Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 10 Highlights

It's the tenth day in the Sim Brother Couples house.


Sasha and Zsa Zsa are in the bathroom.

Sasha: You're up early, too.

Zsa Zsa: Had some stomach issues, darling.

Sasha: Me too, I fear.

Zsa Zsa: Oh God. Hope there's not a bug going round.

Sasha: Or something worse.

Zsa Zsa: I highly doubt it! We were all tested and isolated before we came in.

Sasha: True. Plus, I don't think the shits are a symptom as such anyway.

Zsa Zsa: What's this for, lovely?

Sasha: Just wanted to hug you, is all.

Zsa Zsa: Well, I'm flattered. Is everything OK?

Sasha: I know it sounds silly, but I miss Kim. She was sort of a mother figure for me in here and I'm missing it a bit.

Zsa Zsa: I'm not her but I'll try and fill that role as much as I can. Not that I'm old enough to be your mother, of course.

Sasha: (Laughs). Of course not.


Sim Brother has woke up all of the housemates.

Sim Brother: When Sim Brother turns on the lights, housemates must get up immediately.

Maximillian: Yes! Get up, you naughty children!

Emery: (Sighs). We're not even asleep, though?

Aleks: Any rules about us resting your eyes? I don't think so.

Emery: And how can they actually tell if we're asleep or not!? They can't!

Maximillian: Don't play games with them. You saw what happened to my better half yesterday.

Emery: True.

Maximillian: So, get up, kids!

Kalyani: Oh, shut the fuck up...

Dennis: You getting up, darling?

Lionel: I am up.

Dennis: No, your-- oh, for fuck sake. Really!? Lionel: I can't help it!

Dennis: We're old men!

Lionel: I'm old, not dead.

Aisha: I think they actually let us sleep in today.

Corinne: They're warming to us. They were shits to us the first few days. Maybe they've got a new couple to pick on with Ofelia and Bryce now?

Aisha: Hopefully. (Laughs).

Corinne: You don't seem fond of them?

Aisha: If I'm honest? I'm not.

Corinne: Didn't think so. I can tell with you.

Aisha: I'll give them the benefit of the doubt though. They've had a rough week.


Kalyani has joined Tammi-Louise at the dining area. They haven't spoken since a disagreement in the kitchen the day before.

Kalyani: Here we are again, huh?

Tammi-Louise: Sorry?

Kalyani: Us having to have a talk about a misunderstanding.

Tammi-Louise: It was a misunderstanding yesterday?

Kalyani: Well, I think so. Can I sit?

Tammi-Louise: Sure.

Kalyani: Babe, what I said yesterday was taken completely the wrong way.

Tammi-Louise: Was it?

Kalyani: I honestly didn't mean to offend you.

Tammi-Louise: Well, you did. I've been open about how I hate it when people imply that I'm only with Wilbur for money. I get it all the time. Every time we meet other people and they find out we're together, they give us a look or mention the age difference, and it pisses me off.

Kalyani: I get that.

Tammi-Louise: With all due respect though, you don't. Imagine if people were disputing or questioning your love for Naveen and your reasons for being with him.

Kalyani: That honestly isn't what I was doing though.

Tammi-Louise: OK, then I'll let it go. We can forget about it.

Tammi-Louise: I will say though, that if it comes up again, or if you or anyone else in this house makes me feel like shit about my own relationship with the man I love, I will explode.

Kalyani: No. That's fair enough.

Tammi-Louise: I mean it though, Kalyani.

Kalyani: Yeah... I can see that.


Dennis is cleaning in the kitchen.

Dennis: I've never known a bloody machine to leak so much. Honest to God...

Bryce has been called to the diary room.

Bryce: Afternoon.

Sim Brother: Hello, Bryce. How are you today? Bryce: Certainly better than what I was yesterday. Naveen and some of the others in here opened my eyes a little about how I was acting. Yes, you're being an evil dictator and I think it's awful, but I guess it's not personal. You're horrible to everyone. I just need to cope with it, I hope. And tomorrow, Ofelia and I are gonna fight like hell in whatever challenge you have planned so that we can get out of that tent and eat some proper food.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother genuinely cares for each housemates' welfare, Bryce.

Bryce: You've got a funny way of showing it, but sure. I suppose you do.


Aisha, Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are in the snug. They are talking about Kalyani.

Aisha: She's spent most of the day avoiding people, hasn't she?

Zsa Zsa: She's not said a word to me.

Maximillian: Well, she certainly hasn't spoken to me, I'll tell you that much.

Aisha: You not interested in making up with her? Maximillian: To be honest, I don't think we were ever right to begin with. She's been unsure of me since the start and as far I'm concerned, the feeling's mutual.

Aisha: Oh, dear.

Maximillian: It is what it is. She's been giving me daggers all the day, though. It seems every chance she gets she looks over with some sort of facial expression.

Zsa Zsa: Really? Maximillian: I've just been ignoring it.

Naveen: You're talking about Kalyani, I take it? Maximillian: Yes. We are.

Naveen: And what? You're too chicken shit to say all this to her face!?

Maximillian: Is anything I've said here appropriate to bring up to her?

Naveen: Considering you're slagging her off, yeah! If you've got nothing nice to say, then why say it!?

Maximillian: So, she hasn't talked about me to other people, at all? If she has, I don't care, she has every right to. I'm only doing the same.

Naveen: You seem to have a problem with her.

Maximillian: Not as such. I just don't think we really see eye-to-eye.

Naveen: Do you not think you were out of line talking to her the way you did yesterday!? Implying she was trying to upset Tammi!?

Maximillian: I didn't need to imply anything. She did upset Tammi. And even so, I was only expressing my opinion.

Naveen: But nobody had asked for your opinion! You're the one that's started all this with her!

Zsa Zsa: Naveen, c'mon.

Naveen: Zsa Zsa, with all due respect, this doesn't concern you. I've got a lot of time and respect for you, so I'd rather this stay between Max and myself.

Maximillian: He's right, honey. It's OK.

Zsa Zsa: All right. Just be civil, OK!?

Maximillian: Sit down, buddy.

Naveen: Huh?

Maximillian: Let's have this conversation, but let's have it amicably and calmly like gentlemen.

Naveen: I am calm.

Maximillian: Naveen, c'mon. I don't want to fall out. Meet me halfway here.

Naveen: I don't want to fall out either. I like you, man.

Maximillian: And the feeling's mutual.

Naveen: But this has pissed me off, I'm not going to lie. Kalyani means the world to me and I don't like what you said to her.

Maximillian: If she says she didn't mean to upset Tammi yesterday then I believe her, but at that exact moment, it didn't seem that way. Hence why Tammi herself got upset.

Naveen: I understand that, but it was like you went out of your way to attack her.

Maximillian: Not at all. If it's all been a misunderstanding and I've genuinely upset her then I apologise to you and will do the same to her. I want no ill feeling in here whatsoever.

Naveen: Me neither. Look, I'm not looking at her through rose tinted glasses, I know what she can be like. She speaks before she thinks sometimes.

Aisha: As does Corinne. (Laughs).

Naveen: Exactly, it's just the way some people are. But I promise you when I say she didn't mean to upset anyone.

Maximillian: Then I believe you. Hopefully this can all be put to bed now.

Naveen: Yeah. That would be nice.


Sasha and Vaughn are in the bedroom.

Sasha: Babe?

Vaughn: Mhm?

Sasha: I've been thinking, you know how I said I didn't want to really tell people I'm trans?

Vaughn: Yeah?

Sasha: I feel like I'm comfortable with all these people in here to tell them.

Vaughn: Wow. You sure?

Sasha: They'll find out eventually anyway.

Vaughn: I'll support you a hundred percent.

Sasha: I know. Thank you.

Aleks and Dennis are in the kitchen. The house has just experienced a power cut.

Emery: What the fuck!?

Dennis: Is that intentional? Emery: Never happened before.

Dennis: Must be a power cut.

Emery: That's so creepy. And dammit. I was gonna use the coffee machine.

Dennis: I just made one and there's some water left. It'll still be hot.

Emery: Oh, you're a diamond, Dennis!

Dennis: That I am.

Lionel has run into Ofelia in the lounge.

Ofelia: What the fuck!? Who's that!?

Lionel: (Laughs). Are you serious!?

Ofelia: Oh my God... I can't actually... Lionel!?

Lionel: Yes, darling! I'm wearing a different wig! Ofelia: Jesus Christ! You gave me the fright of my life! I thought you were someone new!

Lionel: (Laughs). Well, this is one of my favourites.

Lionel: What do you think?

Ofelia: You look gorgeous! Lionel: Oh, bless you, honey! You wish you could look like me at my age, huh?

Ofelia: Oh, for sure. You're bloody hot, Lionel! Lionel: I could get a younger man in a click of a finger. I know I could. But Dennis would be heartbroken without me. It just goes to show how selfless I am.

Ofelia: (Laughs). You're a hero.


Sim Brother has called Corinne to the diary room.

Corinne: Why have you called me in here when it's dark? That's really not fair...

Sim Brother: Hello, Corinne. How are you today?

Corinne: Scared. I don't like the dark. My two phobias are the dark and heights. And I've had to face both in here with this and that bloody rock climbing wall the other day!

Sim Brother: Why do you think you're scared of the dark, Corinne?

Corinne: I... well, I don't know. Because you can't see maybe!? The whole point of phobias is that they're mostly irrational.


Corinne: Sim Brother? (Silence)

Corinne: Oh, don't be an arse and do that! Sim Brother!?

Sim Brother: BOO!

Corinne: OH, FUCK YOU!


All of the housemates are in the lounge.

Lionel: While we're gathered here together, maybe we should play some sort of game?

Aisha: What do you have in mind?

Emery: Strip poker.

Aleks: Without cards? Nice one, smartass.

Emery: Just stripping, then. (Laughs).

Lionel: I think we should go round couple by couple and do two truths and a lie. Where you basically list three things about yourselves, two are true and one is a lie, and we have to guess which one is a lie.

Kalyani: Ooh OK!

Zsa Zsa: That sounds like fun!

Emery: Shall we go first? Aleks: Sure.

Emery: Do I have permission to be R Rated? Aleks: (Laughs).

Kalyani: Yes! Say yes, Aleks!

Aleks: (Laughs). Fine. Within reason, though.

Emery: OK! Here goes: 1) Aleks was engaged to my cousin before we got together. 2) I once slept with a world famous footballer and didn't know he was famous for several years until I saw him on TV. And 3) Aleks and I are meeting potential surrogates when we get out.

Kalyani: (Laughs). Oh, wow.

Lionel: That's amazing!

Corinne: Which one is the lie!?

Sasha: You guys are actually having kids!? That's awesome!

Wilbur: Well, it might be a lie. (Laughs). I'm gonna say the second one is a lie.

Bryce: Me too. How can you not know a famous footballer when you see one!?

Vaughn: Yeah. I'll see B is the lie, too.

Emery: Nope. It's true.

Sasha: No way!

Emery: I'll tell you all who it was on the outside, we can't do it here. And A is true. Aleks was engaged to my cousin years ago.

Aleks: His female cousin. When we were teenagers. Before I came out.

Kalyani: Oh, wow. (Laughs).

Aleks: No way are we having kids!

Wilbur: Our turn? OK. 1) Tammi is related to royalty.

Kalyani: Fuck off!

Wilbur: (Laughs). 2) I once dated a Spice Girl.

Ofelia: No way!

Wilbur: And 3) Tammi and I once helped an elephant give birth.

Zsa Zsa: What on earth!? (Laughs).

Emery: I'm gonna say one is the lie.

Kalyani: Me too.

Vaughn: Yeah. I think so, too.

Wilbur: I met Geri Halliwell once. But we never dated.

Zsa Zsa: You're related to royalty, Tammi!?

Tammi-Louise: Distantly, yes. I have a cousin in common with the Royal family of Sweden.

Sasha: Whoa.

Bryce: Our turn, honey.

Ofelia: Hmm. OK. Let me think... 1) I was once in a girl band who was signed to a record label. 2) Bryce and I actually met in an orgy. And 3) I got run over by a donkey at the beach when I was a kid.

Dennis: Two is the lie. No way did you meet in an orgy.

Maximillian: Nobody's buying that, guys. (Laughs).

Ofelia: Yep. You've got me.

Bryce: It's hard to come up with something, to be fair.

Dennis: Our turn, Dear! Let's show them how it's done!

Lionel: With pleasure. 1) I was raised by Nuns...

Sasha: HA!

Vaughn: How is that possible!? (Laughs).

Lionel: 2) I once ran Dennis over while drunk. And 3) I got mugged by a fox once.

Zsa Zsa: (Laughs). One has got to be a lie.

Maximillian: Yeah. No way were you raised by Nun's.

Sasha: I reckon he might've... some people rebel to that sort of up-bringing, you know? Lionel: You're absolutely right. I was raised by Nuns.

Corinne: Oh, no way!

Dennis: He's telling the truth. (Laughs). Two was the lie. He's never run me over drunk.

Lionel: No. I was sober. (Cackles). No, no...

Zsa Zsa: Ooh. It's our turn, darling.

Maximillian: Let's have a think...

Zsa Zsa: 1) I once turned down a big job at Vogue. 2) Maximillian dated my sister before he got with me. And 3) My uncle died climbing Mount Everest.

Aisha: Oh, wow.

Ofelia: That's tough.

Aleks; I'm gonna say two is the lie?

Kalyani: Yeah. I would've said that.

Naveen: Me too.

Zsa Zsa: Nope. He did date my sister. To be fair, she set me up with him a few years after they ended things as she thought we were well matched. The lie was that my Uncle died climbing Everest. He did climb it but he didn't die. (Laughs).

Vaughn: You got an offer to work at Vogue!?

Zsa Zsa: Yep. But I was a bit unwell at the time so had to turn it down.

Aisha: I don't know what to suggest?

Corinne: Me neither. Uh... 1) I once accidently sucked a budgie up a hoover.

Maximillian: What!? Sasha: Oh, no!

Corinne: 2) I was actually born in Greece. And 3) Aisha once sobbed because a cat looked at her in a way she didn't like.

Sasha: (Laughs). We know the cat one must be true! She's scared of cats.

Ofelia: How can you be that scared of cats!? Aisha: They're evil.

Vaughn: One is a lie, I hope? Corinne: Yes. It is. I never did that to a poor budgie but my Grandfather did and he used to tell that story for years.

Vaughn: OK. Our bloody turn.

Kalyani: OK. I think I've got ours. 1) We almost got married when we were just seventeen. 2) Naveen and I got separated in Milan on New Years Eve and couldn't find each other all night. And 3) We once had a threesome with a woman who played Princess Jasmine in an Aladdin Pantomime.

Vaughn: That is far too specific to not be true. (Laughs).

Corinne: I think one is a lie.

Kalyani: Yep. It is. (Laughs).

Emery: Did you film that encounter with Princess Jasmine by any chance?

Kalyani: (Laughs). No.

Naveen: It was a lot of fun!

Sasha: Guys, this is all fun and everything, but I sort of wanna use this moment while we're all together and in good spirits. I just... I told Kim this and she and Vaughn are the only ones in here who know, or knew in Kim's case. But... uh... this is a big deal for me to admit as I sometimes struggle to say the words. But basically... I'm trans.

Emery: What!?

Zsa Zsa: Wow.

Kalyani: No way!?

Wilbur: Sasha, you're amazing!

Kalyani: Oh, babe! That's remarkable! Well done for telling us! You're incredible.

Sasha: Thanks, Kalyani. It means a lot.

Tammi-Louise: Nothing changes, of course. You're my favourite person in here and this just makes me love you more.

Sasha: Thank you!

Zsa Zsa: You're an inspiration, darling, and you are to many trans men and women watching as well!

Vaughn: Absolutely she is!

Sasha: That means so much.

Lionel: I know I don't know you that well, I just wanted to be part of the moment. You're amazing, sweetheart.

Sasha: (Laughs). Thank you, Lionel.


The power returned to the house fifteen minutes ago.

Aleks, Emery, Kalyani and Naveen are in the bedroom.

Kalyani: I can't actually believe that! Emery: Me neither. I had no idea.

Aleks: Same. I know it's probably not the politically correct thing to say, but you can sometimes tell, can't you? I had no idea with her.

Naveen: Yeah. Me, too. She's really brave to come forward and tell us all, too. Especially when she said it's hard for her to say sometimes.

Aleks: Part of me does wonder why she chose to do it that way though.

Emery: How'd you mean?

Aleks: People are gonna remember that moment. And she probably knows it'll be emotional and inspirational for people watching.

Naveen: So?

Aleks: So, she didn't actually have to tell any of us. First of all, it doesn't matter in the least. She's a woman.

Kalyani: Absolutely.

Aleks: And second, it's nobody's else's business anyway.

Naveen: Yeah, but she clearly felt like she wanted to be open about it. The more open she is, the more it helps other people.

Aleks: I get that. I'm just saying... this is a game. A popularity contest...

Kalyani: I get what you mean, babe, but I honestly don't think Sasha is like that. She's a genuine person.


Vaughn is in the diary room.

Vaughn: Hey, big guy! What a day this has been.

Sim Brother: Hello, Vaughn. How are you today?

Vaughn: I'm great. I'm so proud of my Sasha. She's always been an inspiration to me and she inspires me everyday with her strength and perseverance when she's dealt with so much shit, including from me back when I was an ignorant dickhead, and now everyone knows, too. I honestly didn't think she'd be able to tell everyone how she did, but she did. I'm so proud of her.

Tammi-Louise and Wilbur have invited Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are in the hot tub.

Zsa Zsa: I almost cried earlier.

Tammi-Louise: Me too. What an amazing moment. I ddn't think she could possibly climb any higher in my books, but she has. She's remarkable.

Maximillian: It's so brave, that's the thing. When I think of trans people and what they go through and how they must be judged by so many people... and the looks they must get at times... it's incredible they manage to withstand all of it.

Wilbur: Sadly, not all of them do. Suicide kills a lot of trans people, teens especially.

Zsa Zsa: That breaks my heart.

Lionel: Here I am! Walking towards you through the mist like a Bond Girl!

Wilbur: (Laughs). Oh, lovely.

Tammi-Louise: Hop in, babe!

Lionel: Christ. That's hotter than the Devil's tit.

Maximillian: Yeah. We like it warm.

Tammi-Louise: We can lower the temp, if you want?

Lionel: No, no, I'll get used to it. I'm nothing if not adaptable.

Maximillian: How have you found your first few days?

Lionel: It's been amazing, Max. Better than I ever could've imagined. I thought what with being a latecomer, I might not get a great welcome, but you guys have been incredible.

Tammi-Louise: How can we not be so welcoming to you and Dennis!? You're amazing!

Lionel: Aw. Thanks. Dennis is OK, I suppose.

Maximillian: You love him really.

Lionel: Wouldn't be without him. Truly. Although, he tempts me on occasion.


Corinne and Dennis are by the campfire.

Corinne: I have to say, you and Lionel have completely transformed this place.

Dennis: Oh. Really?

Corinne: Really.

Dennis: In a good way, I hope?

Corinne: In an amazing way! As soon as you both walked down the stairs you brought this incredible, positive energy with you. I'm not just saying it. The atmosphere feels more fun in here now.

Dennis: That's so nice of you to say.

Corinne: Truth be told, I'd like to know how you do it. How do you both stay so positive, upbeat, and ready to face whatever's thrown at you? I mean, you both offered to sleep in the tent and live on basic rations!

Dennis: Lionel and I have had a tough road, Corinne. Most people have, of course, but we have especially. We lived a lie for so long, kept our love a secret for so long, missed out on so much time we could've spent together all because society wouldn't accept it. So, now that we can be together? We grasp life by both hands and live each and every single day like it could be our last. Because it could, of course.

Corinne: That's amazing. I feel so badly sometimes when I look at gay people from your generation and before. Having to live without being able to be themselves. Aisha's had some issues from her family, but overall today it's nothing like it was.

Dennis: It's certainly getting better. And it warms my heart to see you and Aisha and Aleks and Emery in this show. Never would've happened even twenty or so years back. It's amazing how quickly things are changing.

Corinne: You're amazing. Truly.

Dennis: And you're not too bad yourself, sweetheart.

Bryce and Ofelia are in the outside quarters.

Ofelia: One more night in that tent.

Bryce: And one more night is all it will be, understood? Ofelia: Of course.

Bryce: I want us to be on our A game tomorrow. Whatever challenge is thrown at us, we give it a hundred and ten percent. No excuses. No laziness. We get ourselves that en-suite. If we have to be brutal or unfair to get there or play dirty, then so be it, OK?

Ofelia: OK...

Bryce: Glad we're on the same page. We should get some sleep. We'll need our energy for tomorrow.

Bryce: You're a good girl.


Most of the housemates are heading to bedf.

Sasha: Why do you keep smiling?

Vaughn: I'm just so proud of you.

Sasha: (Laughs). You can stop saying that now.

Vaughn: Well, sorry, but I am.

Sasha: I'm proud of you too, babe.


Wilbur is asleep.

As are most of the other housemates.

Lionel and Tammi-Louise are the only housemates still up. They have been drinking for three hours.

Tammi-Louise: You're so fucking amazing.

Lionel: No! You know what!? No! You're fucking amazing!

Tammi-Louise: We're both amazing.

Lionel: Yes. Indeed. Yes. Is Wilbur packing heat?

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). He's not small, put it that way.

Lionel: OOH!

Tammi-Louise: What about Dennis?

Lionel: Ever had a party sausage before?

Tammi-Louise: Noooo way!

Lionel: The amount of times I've tried to sit on it and just fell to the fucking floor. I'd pretend to moan and go 'oh, baby! Oh, baby!' and he'd say 'it's not in yet!'

Tammi-Louise: HAHAHA! Lionel! You're so bad! Lionel: (Cackles). I'm only kidding. He's average, darling, but it's not the size of the army it's the force of the attack.

The tenth day in the Sim Brother Couples house has come to an end. Tune in soon for the highlights of day eleven where the housemates take part in a new challenge to decide the couple's rankings for the next five days.

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