Live Final

Celebrity Sim Brother: Series Four

Preeya: Hello...

Deborah: And welcome... 

Deborah: To the grand live final of Celebrity Sim Brother 4!
Preeya: Yes! Tonight... it all ends.
Deborah: It feels like this series has gone on forever...
Preeya: Yeah...
Deborah: That the housemates have been in there for years, or something.
Preeya: Uh-huh, uh-huh. It does. Let's go the studio! It's cold out here!

Deborah: That's better!
Preeya: So, two nights ago, your votes decided that Jolene, Ana, and CeCe fell at the final hurdle... quite literally! And so they left six behind to fight it out for the winner's title.
Deborah: Later tonight either Billie, Horace, Jay, Joanne, Opal, or Troy will be crowned champion.
Preeya: But before we get to that we need to welcome back the ex-housemates, guests, and throw out the finalists in sixth, fifth, fourth, third, and second place!
Deborah: And don't forget we need to see the highlights of yesterday in the house!
Preeya: Oh, yes! Let's do that now, shall we?

It's the thirty-fourth and final full day in the Celebrity Sim Brother house.

Last night, Ana, Jolene, and CeCe were evicted in a triple eviction. Billie, Horace, Joanne, and Opal survived the evictions and will join Jay and Troy in the final tomorrow night.


Sim Brother has woken up the housemates.

Horace: No! I'm not ready to get up! Piss off!
Sim Brother: How would you like to do laps in the swimming poll, Horace?

Horace: Touché. 
Opal: (Laughs).
Horace: Arseholes!
Opal: They got you there, chicken.

Joanne: (Sighs). So weird in here without her.

Jay: Morning, lovebirds.
Billie: (Laughs). Good morning.
Troy: You feeling all right?
Jay: Yeah. Not bad. Still can't quite believe what happened last night though.
Billie: Oh, I know. CeCe not here!? Jolene, too? It's just wrong.
Troy: And Ana. (Laughs).
Billie: I didn't mean anything by it! Oh no! Sorry!
Troy: (Laughs). I'm kidding. I think Ana herself expected to go. 
Jay: You're too nice, Billie. (Laughs).

Jay: We seem like such a small group.
Horace: I know. Isn't it wonderful?
Opal: (Laughs). Don't make out you don't miss CeCe.
Horace: Not yet. I can still smell her... 
Billie: (Laughs). You're awful!
Troy: You feeling OK, Joanne?
Joanne: I suppose. Just doesn't feel right, does it?
Horace: Right. I'm off for a shower. If anyone comes in and has a shit, I swear to God, the final will be cancelled because I'll murder each and every single one of you.


Billie, Joanne, and Opal are in the kitchen.

Opal: Can you actually believe it? We're the last girls left.
Billie: I know. I never for a second thought it would be us.
Opal: Over Jolene and CeCe? Not a chance.
Joanne: I can't help but feel responsible.
Opal: Babe, we spoke about this. You weren't to know you were more popular than Jolene and that splitting up into separate housemates was actually detrimental to her. None of us thought that, no offence. You thought you were doing a nice thing, Jolene knows that.
Joanne: I doubt I'm more popular.
Opal: You survived a triple eviction, Joanne. You're clearly quite liked.

Joanne: I suppose... maybe they just thought CeCe and Jolene were safe?
Billie: Yeah. I thought that.
Opal: Will you listen to the two of you!? Look, I'm as shocked as you both are that they're gone and we're not, but at the end of the day the viewers vote for who they like and we're still here. I'm not saying that makes us better housemates or whatever, but it is what it is. We've all been great and we deserve to make the final just as much as they did... and they did, for the record. But three people had to go and it ended up being them and Ana. It's shite, but what can you do?
Billie: I suppose when you put it like that.
Opal: Be proud of yourselves! Honestly! You've done well! 


Jay is in the diary room.

Jay: Hey, big guy.
Sim Brother: Hello, Jay. How are you feeling this morning?
Jay: Pretty good. I'm trying not to get too hyped about the final as we have over a day to go and I don't want it to drag.
Sim Brother: How does it feel to be a finalist?
Jay: Incredible. I'm really so grateful to have made it all the way from beginning to end. Not many people who come in here get to experience that, so I'm counting my blessings.
Sim Brother: How do you think you will do in the final?
Jay: Oh, who knows? I only faced eviction the once so I'm not sure. Could I win? Maybe? I honestly don't know. I could also come sixth... it's open-ended, I think.
Sim Brother: Congratulations, Jay.
Jay: Thanks! That's so nice of you.


Horace and Troy are in the bar.

Horace: Got shit tits, ain't she?
Troy: (Laughs). Horace!
Horace: Well, it has to be said. 
Troy: Does it!?
Horace: Hey, Lady in Red! I've got a good surgeon, if you'd like her number? No? Suit yourself.
Troy: You've officially lost it.
Horace: Oh, I know.


Billie is in the diary room.

Billie: Hiya, Sim Brother.
Sim Brother: Hello, Billie. How are you today?
Billie: I'm still feeling a bit shell-shocked by last night, if I'm completely honest. Opal said I should feel more proud of myself for making the final, but it's hard as I was so close to Jolene and CeCe, and I can't help but feel a bit guilty.
Sim Brother: How does it feel to have made the final?
Billie: Don't get me wrong, I'm so, so thankful. I think the shock needs to wear off a bit for it fully sinks in.
Sim Brother: How do you think you will do during the final?
Billie: Oh, I always think the worst so anything better than sixth place will feel amazing for me. (Laughs).
Sim Brother: Congratulations, Billie.
Billie: Aw! Thank you!

Jay and Opal are in the upstairs hall.

Opal: I'm starting to miss Ana now.
Jay: Jesus! It's unlike you to say something nice!
Opal: (Laughs). Fuck off! You know I adore that girl.
Jay: Yeah, I know. I miss her, too. The house is certainly a lot quieter today, that's for sure.
Opal: I think she was happy not to have gone out first time she was up. Jesse and Jolene went before her, so I think she felt quite touched by that.
Jay: Definitely. Reckon you could win it tomorrow?
Opal: Nah. 
Jay: Why not? You've survived a lot of evictions.
Opal: Not more than Horace.
Jay: It could very well come down to the two of you.
Opal: You're in the running, for sure.
Jay: Maybe not?
Opal: Oh, fuck off. You know you are. (Laughs).


Troy is in the diary room.

Troy: Hey!
Sim Brother: Hello, Troy. How are you today?
Troy: Pretty good thanks! It's depressing the weather's so crap as I would've liked to have spent some time in the pool.
Sim Brother: How does it feel to have made the final?
Troy: Honestly? I feel a tad undeserving. I feel as if I might've gone last night had I been up. I mean CeCe going was just mind-blowing to everyone. Nobody saw it coming. I can't help but feel a little bit bad about it. I feel like I've coasted to a certain extent.
Sim Brother: You survived a double eviction before, Troy.
Troy: I know... but that was against Jean-Paul and Matteo. (Laughs). They weren't exactly winning material.
Sim Brother: How do you think you will do in the final tomorrow night?
Troy: I honestly don't know, and would it be bad to say I don't care? Just being there for the end is enough for me. 
Sim Brother: Congratulations, Troy.
Troy: Thanks so much.

Horace is in the bedroom.

Horace: (Sighs). I miss that bloody annoying bitch now... 


Joanne and Opal are in the pen.

Opal: This might've been a mistake.
Joanne: Was that lightning?
Opal: Think so...
Joanne: Crap.
Opal: I hate the fact it's so shitty weather! I love sitting out here... I feel so cooped up being inside all day.
Joanne: Me, too. OH, WOW! Did you see that!?
Opal: We should go inside. (Laughs).

Billie and Troy are in the bedroom.

Troy: Can you believe we've actually made it to the end?
Billie: You? Yes.
Troy: Oh, shush! (Laughs). But I'm so glad we've done it together. 
Billie: Me too. It would've been really sad if I was there and you weren't.
Troy: Likewise.
Billie: It doesn't even matter where we finish, does it?
Troy: Nope. Not at all. I can't wait to get out though. Wait until I take you to that Turkish restaurant I told you about.
Billie: I can't wait! 


Opal is in the diary room.

Opal: How's it going?
Sim Brother: Hello, Opal. How are you?
Opal: Pretty good considering I could've been struck by lightning a minute ago. (Laughs).
Sim Brother: How does it feel to have made the final?
Opal: Fucking amazing, if you pardon my French. I never expected to get this far. I thought I was far too much of a bitch. I guess the viewers like that? (Laughs).
Sim Brother: How do you think you will do in the final tomorrow?
Opal: Who knows!? If I carry on being a jammy cow, I might be able to sneak my way into the top three, but that's as far as I can manage, I reckon. Horace and Jay are gonna fight it out for the crown. I can see it now.


Joanne is in the bathroom. 

Joanne: Really need to have a bath put into my bathroom when I get home. Showers are shit. 

Horace is in the diary room.

Horace: What the fuck do you want? I was busy staring into space.
Sim Brother: Hello, Horace. How are you?
Horace: Eh. Fine. Bit bored.
Sim Brother: How do you feel to have made the final?
Horace: It's nice knowing people have voted for me, but they needn't have bothered. I would've happily given my place in the final up for CeCe or Jolene. Or Ana, for that matter. It meant more to them. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, by any means, I'm honestly quite touched to have made it to the end, but I'm just being honest.
Sim Brother: How do you think you will do during the final tomorrow?
Horace: Knowing my luck, I'll end up fucking winning the entire thing. Ironic really that the viewers would've kept me in right until the last possible moment when I've wanted out since the start.
Sim Brother: Congratulations, Horace.
Horace: Oh, that's enough. Open the door. I'm gonna go annoy Troy.


Sim Brother has provided the housemates with a final meal to enjoy.

Billie: Shall we do some speeches?
Horace: Can we just eat!?
Troy: (Laughs). Horace, it's a tradition!
Horace: So is Christmas, but that's shit, too.
Joanne: I'll go first, if that's OK?
Jay: Sure!

Joanne: I never for a moment thought I would've made the final... especially without my sister! But hey, here we go. It's reality. I guess this place has taught us to expect the unexpected. I've had my ups and downs in here as you all know and have witnessed. (Laughs). But I wouldn't change any of it for the world. You've all been brilliant and I'm really glad I get to experience the final with you five. Even you, Opal. I now you consider you a friend.
Opal: Aw! Likewise, chicken.
Joanne: Thanks, everybody!

Troy: I'll go next.
Horace: Oh, here we go.
Troy: (Laughs). Fuck off. I just wanna say that this has been the best experience of my life. Truly. I've met so many amazing people and will honestly consider all of you guys friends for life. And CeCe, Ana, and Jolene, too. I haven't got a bad word to say about any of you. You're wonderful people, and I'm so happy for us that we've made it to the final. And I'm really excited to see who's gonna win! Good luck, guys!
Jay: Aw. Thanks, man. And to you!

Horace: I'll just be quick, shall I? This experience wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but I'm still eager to get back to my face-masks, wine, and graphic gay porn.
Joanne: Oh, for goodness sake! (Laughs).
Horace: You're all good people and I'm glad it's you I'm here with and not some of the nutcases we had to endure at the start of all of this! Now the rest of you hurry the hell up, so I can eat!
Opal: Beautiful. Truly beautiful.
Troy: Yes, Horace. You have such a way with words.
Horace: And I know it.

Billie: I'm not sure how I can top that, but I'll try anyway. (Laughs). I just wanted to say that for someone who came in a week later than the rest of you, you all really made me feel welcome...
Opal: Didn't I have a pop at you on one of your first days?
Billie: Shh! (Laughs).
Opal: (Laughs). Sorry.
Billie: But you know that what I'm trying to say! I think you're all incredible people and amazing housemates so no matter who wins, I'm going to be very happy and proud of that person! Good luck, everyone!
Joanne: Aw, Billie.

Opal: I'll make mine brief, because I hate speeches. (Laughs). I genuinely like all of you, you're all deserving, I've come a long way in here and learned a lot about myself, and I'm ecstatic as fuck about the final tomorrow. Cheers!
Horace: Now that's a speech!
Opal: (Laughs).

Jay: Last but not least, huh?
Horace: Well...
Jay: (Laughs). Shut up. I can practically hear your stomach's rumbling, so I'll try and be quick as well. Thank you to all of you. Really. You've helped make this experience as amazing as it has been for me, and like what Joanne said, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. It's been such a laugh from start to finish and I'll also be happy to see any of you take it. Good luck!
Opal: Wahey!
Horace: Let's eat!

Billie: Oh, wow. 
Opal: This is amazing.
Joanne: That meat is so tender. Love it.

Horace: I love you.
Troy: Did you just say you love us!?
Horace: I was talking to the meat.
Opal: (Laughs). Knew that was too good to be true.


Troy is washing up.

Troy: How did I get lumped with doing this!?

Joanne is in the diary room.

Joanne: Hi!
Sim Brother: Hello, Joanne. How are you this evening?
Joanne: You know what? I'm feeling really good! Honestly!
Sim Brother: How does it feel to have made the final?
Joanne: At first all I could feel is guilt about Jolene going, but you know what? The others are right. That's not down to me. And I have to be grateful for being voted through to the end. I'm my own person and have my own merits too and it's about time I realised that. I'm going to make the most of the experience and enjoy every second I have left.
Sim Brother: How do you think you will do in the final tomorrow?
Joanne: I don't know. And it doesn't matter. I'll just be happy to be there.
Sim Brother: Congratulations, Joanne.
Joanne: Thank you so much!

Jay: Hey. You good?
Joanne: I am! 

Jay: I'm really happy for you, you know? You've done amazing.
Joanne: Thanks, Jay! You have, too!


Billie and Opal are in the bathroom.

Opal: Nice early night, eh?
Billie: Yep! Roll on tomorrow.
Opal: I'm getting nervous now. 
Billie: Me too.
Opal: I just wanted to say, I'm sorry for how I've treated you at times. You really are such a nice girl and I realise that now.
Billie: Oh, come here!

Billie: It's all forgotten about! Honestly! I'm so glad we're in this together.
Opal: Me too, chicken! 

Jay: So, this is it.
Troy: Our last sleep in here.
Horace: I know! Isn't it amazing!?
Joanne: I don't think I've ever seen you look happier, Horace.

Horace: I haven't been! It's almost all over! It's delightful.
Billie: (Laughs). 
Jay: Goodnight, everybody!


All of the housemates are now asleep.

The thirty-fourth day in the house has come to an end.

Preeya: How lovely was that!?
Deborah: It really was! So that's what the housemates got up in their final full day in the house. And it's almost time to discover who's finishing in sixth place.
Preeya: But first we need to welcome back the exes! First of, we'll start with the four long-term guests! Please welcome Sim Brother 2 winner, Alex! 

Preeya: Alex, you look divine!
Alex: Oh, thank you! You both do as well!
Deborah: So, are you and Jude an item!?
Alex: Nah. We're just friends. And perfectly content about that. (Laughs).
Preeya: That's a shame! Who you rooting for tonight?
Alex: I'm gonna say Jay!
Deborah: Excellent! Go and take your seat, Alex!
Preeya: Next up is the legend that is Becky! 

Deborah: Wow! Look at you!
Becky: (Laughs). I know.
Preeya: As modest as ever! (Laughs). How have you been?
Becky: Oh, I've been brilliant! I'm getting so much work off the back of this, so thanks!
Deborah: (Laughs). Never change, Becky. Who do you want to win?
Becky: Uh... who's still in there? I haven't watched much since I've been out. Ana?
Preeya: She was evicted, Becky! (Laughs). Just go and take a seat!
Deborah: Next up is Flower! 

Preeya: Looking as hot as ever!
Flower: Thank you very much! 
Deborah: How have you been?
Flower: I've been brilliant! I've loved every bit of being a part of this series. It's been incredible.
Deborah: That's great to hear! Who you backing to win?
Flower: For me, it's Horace. He's been the best housemate.
Preeya: Excellent! Go and take your seat, please!
Deborah: Next up is Sim Brother 7 winner and everyone's favourite stud... Jude! 

Jude: For everyone's favourite stud, I don't have much luck! (Laughs).
Deborah: About that, why didn't it work out with you and Alex!?
Jude: We just decided we'd be better off as mates. There's no hard feelings, or anything. 
Deborah: That's good, I suppose. How have you been?
Jude: Sweet yeah. Can't complain.
Preeya: Who you rooting for tonight?
Jude: Opal or Jay. I agree with Flower that Horace has probably been the best housemate but I'd like to see someone win who wants to win. (Laughs).
Deborah: Fair enough! Go and take your seat please!
Preeya: Next up are the housemates and first to welcome back is the first evictee. Brace yourselves, people. Rainbow's back! 

Rainbow: EEE! Hello! It's so good to be back! I'M SO EXCITED!
Deborah: I bet you are! How have you been?
Rainbow: I've been so great! I've had an amazing few weeks! Me and Mamma Donna have been out partying!
Deborah: Lovely! Who you rooting for tonight?
Rainbow: Billie! She's the only genuinely nice person in there! Horace and Opal are awful! 
Deborah: Go and take your seat please, Rainbow!
Preeya: Next out was someone who decided to call it a day on their own accord... it's Carlos! 

Carlos: Good evening, ladies.
Preeya: You're looking very suave, Carlos!
Carlos: Why thank you!
Preeya: How have you been?
Carlos: Most excellent! I've watched myself back and realised I didn't come across great. I need to work on not being so self-absorbed.
Preeya: That's good of you, Carlos! Any regrets about walking?
Carlos: No. It was the right decision for me.
Deborah: Fair enough. And who do you want to win tonight?
Carlos: Jay! He's such a nice guy and he really deserves it!
Deborah: Excellent! Thank you, Carlos! Go and take your seat!
Preeya: Next up is Donna! 

Deborah: Hello, trouble!
Donna: (Laughs). That's me name, don't fucking wear it out.
Preeya: How have you been!?
Donna: Oh, I've been mint! Had such a great time because of this show so I'm very grateful!
Preeya: Who do you want to win tonight?
Donna: Jay or Billie. If one of the other four win, I'll top myself.
Deborah: Donna! Behave! (Laughs). Go and take your seat please.
Preeya: Next out was the game-player who... well, let's face it, did pretty crap. It's Jean-Paul! 

Jean-Paul: Rub it in. (Laughs).
Preeya: Sorry, buddy! I love the suit!
Jean-Paul: Thank you very much! I designed it myself!
Deborah: How have you been?
Jean-Paul: I've been really good! These past ten days have been such a whirlwind since I've been out.
Preeya: Who do you want to win?
Jean-Paul: Jay or Billie. It'll be an absolute travesty if Horace wins.
Preeya: We'll have to wait and see. Go and take your seat, please!
Deborah: Lock up your sons, next up is Matteo! 

Matteo: Hiya, gals!
Preeya: Hey, handsome. How have you been?
Matteo: I've been amazing! I've had so many work offers, so I've been really busy! 
Preeya: That's good! Who do you want to win tonight?
Matteo: Opal, of course!
Preeya: Thought you'd say that! Go and take your seat, please!
Deborah: Next up is Jesse!

Jesse: Whoo! Hey!
Deborah: Hi, babes! How are you!?
Jesse: Really good, thank you! These past five days have been a complete blast. I don't want to fly home to the states!
Preeya: Stay! We'll have you! You backing Jay or Opal tonight, I imagine?
Jesse: I sure am!
Preeya: If I had to press you for one?
Jesse: Jay. 
Preeya: Thought so! (Laughs). Go and take a seat, please!
Deborah: Next up is the lovely Jolene! 

Deborah: Oh, your outfit is just adorable!
Jolene: Thanks, Debs! You both look amazing!
Deborah: Thank you! How have the last two days been for you?
Jolene: Manic, but amazing! I'm so glad Joanne has cheered up! She so deserves to be in there!
Preeya: We know you're backing her, but if she doesn't win, who would you want?
Jolene: Probably Billie, but I'm rooting for my sister a hundred percent! Go, Joanne!
Preeya: Lovely! Go and take your seat please, darling!
Deborah: Brace yourselves... it's Ana!

Ana: Hi, girls!
Preeya: Uh... hi, Ana. You know it's not quite Christmas?
Ana: I'm wearing this to promote my 2020 calendar which is on sale at the end of the November! A perfect gift for all the family! 
Deborah: Have you done that in the two days you've been out!?
Ana: Yep!
Deborah: That is impressive! (Laughs). You still supporting Opal?
Ana: Sure am! Or Jay!
Preeya: Great! Go and take a seat, Ana!
Deborah: Finally, it's the songstress we all know and love... CeCe!

Preeya: WOW!
Deborah: Look at you!
CeCe: Oh, stop! You'll make me blush!
Preeya: You look seriously incredible!
CeCe: Thank you! So do you two! How has Ana shot a calendar in less than forty-eight hours!? I barely had time to get this dress!
Preeya: (Laughs). God knows! 
Deborah: You're backing Horace, Troy, or Billie, right?
CeCe: Indeed, but they're all great! I'd be happy for any of them!
Deborah: Go and take a seat please, CeCe!

Preeya: There they are! Our guests and housemates of Celebrity Sim Brother 4!
Deborah: Thank you all so much for joining us!
Deborah: (Laughs).

Preeya: And now it's time for one of our last remaining housemates to come out and join them.
Deborah: Either Billie, Horace, Jay, Joanne, Opal, or Troy is about to leave in sixth place.
Preeya: It's time to cross over to the house.

Billie: I'm so nervous.
Horace: Get a hold of yourself!
Jay: Ooh, it's gone quiet!
Opal: This is it!
Preeya: Good evening, housemates!
Troy: Whoo! Hi!
Billie: This is exciting! 

Deborah: Billie...
Billie: Yaha?

Preeya: Horace...
Horace: Mhm?

Preeya: Jay...
Jay: Hey! 

Deborah: Joanne...
Joanne: Eee! Hi! (Laughs).

Preeya: Opal...
Opal: What's up!?

Deborah: And Troy...
Troy: That's me!

Preeya: Congratulations to you all for making it to the final of Celebrity Sim Brother 4!
Jay: Cheers!
Opal: Wahoo!
Deborah: However, time is now up for one of you. 
Preeya: The viewers have been voting and one of you is about to leave the house in sixth place. It's time to go... 
Horace: And here comes the pause.
Joanne: This is insanity.
Billie: Good luck, everyone.
Opal: Good luck to you too, chicken.
Troy: Oh, come on...
Deborah: IT'S TIME TO GO... 

Deborah: TROY!
Troy: Wahey! That's great!
Billie: Oh my God!
Joanne: Jesus!
Horace: You OK?
Troy: I'm great! Honestly! I'm just so pleased to have made it to the end!
Preeya: Troy, congratulations, you have finished in sixth place! Please say your goodbyes and leave the house!
Troy: OK! Good luck, everyone! 
Opal: I fucking adore you, Troy.

CeCe: Well done, sweet!
Troy: Oh, thank you, CeCe! You look stunning!
CeCe: Aw! Thank you! 

Preeya: Welcome out, honey!
Troy: Hi, Preeya!

Deborah: You good?
Troy: I am indeed!
Deborah: Good! Take a seat and we'll chat about your time in the house!

Preeya: It's your sixth place finalist, Troy!
Jolene: Whoo! Well done!
Carlos: Congrats!
Ana: Well done, Troy!
Jude: You've done amazing, mate!
Troy: Oh, thanks, everyone! That really means a lot!
Preeya: So, Troy, you're out in sixth place, how are you feeling!? You've done so well!
Troy: You know what? I really have! I'm blown away by all the support and the love and I'm so, so happy and content to finish where I have. It's mind-blowing to me.
Deborah: We saw you in the diary room yesterday say that you feel like you don't deserve to make it to the final and that you coasted. We out here completely disagree with that and think you're a very worthy finalist, but what made you think that?
Troy: I dunno! I just think that when you're quite en empathetic person and you're quite insecure and down about yourself like me and Billie are, we both just felt guilty about the people that went before us.
Deborah: But there was no need for it! Honestly! You're so deserving.
Troy: Oh, cheers. I appreciate it. 

Preeya: Let's start off by talking about a certain lady, shall we?
Troy: CeCe?
Preeya: (Laughs). Not quite! How quickly did it take you to realise that you liked Billie and there might have been something between the two of you?
Troy: I was smitten from the word go. I really was. She's a beautiful girl and so, so sweet. She's totally my type, but not for a second did I think she'd feel the same way. But over the course of her first week in the house I started to get the impression that she might and I was really touched by that.
Deborah: We saw when you were both guards during the hotel task that you both inadvertently kept making remarks that could be deemed romantic or even sexual and you were both felt so awkward! It was really sweet to watch!
Troy: (Laughs). Oh, that! I think it was because we both felt it in the air whenever we were around each other and were both too shy to make the first move.
Deborah: But it happened! And your first kiss was just the cutest.
Troy: I'm glad you think so!
Preeya: Let's talk about that incident with Matteo when he stirred a little bit about Billie. Did he make you doubt her?

Troy: He did for a little while, yeah. I think he saw that insecurity in me and exploited it. But when I spoke to Jude and William about it, they really helped made me see sense and see what was actually going on there.
Matteo: I'm sorry!
Troy: It's OK! It's all water under the bridge now.
Preeya: You seemed to really be a pillar of support for Billie as she's quite a delicate person. How do you think she would have got in there without you?
Troy: Well, I was probably her biggest support, but I think she would have been OK! Joanne and Jolene were always great with her too! As was CeCe, Jean-Paul, and even Horace! (Laughs).
Deborah: He seems quite fond of her, doesn't he? Not that he would admit it.
Troy: Oh, he's a complete softy deep down. No questions about it.
Donna: Pfft!
Troy: Oh, shut up you!
Preeya: Now, now! Let's talk about Horace quickly. You two seemed to hit it off from the get-go. Obviously with CeCe, he was friends with her before the series, but you managed to lower his guard and become friendly with him straight away. Why do you think that was?

Troy: I felt a bit like an outsider initially and I think he saw that and realised that I wasn't there for some sort of agenda, or anything, and that I wasn't trying to rile him up like certain others were doing?
Deborah: Care to share who you're referring to, in particular?
Troy: Rainbow, Donna, and Jean-Paul.
Donna: (Laughs). Whatever.
Rainbow: He bullied me!
Preeya: Guys, this is Troy's interview, you've had your chance to speak. Anyway, why do you think the viewers have got behind him to a certain extent? He's survived eight evictions at the very least will be finishing fifth. 
Troy: Because he's by far the most honest person in there, even more so than Opal, who is straight to the point as well, and I think in a game like this where people can quite often be full of it and playing a game, the viewers appreciate people who just say it how it is and couldn't not be themselves if they tried. It's refreshing, almost.
Deborah: True. Now, what were some of your highlights of your stay?

Troy: My nerdy chats with Billie.
Preeya: We loved those!
Troy: Aw! Good! I also really enjoyed the tasks. They were a lot of fun. Listening to Horace and Opal unleash on certain housemates was also hugely entertaining, I'm not going to lie to you. I'm looking forward to going back and watching those. (Laughs). Uh, I also loved it when the guests came in!
Deborah: Which guests were your favourite? 
Troy: Four of them are right over there! 
Deborah: Which is why I asked. (Laughs).
Troy: Those four were brilliant. Jude and Flower are probably my favourite though.
Jude: Cheers, lad.
Flower: Good pick!
Troy: But William was there for me when I really needed it. I liked him a lot. Anna-Jayne was a laugh, too.
Deborah: What were some of your lower points in the house?

Troy: I felt a bit down and lonely at times, but Billie really helped with me that. Horace and CeCe, too. And Opal!
Preeya: You two had such a lovely friendship, it has to be said! You seemed to really respect each other.
Troy: Oh, I think she's amazing. I'll be her friend for life.
Deborah: We're running short on time, so we'll ask a few quick-fire questions! This might be awkward as most of your fellow housemates are here, but out of everyone you lived with, including the five still in the house, who was the funniest?
Troy: Horace. Jolene used to crack me, too.
Deborah: Nicest?
Troy: Billie, obviously. (Laughs).
Deborah: Most fake?
Troy: Jean-Paul.
Preeya: Most annoying?
Troy: Rainbow. Sorry. 
Preeya: Who do you want out next?
Troy: Oh, that's tough, as I genuinely love all of them! Uh, I'll say Joanne. 
Preeya: And who do you want to win?
Troy: Billie, Horace, or Opal.
Preeya: Pick just one!
Troy: Fine. Billie. (Laughs).
Preeya: Troy, you've been an incredible housemate. Congrats on sixth place, and thank you very much!
Troy: Cheers, guys!

Deborah: So, that's one down, but we still have five to go!
Preeya: It's time to find out who has finished in fifth place.
Deborah: Let's head back over to the house.

Billie: I hope he's OK.
Opal: He'll be fine, chicken. 
Horace: Speaking of chicken, I'm fucking starving. Do you reckon they'll have food out there!?
Jay: Hopefully. I'm getting a bit peckish too.
Joanne: I could eat as well, actually. Serves us right for eating so early.
Opal: We have some of those cheese bites left in the fridge!
Billie: They've locked the kitchen doors.
Opal: Shit.
Preeya: Hello again, housemates!
Opal: Oh, hello!
Billie: Hiya!

Preeya: Billie...
Billie: Hiya!
Deborah: Horace...
Horace: Is that you, Jesus?

Preeya: Jay...
Jay: Hey there!
Deborah: Joanne...
Joanne: Yes! 
Preeya: And Opal...
Opal: Hi, babe!
Preeya: Congratulations to you all for making it to the final five, but time is up for one of you.
Deborah: The viewers have been voting and we can now reveal that one of you has finished in fifth place. It's time to go... 

Billie: Good luck, you guys!
Joanne: Thanks! And to you!
Horace: Actually tempted to smash through a window and get some cheese bites.
Opal: They're hardly gonna eject us now, are they?
Horace: My sentiments exactly.
Jay: (Laughs). Stop it, you two! 
Joanne: Come on!

Preeya: BILLIE!
Joanne: WHAT!?
Opal: Fuck!
Horace: You all right, darling?
Billie: Yay! OK! I'm so excited! I'm gonna see Troy! (Laughs).
Jay: You've done so well, Billie!
Joanne: Billie, I love you!
Billie: I love you too, Jo Jo! 
Deborah: Billie, congratulations, you have finished in fifth place! Please say your goodbyes and leave the house!
Billie: EEE! Here I go!
Horace: Tell CeCe she's a slut. 

CeCe: Well done, Billie!
Troy: So proud of you, babe!
Jolene: Congrats!
Billie: Aw, thank you, guys!
Preeya: How you feeling?
Billie: I'm so overwhelmed, Preeya! Honestly! 

Deborah: I loved you in there!
Billie: Oh, thank you, Debs! 
Deborah: Take a seat, babes! We'll chat about your time in the house!

Preeya: So, Billie, fifth place! That's extraordinary anyway but even more so for somebody who entered late! How are you feeling?
Billie: Overwhelmed, like I just said! I never for a second thought I would do this well! Not in a million years!
Deborah: Well, you have! So be very proud of yourself! I know that's tough for you...
Billie: (Laughs). Yes.
Preeya: Now, there's no mistake that you've done well, but I think some people were predicting a top three finish for you.
Billie: Oh! Really!?
Deborah: Yeah, I would say so! There was a poll taken during the second or third week where the viewers were asked who their favourite housemate was and you actually got the most votes.
Billie: No way! That's amazing!
Deborah: Absolutely! So, fifth for some people might not be what they expected! Are you happy with it?
Billie: Of course I am! Like you said, I entered late and that does tend to be a disadvantage! I lost to four incredible people so how can I possibly complain!?
Deborah: That's really sweet of you to say. How did you first feel when you entered? You seemed like a fish out of water.

Billie: I was! There's no two ways about it. I honestly thought I might end up walking, but the sisters really took me under their wing and made me feel safe. And Jean-Paul was a great support to me as well. And CeCe, of course. And then obviously I got very close to Troy!
Preeya: Very close! And we'll be speaking about that shortly.
Billie: (Laughs). Of course.
Preeya: You seemed to be quite emotional at the start and you found the conflict in there difficult to deal with.
Billie: Oh, for sure! I hate arguing anyway so to be in there with quite a hostile environment was really, really hard for me, especially as I didn't know anyone.
Deborah: You and Opal sort of came to blows, didn't you? And your relationship never seemed to heal from that, until recently anyway.
Billie: No. That was really hard for me.
Deborah: What did you think the issue was there?
Billie: We're polar opposites as people! She's very honest, even to a blunt extent which I know she won't mind me saying, and she says it how it is. I don't, quite frankly. I tend to hold my tongue even in extreme cases and I don't like upsetting people. I just stay quiet, and I think she obviously found that irritating or thought I was fake, or whatever. But we're cool now.
Deborah: Yeah, we saw that. It was good of her to apologise as she was harsh with you. Now, shall we talk about Troy?

Billie: (Laughs). Sure.
Deborah: We just spoke to him about you and he said he was smitten from the get-go. Was it the same for you?
Billie: No.
Troy: HEY!
Deborah: (Laughs). Wasn't expecting you to say that! 
Billie: Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me finish! (Laughs). I met him and thought he was cute, but I tend to fall for guys as I get to know their personality, so it was after the first few days when we really struck up a bond that I found myself really developing feelings for him. Especially with our geeky chats and when we realised how much we have in common.
Troy: OK. You've redeemed yourself.
Billie: (Laughs). Good.
Preeya: There was a period where he felt quite insecure about your blossoming relationship. What was that like?
Billie: Quite hard. I would say nice things to him and try and reassure him but I could tell he wasn't really quite believing it, which I understood as it's a game after all and people can be fake in there, but it was horrible. But it didn't seem to go on for long.
Deborah: And Matteo made it worse...
Matteo: I said I was sorry! (Laughs). 

Billie: He did! And I was so upset about that!
Deborah: What was that like? Because you both entered late together and I know you considered him one of your best friends in there.
Billie: I did, and I was completely blindsided and devastated. I never expected someone I was close to to turn on me like that, so I took it hard.
Matteo: Sorry, babe! I do love you!
Billie: I love you, too! Don't worry! (Laughs).
Deborah: We saw you open up in there to Troy about your past and a lot of your issues and I obviously won't go into detail about them, but what made you comfortable to do that with him?
Billie: I just trusted him one-hundred percent and knew I could confide in him about things. I also figured that if he was going to get close to me and something could perhaps start between us, he had the right to understand my demons and see if he was willing to take all that on! 
Deborah: And he did!
Billie: (Laughs). Thankfully! 

Preeya: Will you both stay a couple on the outside?
Billie: No question about it. I'm mad about him.
Troy: Likewise.
Preeya: That really is so sweet! What were some of your lower points during the stay, aside from the stuff we discussed?
Billie: The arguing initially was really difficult to cope with. I also hated it when Horace left... when we thought he was evicted, I mean. That was so crappy.
Deborah: I think he was madder than anybody else.
Billie: (Laughs). No question. I also really disliked it when some of the guests came in just to be nasty for the sake of it. Like Danielle, for instance. 
Preeya: The less said about her the better! What were some of your highlights?
Billie: The fun times! My girl chats with Joanne, Jolene, and CeCe! Getting so close to Troy! Annoying Horace! It was all just fantastic. But I have to say, Troy falling over in the rain twice is up there for me.
Deborah: Oh, that was hilarious! One of the highlights of the series, for sure.
Troy: Not for me! That killed my back! 

Preeya: We're running low on time, so we'll ask you some quick-fire questions to end, Billie. Out of all the housemates you lived with, who was the funniest?
Billie: Jolene.
Deborah: The fakest?
Billie: No.
Deborah: Thought you wouldn't answer that. (Laughs). Most honest?
Billie: Opal or Horace.
Deborah: Most annoying?
Billie: I plead the fifth.
Preeya: Nicest?
Billie: CeCe.
Deborah: Who do you want to come fourth?
Billie: Uh, if I had to pick then Opal, but she's amazing! 
Preeya: And who do you want to win?
Billie: Horace or Joanne! And no! I'm not picking just one!
Preeya: Billie, you've been an incredible housemate! Well done on fifth place!
Billie: Thanks, ladies! It's been amazing!

Deborah: So the love-birds are reunited!
Preeya: Not that they were apart for long. (Laughs).
Deborah: No, but it's still sweet! And now that they're out, we're left with a final four.
Preeya: But not for long. It's time to cross over to the house.

Horace: I swear there's a pizza in the freezer, too.
Jay: We need to stop talking about food.
Opal: It's impossible!
Joanne: Ooh, this is it, guys!
Deborah: Good evening again, housemates!
Joanne: Hey!
Opal: Hiya! 
Jay: Let's do this!

Deborah: Horace...

Preeya: Jay...
Jay: Yaha?

Deborah: Joanne...
Joanne: Hi! 

Preeya: And Opal.
Opal: This is unbelievable. 
Deborah: Congratulations to you all for making it to the top four!
Joanne: We can't believe it!
Jay: It's amazing!
Preeya: Sadly however, time is up for one of you.
Deborah: The viewers have been voting and one of you is about to finish in fourth place.
Preeya: It's time to go... 

Horace: And the wait commences.
Joanne: You guys as nervous as I am?
Opal: Oh, yeah.
Jay: For sure.
Opal: We've done so well though.
Jay: We really have.
Horace: I'm still thinking about food.
Opal: (Laughs).
Deborah: IT'S TIME TO GO... 

Preeya: JOANNE!
Horace: Dammit.
Joanne: Wahoo! OK!
Opal: Aw, chicken.
Jay: You've done so well, Joanne.
Joanne: I'm thrilled! Fourth place is beyond anything I could've asked for! 
Deborah: Joanne, congratulations, you have finished in fourth place! Please say your goodbyes, and leave the house!
Joanne: Bye, you guys! Best of luck to you all!

Preeya: It's Joanne, everyone!
CeCe: Yes! Well done!
Jean-Paul: Congrats!
Carlos: You've done incredible!
Billie: Well done!
Joanne: Thanks, everyone! 
Jolene: I've missed you!
Joanne: I've missed you, too! So, so much! And I love this outfit!
Jolene: And you look incredible!
Joanne: Oh, darling! 

Preeya: Come here, you!
Joanne: Oh, Preeya! This is so amazing!
Preeya: I know! Take it all in!

Deborah: You look a million dollars, babe!
Joanne: Thank you so much! 
Deborah: Take a seat and we'll chat about your time in the house.

Preeya: Joanne... FOURTH PLACE!
Joanne: Oh my God! Honestly! Don't! I think I might cry! (Laughs).
Deborah: You've done so incredibly well! And if we're honest, up until recently I don't think anybody would've seen this coming! You've been a real dark horse this past week or so! How does it feel!?
Joanne: It feels astonishing. It really does. I don't know what I've done to deserve it, but I am so, so grateful. 
Preeya: You've had a real journey in there, Joanne, it has to be said. The viewers have seen so many different sides of you and you've really come such a long way! That has a lot to do it with!
Joanne: I'm sure it has! It's been such a roller-coaster journey in there for me. 
Preeya: It's been incredibly close between our top three, but by the time voting was at an end, you were just short of finishing third yourself.
Joanne: No way! Oh my God! That's amazing.
Preeya: Why do you think you've had such a surge in last-minute support? If the series had gone on for longer and your momentum continued... you could've won the thing!
Joanne: I don't know about that, and if I'm honest, I cannot tell you why I've done so well of late! Maybe it's because I've let my hair down a bit?
Deborah: I think it has to do with that, but also the way you and Jolene sorted your issues is a big part of it as well, but we'll get to all that. Let's start by talking about things when you first went in.
Joanne: OK.
Deborah: You seemed to really struggle at the start? I hope you won't mind me saying, but you were quite moody and up-tight.

Joanne: I know I was, yeah. I found the entire thing so uncomfortable and if I'm candid, I only went in because Jolene was so eager for us, too.
Preeya: And look how it's turned out!
Joanne: (Laughs). It's mad. But I found all the different personalities in there so difficult to contend with and the fact the cameras were on us twenty-four seven just put me on-edge as well. Being a circus performer means I'm used to putting on an act to entertain and in there we just had to be ourselves and that was so incredibly daunting. I remember kicking off at Horace pretty quickly and that just set me on-edge from the off as well.
Deborah: You also seemed to have a really hard time in letting Jolene go and do her own thing. Why was that, do you think?
Joanne: It's been me and her for so long as I've been like a mother to her since ours passed away and I've always done everything for her, and so I've always been a little hands on, shall we say?
Jolene: That's putting it lightly. (Laughs).
Joanne: Yes, and to be fair, that's how she wanted it. But now she's an adult, and become her own woman and understandably wants her own independence and the chance to live life the way she wants, and that includes making mistakes. I struggled with that because I don't think I was ready to let her go, but being in that house under those conditions and being forced to be in each other's pockets really made me realise where I had gone wrong, and once our relationship was at breaking point, it finally hit home for me. I had to back off. And I did. 
Preeya: And then of course you suggested you separate as housemates.
Joanne: Because I wanted to really make that gesture to prove I was serious. And I thought I was in her way... it didn't turn out to be the case, but my intentions were good.
Preeya: It was a really moving thing to watch actually. Do you hope this will continue on the outside?

Joanne: I know it will. I'm always going to be her big sister and will have her back, but I've done my work and I need to let her go and fly the nest now. (Laughs). Plus, I'm my own woman and I need to live for myself now, too!
Preeya: Absolutely you do! I mean, look at this new look of yours! Very foxy!
Joanne: (Laughs). Thank you!
Deborah: Opal did a bang-up job with this make-over, didn't she?
Joanne: She really did! At first when she said about it, I was really reluctant, but she actually gets me! 
Deborah: Speaking of Opal, for most of the series you two had a very fiery relationship.
Joanne: You can say that again!
Preeya: Why do you think that was?
Joanne: At first I thought it was because we're different... but actually I think we're similar in some ways.
Preeya: That's exactly what Jolene said during her interview.

Joanne: Exactly. We're alike in so many ways it's actually frightening, but what set us apart was that she was quite popular in there and happy to have a good time whereas I was really withdrawn and not as comfortable and, quite frankly, I had a stick up my arse, and that put her on-edge as I was quite intimidated by her, if I'm completely honest and I think she could sense that.
Deborah: The whole thing about getting the phone-call from home was really heated.
Joanne: I could've gone for her! (Laughs). I was so angry! But on reflection, I do get her point. Had we talked it out, it wouldn't have gotten anywhere. We never would have agreed to have given up our phone-call and it would have caused en even bigger row. It was Sim Brother's fault for putting us in that situation!
Deborah: To be fair, it was! (Laughs).
Preeya: Let's talk about Horace. Aside from when you clashed on the first night, you two actually seemed to get on with one another quite well and there was a time when you guys were in the ice bar where you really opened up to him about your past and your mother's alcoholism and that was one of the first times we saw a softer side to him. What made you feel like you could confide in him?
Joanne: I don't care what some people out here might say about him, he's a good man, and I like him. I feel as if he saw something vulnerable in me and I was quite eager to open up about it but didn't know who to. He's quite perceptive, it has to be said. As for us getting along, I just think we both respected how honest we both were and how we almost hated the experience in a way! (Laughs).

What were some of your highlights of your stay?
Joanne: This past week has been a really good one for me, aside from when Jolene went, of course. I also really enjoyed the hotel task, for the most part. Getting to know so many great people was a lot of fun. Although Markus was a lot of work.
Preeya: We know from experience. (Laughs). It cracked me up when you were mopping the floor in the bathroom and he said he needed the toilet and you just said to him 'then piss yourself.'
Joanne: I couldn't help it! (Laughs). He was driving me up the wall!
Deborah: One of my favourite moments of yours was during the first week when you and Jolene had your own talk-show...
Joanne: Oh, I had completely forgotten about that! That was so much fun! I was sad we never got to do that again.

Deborah: Some final quick-fire questions as we're short on time. Out of all your fellow housemates, who was the most honest?
Joanne: Opal and Horace.
Preeya: The nicest?
Joanne: Billie. But CeCe and Jean-Paul were lovely to me as well.
Preeya: Most annoying?
Joanne: Rainbow, no question.
Rainbow: Meany!
Preeya: Most two-faced?
Joanne: Umm... probably Matteo. Sorry!
Deborah: Most argumentative?
Joanne: Myself, Opal, and Horace. (Laughs).
Deborah: Who do you want to come third?
Joanne: Horace because it means more to the other two.
Preeya: And who do you want to win?
Joanne: Opal!
Preeya: Wow! Who would've thought you would've said that a week ago!? (Laughs). Joanne, you've been an incredible housemate. Congrats on fourth place!

Preeya: So, Joanne has finished in fourth place and we are left with our top three!
Deborah: And this is where it really gets interesting.
Preeya: Yes, because at some point over the course of voting, each one of our three remaining finalists has been in first place.
Deborah: And for a while, we thought it could end up being a tie. They have all been third at one point, they've all been second, and they've all been first.
Preeya: So we can't even stress how close it has been between these three! But, ultimately, we have a winner, and one of them is about to come out in third place.
Deborah: Let's cross over to the house.

Opal: Getting close to the end now...
Jay: Exciting!
Horace: Just let me out already!
Preeya: Hello again, housemates!
Opal: Hiya!
Horace: C'mon now!

Preeya: Horace...
Horace: I reckon it might be my turn now? I can't feel it.
Opal: Don't be stupid.

Deborah: Jay...
Jay: Yes!

Preeya: And Opal.
Opal: Hiya, chicken.
Deborah: Congratulations to you all for making it to the final three!
Jay: Whoop!
Opal: It's amazing!
Horace: I'm ecstatic.
Deborah: However, time is up for one of you, as the viewers have voted one of you into third place.
Preeya: It's time to go... 

Horace: If I have to stay in here for much longer, I'm going to shave my head and hit a car with an umbrella.
Opal: What!?
Horace: It's a reference to Britney's infamous meltdown, Opal! C'mon now!
Opal: (Laughs).
Jay: This is mental...
Opal: Tell me about it.
Jay: Any second now.
Preeya: IT'S TIME TO GO... 
Horace: OH, JUST SAY IT!

Deborah: JAY!
Jay: OK!
Horace: Jesus Christ. Really!?
Jay: Don't be! (Laughs). It's all good!
Preeya: Jay, congratulations, you have finished in third place. Please say your goodbyes, and leave the house!
Jay: On my way!
Opal: I can't believe this, Jay! Honestly!
Jay: Well done, Opal! I'm happy for you, babe!

Preeya: It's Jay, everybody!
Jean-Paul: Well done, mate!
CeCe: Congrats, sweet!
Ana: You've done so well! 
Billie: Well done!
Troy: Congrats!
Jude: So proud of you, dude!
Jay: Oh. Cheers, everyone! This is amazing.
Deborah: Welcome out, handsome!
Jay: Thanks, Debs! 

Preeya: Hi, Jay! Welcome out!
Jay: Thanks so much, Preeya! 
Preeya: Take a seat and we'll chat about your time in the house.

Jay: Are Jenny and Tommy here!?
Deborah: They're backstage and you'll see them after the final!
Jay: Oh my God! I seriously cannot wait!
Deborah: I bet you can't! Now, Jay, third place, my man!
Jay: I know. I'm chuffed.
Preeya: How you feeling? You said before you'd love to win, so are you sad not to?
Jay: I'd be lying if I said no! Of course winning would've been incredible but how can I possibly complain about this!? It's amazing to be third! I could've been evicted long ago, at the end of the day. I'm happy to be taking home the bronze.
Deborah: You almost did win, you know? 
Jay: Huh?
Deborah: It was neck-and-neck between you, Horace, and Opal throughout and at one point each of you was in the top spot.
Jay: Oh, wow! That's awesome! Thanks so much, everyone! 

Preeya: Why do you think you've done so well? You were very popular out here and of course well-liked in the house, too.
Jay: I'm a nice guy. I know I am. (Laughs).
Deborah: Handsome, too.
Jay: Well, thanks. (Laughs). But I know I'm just genuinely quite an easy-going, relaxed, down-to-earth dude so I wasn't really worried about being hated, or anything.
Preeya: You were also just really nice to watch, Jay! You were a good laugh in there and you always seemed to do the right thing.
Jay: That's sweet of you to say. Thank you.
Deborah: You tended to keep a lid on your temper and we never saw you lose it even if you were annoyed, was that a conscious decision for game-playing reasons or is that what you're really like?
Jay: No, that's what I'm really like. When I was in the world of football, I always used to be the peace-maker and the guy who stayed cool and kept everyone's morale up. But I also speak my mind when I feel strongly about something, too.
Preeya: Indeed, and we saw that in there, especially on two occasions which we'll get into now, first was to do with Ana.
Jay: Ah. Yes.
Ana: Shit. (Laughs).
Preeya: She made a pass at you over the first few days and again later in the series on the same night she did with Jude and when her and Jesse were becoming an item. What was that like with you?

Jay: It was infuriating, especially the second time around as she had already done it early doors and by that point we had become good mates and I found it really disappointing as she knew how much I loved my wife.
Preeya: Not defending her, but I think she would've made a pass at a bush when she's that drunk.
Ana: Correct. (Laughs).
Jay: I know, but considering what happened the first time and the fact she was getting close to my best friend in the house, I didn't appreciate it. 
Preeya: That's understandable, and I think you handled it really well.
Jay: Thank you.
Deborah: The fact yourself and Jude didn't tell Jesse about what happened caused tension between you and Jesse fell out with you both. Considering he was your best friend in there as you've just said, what was that like?
Jay: Really awful and I felt like such a lousy friend. I should've told him and if we were on the outside I would've, but I was worried about coming across as a shit-stirrer and deliberately causing trouble within the environment in the house and it would've caused fireworks and I didn't want to be responsible for that. He forgave me though.
Jesse: I did. (Laughs).
Jay: And it's all over and done with now. Ana's a great girl.
Ana: Thanks, Jay!

Deborah: The other time when you lost your temper was to do with Opal and her blunt honesty. You had a go at her on two occasions about that. What made you do it?
Jay: It was getting too much. It really was. She seemed to have an opinion about absolutely everything and it was just constant. One remark after another after another and it's good being honest but it gets to the point where it's just shoving your opinions down people's throats and she crossed the line on several occasions. It was when she hurt people's feelings, like with Ana, that I really lost my temper.
Preeya: I think the fact you spoke up made her realise she had gone too far though.
Jay: I think so, too. Look, it's good to be honest, Horace was very honest in there as well, but he didn't seem to go on and on about things and only really got heated when he was directly involved about something. Opal just used to go on rants about every little thing and at times it was hilarious but it became tiresome, too.
Deborah: You and Horace were actually quite amicable with one another. There was a time when I thought you might turn on him and stand up to him. Why do you think that didn't happen?
Jay: I didn't feel as strongly about him as other people did. I think some people, even friends of mine, were slightly over-the-top in their dislike for him. I get why he rubbed them up the wrong way and some of the stuff he said was really over the line but to be honest, I found him perfectly reasonable. If you left him alone, he would do the same to you.

Preeya: What were some of your low-points of your stay?
Jay: The stuff with Jesse which I've mentioned. I felt like a depressed teenager when he was evicted as well. (Laughs). I felt like a lost a limb, or something!
Deborah: That was quite sweet!
Jay: CeCe going was hard for me as well, actually. I was always close with her and I just couldn't understand why she was out. The arguing and hostile guests were a bit much to deal with too. And there were, of course, occasions where I got really home-sick and that was tough.
Preeya: And what were some of your highlights?
Jay: Messing about with Jesse, Opal, and Ana and just having a laugh over stupid conversations we would have will always be a highlight for me. I also loved the task where I had to steal objects right from people's noses. 
Deborah: That was funny!
Jay: I also loved the hotel task. Jude is a friend for life.
Jude: Absolutely, man!
Deborah: He seemed to bring out a funny, mischievous side to you as well.
Jay: (Laughs). Yeah. 

Deborah: Some final quick-fire questions as we're short on time. Out of all your fellow housemates, who was the most annoying?
Jay: Uh... Rainbow, if I'm honest. And at times when she was a bit up-tight... Joanne.
Joanne: (Laughs). Fair enough.
Preeya: Who was the nicest?
Jay: Jesse, CeCe, and Billie.
Preeya: Most honest?
Jay: Opal. 
Deborah: Most two-faced?
Jay: Oh. Uh... I dunno, to be honest? People said Jean-Paul was, but he was always a good dude to me.
Deborah: Most argumentative?
Jay: Donna.
Preeya: And finally, who do you want to win?
Jay: Opal. But Horace has been brilliant.
Deborah: Jay, you have been an incredible housemate. Congrats on third place!
Jay: Cheers!

Preeya: It's almost time to find out who has won, but before we do, let's see who everyone wants to win out of our top two. Alex?
Alex: Horace.
Deborah: Becky?
Becky: ME!
Deborah: (Laughs). Rightio. Flower?
Flower: Horace.
Deborah: Jude?
Jude: Opal. Love the girl. Even if she is a complete cow.

Deborah: Rainbow?
Rainbow: Neither! They're both horrible bullies! It's a FIX!
Preeya: Of course. Carlos?
Carlos: Opal.
Deborah: Donna?
Donna: Believe it or not, I actually thought Horace was quite entertaining as a viewer, so I'll say him. Opal's just a cow.
Preeya: Wow. OK. 

Preeya: I probably don't need to ask you three, but I will anyway. (Laughs). Guys?
Jean-Paul: Opal, of course.
Matteo: Snap.
Jesse: Opal, yeah.

Deborah: Jolene?
Jolene: Opal.
Deborah: Ana?
Ana: Opal.

Preeya: CeCe?
CeCe: Horace.
Deborah: Love-birds?
Troy: (Laughs). Either.
Billie: Horace.

Preeya: And we already know who you two want to win as you've both just told us, so instead what's your favourite animal?
Jay: Dogs.
Joanne: Pandas.
Deborah: Excellent! (Laughs).

Deborah: So that's what they think... 
Preeya: But it doesn't matter what they think! What matters is how you voted!
Deborah: Either Horace or Opal is about to become the winner of Celebrity Sim Brother 4.
Preeya: Everyone ready? Time to cross over to the house.

Opal: This is so tense.
Horace: Who would've thought it, eh? The two most miserable people in here as the top two.
Opal: (Laughs). You're not wrong.
Horace: Jesus! You almost gave me a stroke!
Opal: Hiya! 

Preeya: Horace...
Horace: Yep?

Deborah: And Opal...
Opal: Hey!
Deborah: Congratulations to you both for making it to the FINAL TWO!
Horace: Oh, settle down.
Deborah: The viewers have been voting and one of you is about to become the winner of Celebrity Sim Brother 4.
Opal: Oh, Christ.
Horace: Here we go.
Deborah: The winner is... 

Horace: I hope it's you.
Opal: I hope it's me, too.
Horace: (Laughs). You feeling OK?
Opal: No. I'm shitting it. You?
Horace: Just eager to get moving... 
Opal: How can you not be nervous right now!?
Horace: Because I have a life waiting for me!
Opal: (Laughs).
Deborah: THE WINNER IS...

Preeya: HORACE!

Opal: (Laughs). Whoo! Well done, chicken!
Horace: Fuck sake. Why have they done that!?
Opal: Because they love you!
Horace: (Laughs). Honestly... I can't... why!?
Opal: I'm happy for you!
Horace: I wanted you to win! 

Opal: Babe, you've done so well! They clearly love you! You deserve this! Embrace it!
Horace: I just don't understand though!? You guys wanted it more!
Opal: Doesn't mean we deserved it more, chicken! Come here! 

Horace: Honestly, Opal, it should've been you.
Opal: Obviously not! You're the winner! You're the most popular. How does that make you feel!?

Horace: (Laughs). I'll rip your hair out if you keep on!
Horace: Oh, stop screaming!
Deborah: Stay in the house, you'll be leaving shortly! Opal, congratulations, darling! You are the runner-up! Please say your goodbyes, and leave the house!
Opal: Here I go!
Horace: Sorry, Opal.
Opal: Don't be! I'm happy for you! Stop being a miserable sod and enjoy it!
Horace: OK.

Preeya: It's your runner-up, everyone!
Ana: WAHOO! Yes, girl!
Joanne: Well done!
Jolene: Well deserved!
Jesse: FIX!
Jean-Paul: Congrats!
Matteo: Love you, bitch!
CeCe: Well done, sweet!
Opal: Cheers, guys!
Preeya: You look fantastic, Opal!
Opal: Oh, thanks. So do you!

Deborah: Well done, babes!
Opal: Thank you so much, Debs!
Deborah: Take a seat and we'll chat about your time in the house.
Opal: Love it!

Deborah: So, Opal...
Opal: Sorry. Before we start...
Preeya: Go on?
Opal: Why the fuck is Ana dressed like Santa?

Ana: I'm promoting my new calendar! 
Opal: Jesus wept. Of course you are.
Jolene: (Laughs).

Opal: Sorry, ladies, go on...
Preeya: Opal... you're the runner-up!
Opal: I know! I'm fucking thrilled! 
Deborah: How are you feeling?
Opal: Fucking thrilled? (Laughs). No, I'm ecstatic! Truly, truly ecstatic! I never expected to do this well! I thought I was too much of a bitch!
Troy: You are!
Opal: Shut up, you! (Laughs).
Deborah: Are you at all disappointed to not win?
Opal: Of course. Winning would've been the best feeling ever and for a moment there I thought I might've, but hey! It wasn't meant to be! 
Preeya: Are you happy for Horace?
Opal: Absolutely. He's a deserving winner, no doubt. I do think he wanted it to be someone else though.
Deborah: We have to say, it was extremely close between you, Jay, and Horace. You all led at one point or another.

Opal: Wow. Really? That's cool! 
Preeya: And you're also top girl!
Opal: No change there, then! (Laughs). No, I'm thrilled about that! It's awesome to be the last girl standing. 
Deborah: Why do you think the viewers clearly took to you so much?
Opal: I don't know... they obviously like honest housemates as me and Horace are the top two!
Deborah: (Laughs). Clearly.
Opal: But I guess we were entertaining as well? And that they obviously like. I'm not sure really. I'm just very, very grateful and I don't take it for granted at all.
Deborah: Cast your mind back to those crazy first few weeks. What was it like for you?
Opal: Insanity. It really was. And it was quite a hostile place to live. 
Preeya: We saw you explode at Rainbow and Donna.
Opal: Because they're fucking nutjobs, let's be honest. I've never met such deluded people in my life. I couldn't stand living with either of them.
Donna: Feeling's mutual.
Deborah: You actually got on well with Donna initially. 

Opal: I tolerated her. (Laughs). I knew pretty quickly I was gonna end up losing my rag with her and I did. She was just constantly on the look-out for a row and Rainbow was just something else... I don't buy her act at all. She's a complete fake.
Rainbow: LIAR!
Opal: Oh, don't start! Go and bark somewhere else, little doggy.
Preeya: Now, now! (Laughs). You also had a feisty relationship with Joanne. The two of you were like arch-enemies for most of the series. Why is that?
Opal: I think we both thought the worst in each other for whatever reason. I found her mood-swings and grumpiness difficult to live with and I honestly did think that was holding Jolene back and stopping her from having fun and integrating with the group. Not intentionally, but I found it frustrating.
Preeya: She and Jolene both said in their interviews that the two of you are quite similar.
Opal: Hm. Hadn't considered that. You know, that's probably right. (Laughs). We got on like a house on fire these past few days.
Preeya: That was really nice to see actually!
Deborah: What made you finally bury the hatchet?
Opal: I think it was when she made the gesture to become individual housemates. Obviously, that didn't end up the way we thought it did, but I thought it was such a sweet, selfless thing for her to do and it made me realise that she was a good person and that we both had a love for Jolene in common. 

Preeya: You were very fond of her, weren't you?
Opal: Absolutely. I adore her.
Jolene: I adore you, too!
Opal: Thanks, chicken.
Deborah: Another difficult relationship in there for you was with Billie.
Opal: I was totally out of line where she was concerned. Because she's so nice and soft-spoken I just stupidly assumed she must be fake and I had no time for it, but that was wrong of me. One of the things I learned about myself in there was that people can actually just be nice. I used to think that was BS, but it's not. I love Billie now.
Billie: Likewise!
Deborah: Another thing I think you've learned in there is that your blunt honesty isn't always appreciated.
Opal: (Laughs). You don't say?
Preeya: We were just talking with Jay about when he had a pop at you about that, including the situation with Ana. Do you think you crossed the line at all?
Opal: Totally. I know I don't help myself and at times I really am best saying nothing at all, but I find it SO tough. Whatever enters my head ends up exiting through my mouth and it gets me in trouble.
Deborah: You seem to have gotten better at controlling that though, do you think you will on the outside as well?
Opal: I hope so. It doesn't do me any favours, put it that way.

Deborah: You had some really lovely friendships in that house. We've discussed Jolene and your new found friendship with Joanne, but the one you had with Troy was very sweet.
Opal: I adore the bones of that kid. He's incredible. I loved him from the get-go.
Troy: Love you, too.
Deborah: What was it that made you two strike up such a bond?
Opal: We have a similar sense of humour and we have great banter. I just always knew where I stood with him. 
Deborah: You were very close to Ana, Jay, and Jesse as well. You guys had your own group.
Opal: Best friends for life. All three of them. Even if me and Ana did fight like cat and dog sometimes.
Preeya: Some people think there was a spark between you and a certain house-guest.
Opal: Olivia? Sure. I'd bed her.
Preeya: No! (Laughs). Jude!

Opal: Oh, he's brilliant. Those ten days he was in there were my favourite. He brought everyone up with his humour. I don't fancy him though.
Jude: Typical. (Laughs).
Preeya: Some final quick-fire questions as we're short on time. Out of your fellow housemates, who was the funniest?
Opal: Jay made me laugh. Ana did, too.
Deborah: Most annoying?
Opal: Rainbow.
Deborah: Nicest?
Opal: Jolene and Billie.
Deborah: Most two-faced?
Opal: Matteo... but I love him!
Deborah: Most argumentative?
Opal: Myself. Proudly. (Laughs).
Deborah: Opal, you have been a legendary housemate and a very worthy runner-up. Congrats!
Opal: Thanks, chicken!

Preeya: And so the house is almost empty...
Deborah: Let's cross over to the house for the final time tonight.

Preeya: Good evening, Horace.
Horace: About fucking time!
Preeya: How are you feeling?
Horace: Confused! That's for sure!

Horace: I'm thrilled I'm about to finally get out of here!
Deborah: Bad news on that front, I'm afraid. We're about to throw in fifteen new housemates to start the whole thing all over again!
Horace: I would bludgeon myself to death with a chair-leg! 
Deborah: (Laughs). Horace, congratulations, you are the winner!
Horace: Thank you very much.
Preeya: You're now free to finally leave the house!
Horace: Hallelujah! There is a God and her name is Cher! 

CeCe: I'm so proud of you, baby boy!
Horace: Christ. You look like shit. Could've made an effort.
CeCe: Go and have your interview, you piece of shit!
Horace: Will do!

Preeya: Welcome out, winner!
Horace: Thanks, loser! 
Preeya: (Laughs). Charming.
Horace: You look radiant though.
Preeya: Thank you!

Horace: You don't.
Deborah: (Laughs). Come and take a seat, you!

Deborah: So, Horace, you're the winner!
Horace: So, you've said.
Preeya: Who would've thought this could happen way back during Sim Brother 6 when you had a guest role during one of our tasks?
Horace: Christ. That feels like such a long time ago. And no, I never thought this would happen.
Deborah: Did you honestly not think you could win?
Horace: Before I came in? No. But as I started to get saved over and over again, I had an awful feeling it might.
Deborah: Well, it has! The viewers have voted you the winner! 
Horace: And those guys over there look THRILLED about it.

Jean-Paul: It's a travesty.
Donna: A fucking joke.
Jesse: What they said.
Horace: (Laughs). Oh, this is quite enjoyable, it has to be said.

Rainbow: I'm mad, too!
Horace: Oh, we know you're mad, sweetheart.
Jude: I'm happy for you, Horace!
Flower: Me, too!
Horace: Thanks, but who are you guys again?
Flower: (Laughs).
Jude: Cheeky fucker.

Deborah: Back to the interview! (Laughs). Why do you think you're the winner, Horace?
Horace: Because I got the most votes?
Deborah: Don't be a smart-ass! (Laughs). Really. Why do you think?
Horace: I guess they liked the fact I was myself in there and didn't give a shit about anything to do with the game. I also told the dick-munch brigade over there what I thought of them and no doubt that was considered amusing.
Preeya: Perhaps. (Laughs). I must also say that it was a very close result. Opal and Jay both led the poll at one point.
Horace: Annoying. 
Preeya: I'm sure it is to them! Why do you think you pipped them to the post?
Horace: Not sure. They're both nice people. I have nothing bad to say about neither of them, the same could be said for all the finalists, actually. And the three ladies who left the other night, of course.
Preeya: Horace, how does it really feel to win? I mean c'mon.

Horace: I'm quite touched, OK? I admit it.
Deborah: It's a lovely feeling! I know from experience.
Horace: It is. It's not something I particularly wanted, but it's not lost on me what this means. I know the people behind me really wanted this and I guess I just feel guilty to have stolen that from them.
Deborah: You didn't steal it. You were voted the winner.
Horace: I know. And it's moving to me. So thank you.
Deborah: And you're also the first male winner of Celebrity Sim Brother.
Horace: Kat had a penis, surely!?
Deborah: HORACE! (Laughs).
Horace: I'm kidding! It's all lovely! 

Deborah: Let's chat about your time in the house. The first few weeks in there were very heated and you were involved in a lot of that.
Horace: I was.
Preeya: What do you make of that all looking back?
Horace: The way I see it, I stood my ground against the horrendous individuals we had to endure during those first few weeks, and I'm not speaking about Jesse or Carlos, for that matter. I didn't get on with them, but I believe them to be decent people. Donna, Rainbow, and Jean-Paul were just insufferable, and they got off on causing trouble and I wasn't having any of it.
Deborah: That's for sure. You were called a bully by those three in particular.
Horace: Because I had the nerve to stand up to them and they couldn't handle it.
Deborah: Do you think you might have gone too far on some occasions?
Horace: No. If anything I held back.
Preeya: You were also quite infamous for your cutting put-downs. 
Horace: I should hope so! 
Deborah: Some of them honestly had me in hysterics even if they were quite naughty. My favourite might've been when you said someone had as much likeability as a tumour.
Horace: Oh, yes. (Laughs). Oops.

Deborah: But it wasn't all arguments for you in there! In fact, we've seen a softer, mellower side to you over the past week or so.
Horace: Humbug.
Deborah: You had a close bond with CeCe which you obviously had before the series, but you grew close to Troy and Billie as well. What was it about them that you liked?
Horace: They're good people, and I enjoyed their company. They're also quite a nice couple, which is quite annoying. 
Preeya: You also seemed to get on well with Joanne.
Horace: I admire her. She's been through more than people could understand and yet she carries on. That takes balls. I'm thrilled she ended up doing so well.
Joanne: Thanks, Horace.
Deborah: What were some of your low-points of your stay?
Horace: When I thought I was finally getting out of there and the eviction ended up being fake. I was LIVID!
Deborah: (Laughs). So we saw! But you got that comfortable bedroom to yourself.
Horace: True. But it was still annoying.
Deborah: What were some of your highlights?

Horace: Walking out a minute ago.
Deborah: (Laughs). Anything else?
Horace: The parties were good fun, on occasion. I also liked annoying my close-friends in there and ripping the shit out of them. They made it too easy. Especially Troy. Virgin.
Troy: Shut it! (Laughs).
Deborah: Out of your fellow housemates, who was the most annoying?
Horace: Rainbow.
Deborah: Fakest?
Horace: Jean-Paul. He was about as authentic as Dolly Parton's tits.
Deborah: Nicest?
Horace: Billie. It was annoying.
Deborah: Most argumentative?
Horace: Donna. All you had to do was exist and it would set her off.
Preeya: How would you describe your experience?
Horace: A transactional one.
Preeya: And would you do it again?
Horace: Not for all the tea in China.
Preeya: Horace, you've been remarkable and you're a very worthy winner. Thanks again.
Horace: Thank you. I'm off to plot Rainbow's demise.

Preeya: So, that's it! After thirty-five days we have our winner!
Deborah: It feels longer!
Preeya: Uh... yes it does! Thank you all so much for watching and thank you to our wonderful housemates and guests! 
Deborah: That's all from us!
Deborah and Preeya: Goodnight!