Ana: Shit. (Laughs). His wife must hate me!
Deborah: You didn't just do it once... you did it twice!
Ana: Oh, I know! I'm such a wreck! Honestly! That's probably what I regret most in there actually.
Preeya: Naughty Ana!
Ana: (Laughs).

Deborah: Some final quick-fire questions. Who's the funniest housemate?
Ana: Troy can crack some good one-liners. 
Deborah: The fakest?
Ana: Oh. Err. Sorry, but maybe CeCe?
Preeya: The nicest?
Ana: Billie. I don't think she could swat a fly without having a mental breakdown. (Laughs).
Deborah: The most real?
Ana: Opal and Horace.
Preeya: The person you're least likely to stay in touch with?
Ana: Horace. (Laughs).
Deborah: Who do you think will be out next? 
Ana: Joanne. Sorry, Jolene. 
Jolene: That's OK. (Laughs).
Preeya: And who do you want to win?
Ana: Opal or Jay.
Deborah: Ana, you have been a brilliant housemate. Thank you so much!
Ana: Thanks! This has been the best thing I've ever done!

Preeya: So, that's it! We're done for the night!
Deborah: Whoa, Preeya! Steady on!
Preeya: Oh, that's right! This is a triple, not a double!
Deborah: Yep! This might be a Sim Brother first, I'm not sure?
Preeya: Three people left in one night during Sim Brother 7, but only one of those evictions were decided by public vote, so this is technically the first!
Deborah: Exciting. Let's get to it, shall we?
Preeya: Yes! It's time to cross over to the house for the final time tonight... 

CeCe: We seem like such a small group now.
Jay: I know. It's actually scary.
Billie: I'm shaking so bad.
Troy: Oh, Billie. 
Horace: Get a fucking grip! You're embarrassing the family!
Billie: (Laughs). Sorry.
Opal: Ooh! Here we go!
Jay: Shit!
CeCe: Good luck, everyone!

Deborah and Preeya: Good evening again, housemates!
Opal: Hi, you evil people!
Preeya: This'll be the last time we torment you tonight, we promise!
CeCe: Better be!
Deborah: Billie, CeCe, Horace, Joanne, and Opal, a sincere congratulations to you all for making it this far and for surviving two evictions already tonight, but time is up for one of you.
Preeya: The viewers have been voting and one of you is about to become the eighth and final evictee of the series.

Horace: Get on with it!
Deborah: All right! (Laughs). It's time to go... 
CeCe: Whee! Here we go!
Joanne: C'mon. Just say my name. Please.
Opal: This is so intense.

Opal: I'm gonna shit myself in a second...
Jay: Please don't. (Laughs).
Troy: You should all be proud of yourselves.
Jay: Absolutely. Getting this far is incredible.
CeCe: (Laughs).
Billie: Oh, please! Hurry up!
Preeya: IT'S TIME TO GO...

Preeya: CECE!
Horace: WHAT!?
Billie: NO WAY!
Joanne: This is a joke!?
Jay: CeCe!? CeCe!? REALLY!?
CeCe: Wow! Wee! OK! I'm going! How exciting!
Horace: This is a shitting joke, surely!? What the fuck!?

Joanne: This isn't right!? This can't be real!?
Opal: They're fucking with us! They have to be! 
Jay: I'm stunned...
Troy: I can't believe this. Honestly.
Opal: I'm fuming! Something's up! 

CeCe: Guys, honestly, it's all good! Honestly! I'm excited! I can go and see my man and have a drink tonight!
Horace: I can't believe this.
CeCe: Baby boy, it's all good!
Billie: (Sobs). I'm so sorry, CeCe!
CeCe: You stop that! You've all done so well! I'm fine with this!
Preeya: CeCe, my love, the viewers have decreed that you are eighth person to be evicted from the Celebrity Sim Brother house. Please say your goodbyes. Your time is up.
Joanne: Fuck...
CeCe: OK!

Horace: I thought you'd win... I thought you'd... 
CeCe: Horace, it's fine, baby! I'm so up for having a great night out in the town! I can now! (Laughs).
Opal: CeCe, you're a fucking legend.
Jay: Absolutely.
Troy: I can't actually believe you're going.
CeCe: Well, believe it, baby! You're all finalists! I've gotta go! 

Jolene: Put her back!
Ana: I mean, what the fuck!?
Jolene: FIX!
Preeya: (Laughs). Shock out here, too! You all right, CeCe? 
CeCe: I'm fine, sweet! I'm happy for them all! 

CeCe: Hi, Debs!
Deborah: Hey, babes! You're even more stunning in person!
CeCe: Oh, thank you so much! 
Deborah: Sit down and we'll have a good ol' chat!
CeCe: Sounds good! 

Preeya: So, CeCe, so near and yet... well, no, so near basically! You're the eighth and final evictee of the series! How are you feeling?
CeCe: You know, I actually had a gut feeling that third time you came on the screen that it was gonna be me, you know?
Deborah: You didn't seem as shocked as everyone else.
CeCe: I wasn't. (Laughs). I can see reasons as to why all the other guys got voted through to the final over me. They deserve it. Honestly. 
Preeya: But that was a shock! When we found out you were coming out, we were honestly speechless for a couple of minutes. I think nobody ever doubted for a second that you wouldn't get to the final.
CeCe: Well, there ya go! Nobody's safe in this game, after all.
Deborah: That's very true. I will say, I think your eviction will go down as one of the most surprising.
CeCe: You reckon?
Deborah: Definitely!
CeCe: Well, that's not a bad thing to be remembered for! (Laughs).

Preeya: Why do you think you're sat here over Horace, Billie, Joanne, and Opal?
CeCe: Billie is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I'm not confused at all as to how she's made it to the end. Horace is Horace. (Laughs). He was making the final. Opal has been one of the most entertaining housemates in there. It's no surprise at all that she's acquired a fan-base. As for Joanne...
Preeya: She seemed completely stunned beyond belief that she's survived tonight.
Deborah: And if we're honest, there's been a bit of disbelief among the crew, too! 
CeCe: See? I'm not surprised. She has been on a real journey in that house, and the viewers are suckers for that. Yes, she's had her bad moments, but she really has come a long way and has bettered herself. I think there's a vulnerability there too that people probably find relatable and endearing. I don't think she should be under-estimated in the final, quite frankly.
Deborah: No, you're clearly right! She obviously has a lot of supporters! But as nice as all the things you've said about the other five is, why do you think you couldn't beat them!? You were one of the most beloved people in there both inside and outside the house!
CeCe: That's nice to know! Look, there was a limited number of places in the final and I just happened to fall short. It happens. Maybe people thought I was safe, but even so, maybe I wasn't as deserving as any of the others... and that's OK, too! I've had the time of my life and I've come really far! I'm honestly happy! 

Preeya: Do you think some viewers might have had a similar view to you as to what Opal shared with you yesterday?
CeCe: About being fake?
Preeya: Yeah. Do you think that's a possibility?
CeCe: Maybe. Like I said to Opal, I did hold back slightly in that house, but I had to! If I flew off the handle over things, I could've been coming out to difficult situations on the outside. It's understandable I'd want to avoid that.
Preeya: Of course.
CeCe: But I was myself in that house, one hundred percent of the time and I have absolutely no regrets.
Deborah: And so you shouldn't! You've been amazing! And we don't think you've been fake at all!
CeCe: Aw! Good. (Laughs).
Preeya: Let's talk about Horace!
CeCe: That piece of work? (Laughs). I love him! 
Deborah: You two obviously knew each other before entering...
CeCe: We go back years.

Deborah: What do you make of how he's been in there? He's obviously been one of the biggest characters.
CeCe: This is gonna sound weird, as I know he flew off the handle a lot, but I'm honestly really proud of him for how he's handled it! Trust me, he could've been a lot worse! I think he only ever went at people if they came for him or if it was justified.
Preeya: That's true. Do you think if you hadn't have been there he might've been worse?
CeCe: Unquestionably. (Laughs). The others told me there was a slight dropping of his guard by the time I got in towards the end of launch night. He felt more relaxed. If I hadn't have been there, I think he would've found it all too overwhelming and would've lashed out more.
Deborah: Do you think he wouldn't have been as popular?
CeCe: I don't know about that, but he probably would have got himself in trouble, put it that way. 
Preeya: What were some of your highlights during your thirty-three day stay?
CeCe: I loved all the parties and the celebrations and the good times! The guest task was mostly great, too. I loved living with Jude, Flower, and the like. They were fantastic. Anna-Jayne is my sister from another mother.
Preeya: (Laughs). I noticed you said mostly great and left out Becky there...
CeCe: Oh, CHRIST. That woman!
Deborah: That was one of the few times you lost it in there.
CeCe: Can you blame me!? There are toddlers less demanding than that woman! I get that she's Sim Brother royalty and she's funny to watch, but she drove me up the wall! 

Deborah: We're running low on time, so we'll ask you some quick-fire questions. Who was the funniest housemate?
CeCe: Horace, but I'm probably biased. (Laughs).
Preeya: The most real?
CeCe: Again, Horace.
Deborah: The fakest?
CeCe: Jean-Paul. A hundred percent. I saw straight through him.
Preeya: The most two-faced?
CeCe: Jean-Paul again. Maybe Matteo, too? But I couldn't help but love him as well. 
Deborah: The most annoying?
CeCe: Rainbow! (Laughs). Sorry! 
Deborah: The nicest?
CeCe: Billie. But Jay and Jolene are close.
Preeya: CeCe, you have been an absolutely incredible housemate. Thank you so much!
CeCe: Thanks! It's been a pleasure!

Deborah: So, that's it! Tonight's triple eviction is over and done with and what a shocking night it has been!
Preeya: Yes, you decided that Jolene, Ana, and CeCe just weren't worthy enough to make that grand finale!
Deborah: This means that Billie, Horace, Joanne, and Opal are now finalists and will be joining Jay and Troy in the final race to take the crown.
Preeya: How exciting! So, the winner's poll is now open to decide your winner! Make sure you pay close attention to the instructions! 
Deborah: And we'll see you back here soon for that grand finale! 
Preeya: We cannot wait! But for now... goodnight!