Day 33 Highlights

Celebrity Sim Brother: Series Four

It's the thirty-third day in the Celebrity Sim Brother house. Tonight, Ana, Billie, CeCe, Horace, Joanne, Jolene, and Opal face a triple eviction.


Sim Brother has just woken up the housemates.

Horace: Oh, to think this time tomorrow I could be in my own bed.
CeCe: Not gonna happen.
Horace: I'm just going to ignore you.
CeCe: You pretty much do every morning, anyway.
Horace: For good reason! You're like an annoying little fly ruining my picnic. 
CeCe: And you'd miss me if I weren't here.
Horace: Like a hole in the head.

Opal: Can we have a chat at some point, chicken?
Ana: Maybe. Dunno.
Opal: We might be going tonight... we don't want to go out on a bad note.
Ana: Maybe you should've thought about that? Anyway. I just woke up. Leave me be.
Opal: OK.

Troy: Best to just let her wake up a bit and then try a bit later.
Opal: Yeah. I get that. No need to bite my fucking head off though.
Troy: I know. But in her defence, you are godawful.
Opal: (Laughs). Fuck off, you cocky little shit.
Troy: How you feeling about tonight?
Opal: Honestly? Right now, I couldn't give a shit one way or another.

Joanne: I'm excited.
Jolene: I would crack up if you actually stay tonight. You'd be the most depressed person to ever make the final.
Joanne: Even more so than Horace!?
Jolene: (Laughs). Yeah. I'd probably say so.
Joanne: I wouldn't be depressed. I'd be stunned. And I think I'd have to alert the Vatican as it'd be a miracle.
Jolene: Oh, stop. (Laughs). 


Jolene is in the bathroom.

Jolene: It's the final countdown. Da da do do... 


Joanne and Opal are in the pen. Yesterday, Opal asked Joanne if she could give her a makeover for the triple eviction.

Opal: So? Have you given it anymore thought?
Joanne: What are you talking about?
Opal: Don't play coy, lady! You know damn well what I'm talking about.
Joanne: The makeover? (Laughs).
Opal: What else!?
Joanne: I really appreciate the offer, but I think I'll pass.
Opal: Unacceptable.
Joanne: Sorry!
Opal: Tell me why not.
Joanne: I dunno... I just... I don't like the attention, I guess?

Opal: Joanne, look at you.
Joanne: What's wrong with me!?
Opal: Nothing! That's my point! You're a beautiful young woman! You shouldn't be embarrassed about looking nice! I mean, no offence, but right now, you look like a librarian.
Joanne: (Laughs). I guess.
Opal: So, is that a yes!?
Joanne: If it'll shut you up...
Opal: Oh, nothing shuts me up, love.
Joanne: I've gathered that over this past month. (Laughs).

Jolene: I'm not used to you two being chummy. I'm not sure I like it.
Opal: Don't get used to it. I'll probably tear her hair out in a minute.
Joanne: And I'm one dirty look away from giving her a right-hook.
Jolene: (Laughs). So, what are you two talking about?
Opal: I'm giving your sister a make-over for tonight.

Jolene: No way! That's amazing!
Opal: See? She's excited.
Joanne: (Laughs). I guess there's no backing out now.
Jolene: Definitely not!


Ana and CeCe are in the lounge.

CeCe: You still not spoken to Opal?
Ana: Honestly? I'm not sure I can be fucked.
CeCe: But you're both up tonight and it's a triple. Would be a shame if you both went or one of you went and you weren't speaking.
Ana: I suppose, but I'm still a bit annoyed with her, if truth be told.
CeCe: I understand why. She can be a bit much.
Ana: That's an understatement. I've never known someone who feels the need to be so bloody blunt and overly-honest and opinionated about every single thing.
CeCe: I know. It's a bit exhausting. But if I'm honest, I don't think she can help herself.
Ana: It's not really an excuse though.
CeCe: No. I know.

Ana: I don't think she's exactly missing me though! She's spending most of her time with Joanne!
CeCe: I know! What the hell is that all about!?
Ana: Fuck knows. I find it really weird...
CeCe: I guess they're both just fed up of hating each other?
Ana: (Laughs). Maybe. I dunno. Part of me would be ready to go tonight, you know?
CeCe: Yeah?
Ana: Yeah. This place can be too much.
CeCe: I know what you mean, sweet.

Billie, Horace, and Troy are on the decking. Billie and Horace are trying to convince Troy that Rainbow returned to the house earlier while he was showering. 

Billie: Why would we make it up, though!?
Troy: Because you're trying to prank me. It's so obvious.
Horace: Troy, with all due respect, I honestly don't give a crap about pranking you. That multi-colour haired lunatic came back in. And you're lucky you missed it.
Troy: But why would they even bring her back? What's the point?
Horace: Because they need something interesting for the highlights show? In case you haven't noticed we're just sat around waiting to leave at this point.
Billie: Exactly. It can't be riveting to watch.
Horace: Within seconds of her walking in, all of the hatred I had for her came rushing back.
Billie: She really is a character, isn't she?
Horace: That's one way of putting it.
Billie: Opal did well to ignore her, to be honest. You could tell Rainbow was trying to rile her up.

Troy: Guys, seriously, I'm not having this!
Billie: Not having what!?
Troy: Rainbow did not come back in! You're having me on!
Horace: Why would we even go on about it for this long if it wasn't true?
Troy: Because you're both stubborn as hell and trying to fool me! 

Horace: How little he thinks of us.
Billie: (Laughs). I know. Troy, honestly, trust us on this.
Horace: Or don't. Whatever. I'm not even bothered if you don't believe us.
Troy: How could she come back in for fifteen to twenty minutes as you said and I was none-the-wiser!?
Billie: Because you were in the shower for ages! As usual! Everyone else was downstairs so she probably didn't even feel the need to go up and see you.
Horace: Yeah. It was me and Opal she came in to try and annoy. 
Billie: The only person she was happy to see was CeCe. 

Troy: Nope. Sorry. Not buying it.
Horace: Seriously, Troy? This is just annoying now.
Billie: Why don't you believe us?
Troy: Because it doesn't make sense for them to just throw her in! If it was part of a task or something then sure, but otherwise it seems pointless.
Horace: Well, they did, so I don't know what else to tell you.
Troy: Really!?
Billie: Yes, Troy. Really.

Troy: Oh, wow! You guys are actually telling the truth!?
Horace: Jesus Christ.
Billie: Oh, finally! (Laughs). He believes us.
Troy: Sorry. I just didn't think it happened... wow. What did she say to annoy you?

Horace: He's so gullible.
Billie: (Laughs).


Jolene is in the diary room.

Jolene: Hiya!
Sim Brother: Hello, Jolene. How are you today?
Jolene: I'm good thanks! Bit nervous about tonight, but otherwise I'm in really good spirits.
Sim Brother: How are you feeling about tonight's eviction?
Jolene: Nervous? Didn't I just say that? (Laughs). I think with a triple there's a fair chance both me and Jo will go, but you know what? What will be, will be. There's probably not much point worrying about it. 
Sim Brother: How would you describe the atmosphere in the house?
Jolene: Mostly great. Joanne and Opal are getting on which is great! Typical they leave it until the last few days to sort things out. (Laughs). But I'm not sure Ana and Opal have made amends yet... 


CeCe and Jay are in the gym.

Jay: What's the time? Do you know?
CeCe: Must be gone four by now.
Jay: Shit. Really? I've been in here a while.
CeCe: Yeah. You're doing well.
Jay: The time's just run away from us today.
CeCe: Oh, I feel like it's dragged.
Jay: Reckon that's because you're up tonight?
CeCe: Maybe. But I'm not exactly nervous, or anything. There are positives to both leaving and staying, so...
Jay: Yeah. You're right there.


Ana and Opal are by the pool.

Opal: So, we're cool to chat now?
Ana: Would I have come and sat next to you if we weren't?
Opal: Guess not. I just wanted to start off by taking full responsibility for what happened yesterday. It was totally my fault and I apologise.
Ana: Good. (Laughs). I'm glad. And I appreciate your apology.
Opal: My Ma says to me all the time that while honesty is a good thing, not everyone wants it shoved down their throats, so to speak. I forget that sometimes.
Ana: Yeah. It's not so much the honesty, it's just the constant need to throw your opinion in, even if you've said it before already.
Opal: I get that as well. I guess because you're so confident and easy-going, I sometimes forget that you have feelings, too.

Ana: (Laughs). Yes! Yes I do! And you do too, believe it or not.
Opal: Oh, I don't know about that. I'm made of steel me.
Ana: I do love you, you know?
Opal: Urgh.
Ana: I know! You hate all this soppy shit, but what with tonight, I do want to say it. You've been an amazing best mate for me in here, for the most part. (Laughs). I couldn't have done this without you.
Opal: You know I feel the same way, chicken.
Ana: Yeah.

Jay: Safe to approach?
Opal: No. Fuck off.
Jay: Ha-ha. You made up, then?
Ana: Yep. We're best buds again.
Jay: Good! Hopefully they evict you both together and you can hold hands as you go. 
Ana: Little shit.
Opal: Ain't he just?
Jay: You know I both want you to stay really. 


CeCe and Jolene are in the bathroom.

Jolene: I think I look cute.
CeCe: You do, sweet! Cute as a button!
Jolene: And you look fierce.
CeCe: Aw! Thank you! I do love this outfit.
Jolene: I love it! I wish I could pull something like that off!
CeCe: You could, but it's probably too old for you! You look amazing in dresses like that.
Jolene: Thanks! 

Most of the other housemates are in the bedroom.

Jay: You reckon you're going?
Horace: Dunno, to be honest. There's probably more chance of me going tonight than any other time previously.
Jay: Yeah. True.
Horace: What do you reckon? 
Jay: Hm?
Horace: Go on. I want an honest answer from you, Jay. Get off the fence. (Laughs). Which three people do you think are going tonight?
Jay: (Laughs). Just between me and you, OK? I personally think Joanne, Ana, and Opal will go. Possibly Billie instead of Opal.
Horace: Urgh. I knew you wouldn't make me feel better. Fuck off and leave me alone to seethe.
Jay: Sorry. (Laughs).

Troy: You doing OK?
Billie: I'm so nervous, I can't take it.
Troy: If you want me to walk you to the door if you go, I will.
Billie: That's sweet, but I'll be all right. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble, or anything. Promise me something, though?
Troy: What?
Billie: If I go, you can sulk and mope for tonight, but you're to get over it and enjoy the last few days in here, OK? I want you to love every second of being in the final.
Troy: It'll be hard, but I'll try.
Billie: Promise?
Troy: Yeah.

Ana: Hey.
CeCe: Whoa! Look at you! Sexy!
Ana: Ha! Thanks very much. You both look amazing yourselves.
Jolene: Aw! Thank you!
Ana: Opal told me to come get you... Joanne's ready!
Jolene: Ooh!

Jolene: I can't wait to see this!
CeCe: This is actually exciting. (Laughs).
Ana: Wait until you see her, Jolene!

Jolene: (Gasps). Oh, wow!

Joanne: Well? What do you think?

Jolene: Joanne, you look amazing!
Opal: I did a fucking bang up job and I have no qualms admitting it. (Laughs).
Joanne: I'm thrilled with it actually! I really am!
Opal: Good! 

CeCe: You look radiant. Truly.
Ana: Amazing!
Billie: Gorgeous!
Troy: You look a million dollars.
Jay: Absolutely.
Joanne: Aw! Thank you, guys! You're making me blush! Stop it!

Jolene: Joanne, you look so incredible! This is amazing!
Joanne: Thank you, darling! You look wonderful yourself!

Jolene: Thanks so much for doing this for her.
Opal: No worries, chicken. I'm glad you like it.
CeCe: This has been really sweet.


All of the housemates are in the lounge awaiting the first eviction of the night.

CeCe: Should be within the next ten minutes or so, I think.
Billie: I'm so scared.
Troy: You'll be fine. I promise.
Horace: C'mon. So tired of this waiting around.
Jolene: Me too. I just want to know now.
Jay: No matter what happens tonight, you've all done amazing, OK? And you should be proud of yourselves.
Troy: Absolutely. 


Jolene has just been announced as the sixth evictee. She is saying her goodbyes.

Horace: I honestly didn't expect that.
Jolene: It's OK! Good luck, Horace!
Horace: And to you, darling. 

Billie: I'm so, so sorry! This is wrong!
Jolene: Don't get upset, babe! Honestly, I'm all right! I'm so happy for you! I hope you get to the final!
Billie: I love you! And thank you for everything!
Jolene: I love you, too!

Ana: I honestly don't know what to say. I'm stunned.
Jolene: You don't have to say anything! Have more faith in yourself, Ana! That's two for you now! All the best!
Ana: Thank you, darling! Have a great night!

CeCe: I think the world of you, sweet.
Jolene: Likewise, CeCe! Thanks so much for being my rock!

Jolene: Come here, you!
Opal: I'm so upset about this.
Jolene: Oh, please don't be, Opal. Honestly. It's fine.
Opal: I think a lot of you, girl. Truly.
Jolene: I know. And I do with you, too. Look after Joanne for me if you both stay. Please?
Opal: Of course I will. 

Joanne: This is all my fault!
Jolene: What!? Why!? Don't be stupid! I'm so happy for you! You've survived one already. What's to say you won't make the final!?
Joanne: But you're going!? It's not right, Jolene! It's not right!
Jolene: Come here.

Jolene: I promise you, I will be all right. I want you to have fun if you make the end, OK? Or if I see you in a few minutes, we'll be laughing all about this. Chin up, OK?
Joanne: I love you so much.
Jolene: I love you more.

Jolene has just left the house.

Joanne: Fuck this. 
Troy: That's gonna go down as one of the biggest ever shocks.
CeCe: Unquestionably. 
Billie: I just can't get my head around it... 

Horace: Not a lot shocks me, but that did.
Jay: Yeah. Totally took us by surprise. Maddening. 
Horace: I think she deserved better, frankly.
Jay: Me, too.

Opal: Oh, Joanne. I'm sorry. That must have been really hard.
Joanne: How the hell has that happened!?
Opal: I don't know. I honestly don't. I'm fucking flabbergasted.
Joanne: She's gone!? First!? Why!? How!?
Opal: It makes no sense.

CeCe: We'll look after you. I promise. 
Joanne: Thanks, CeCe. I just don't... I know it's just a reality show... but that's stunning to me. I thought could win it.
CeCe: I did, too.

Troy: You OK?
Billie: I'm just stunned.
Troy: Me too.
Billie: How the hell has she gone over me!?
Troy: Hey! None of that! I won't stand for it.


It's been ten minutes since Jolene left the house. The rest of the housemates are now awaiting the results of the second eviction of the night.

Ana: Bit over the top really, isn't it?
Jay: What is?
Ana: The reaction? (Laughs). Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect her to go either, but it's like she was walking out to a firing squad or something, the way they were acting.
Jay: It's emotional for people. I can see why Joanne's upset.
Ana: Yeah, her I get, but the others? We're literally walking out of a building and going to a five-star-hotel for the night.
Jay: (Laughs). I know, but this place does crazy things to you.
Ana: Speak for yourself, I'm as sane as I was when I came in.
Jay: So, still batshit crazy.
Ana: Pretty much!

Joanne: She's gone because of me.
Opal: How's that exactly!?
Joanne: If we had stayed as one housemate we would probably both still be in. Both our votes combined...
Opal: I don't think that's how it works, as you've both been quite different since you've become separate housemates, but you can't put the blame on you, Joanne. You weren't to know.
Joanne: I did it to get out of her way... so she had a better chance...
Opal: People didn't vote for her as much as they did everyone else. For all we know there's a handful of votes in it between all of us. You can't look at it like that. You're still here, Joanne. Jolene was happy about that. The viewers make the call. It's not on you.
Joanne: I suppose.


Ana has just been announced as the seventh evictee of the series. She is saying her goodbyes.

Joanne: I can't believe this. I'm sorry!
Ana: Don't be! I'm happy for you! Good luck!

Ana: I'm fond of you, you cheeky little shit.
Troy: Likewise! You enjoy it out there, you hear?
Ana: I sure will!
Troy: And try and behave!
Ana: Oh, now that I will not do.

Billie: I'm so sorry!
Ana: Oh, Billie! Don't be silly! You're doing so well! Good luck to you!
Billie: Have an amazing night!

CeCe: You make sure you have the time of your life, you hear?
Ana: I will! Love ya!
CeCe: Love you, too!

Ana: You've been such a great friend to me in here, Jay! I won't forget it!
Jay: And to you, Ana! I'm sorry to see you go.
Ana: Oh, I'm fine with it! Enjoy the final!

Opal: I love you.
Ana: Love you, too.

Ana has just left the house.

CeCe: Whoa.
Horace: Two down, one to go.
Troy: This is intense, man.
Jay: We're such a small group now.


CeCe has just been announced as the eighth evictee of the series. She is saying her goodbye.

Opal: I'm fucking stunned! Stunned!
CeCe: It's fine, sweet! I'm cool with this and I'm so happy for you! For all of you!
Opal: You look fucking fit.
CeCe: I do. (Laughs).

Jay: I can't believe this, CeCe. I adore you. I really do.
CeCe: And I feel the same way about you! Good luck, darling!

Joanne: What the actual fuck, CeCe!?
CeCe: (Laughs). Look how well you've done! You never would've thought it, huh? I'm so proud of you! Enjoy these next few days! You deserve it! 

Billie: I can't believe this! I can't!
CeCe: Don't cry, baby girl! I'm fine! And I'm really very happy for you! You could go all the way, you know?
Billie: I love you!
CeCe: Love you, too!

CeCe: And I love you!
Troy: Love you, too. I honestly don't think I've ever been so shocked in my life!
CeCe: Well, it's how it is! 

Horace: This is a complete farce.
CeCe: (Laughs). How will you cope without me!?
Horace: I don't know. Honestly, I don't.
CeCe: Try and enjoy it, OK? Love you.
Horace: You, too.


It's been eight minutes since CeCe was evicted from the house. Horace, Jay, and Opal are in the lounge. They have not spoken in several minutes.

Opal: I just... I don't know what to say.
Jay: None of us do.
Horace: If we weren't just two days until the end, I would've thought this was all fake.
Opal: It's not. It's real.
Horace: I know.
Jay: Baffling. 

Billie and Troy are in the kitchen.

Troy: Are you all right?
Billie: I just don't understand. I really really don't... 

Troy: I know. I know.

Joanne is in the diary room.

Joanne: I'm not really in the mood to talk.
Sim Brother: Sim Brother just wanted to check how you were feeling.
Joanne: Like shit. Complete shit.
Sim Brother: How do you feel to have made the final?
Joanne: I... I...
Sim Brother: Are you all right, Joanne?

Joanne: I'm happy... that I made the... but it's wrong. So wrong. Jolene should be there. She wanted it more than me. And she deserved it. It's so unfair.
Sim Brother: Take as long as you need, Joanne.

Four minutes later:

Horace: It's like a fucking funeral.
Opal: It really is.

Troy: Silly question, but are you OK?
Joanne: No. Not really.
Jay: I think an early night might be a good idea.
Billie: Yeah. Tomorrow's a new day.


Most of the housemates are asleep.

Horace: (Sighs). Like a hole in the head...

Joanne and Opal are in the bathroom.

Opal: You gonna be OK during the night?
Joanne: Yeah. I'm pretty tired, so I reckon I'll be able to get off.
Opal: It's mad, isn't it? CeCe and Jolene gone. How the fuck!?
Joanne: I know. None of us were expecting them to go, and I don't even think that they did, to be completely honest with you.
Opal: No, you're probably right.

Opal: Least we have each other now then, eh?
Joanne: Yeah. Definitely. Thanks, Opal.

Opal: Goodnight, chicken.
Joanne: Nighty night.

Opal: Oh, this place feels so deserted now.

The thirty-third day in the house has come to an end. Tune in over the next few days for the live FINAL where either Billie, Horace, Jay, Joanne, Opal, or Troy will be crowned the winner of Celebrity Sim Brother. Who wins? You decide. Vote HERE!