Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 11 Highlights

It's the eleventh day in Sim Brother Couples house. Today, the housemates will take part in a new challenge to determine the rankings for the next five days.


Most of the housemates are asleep.

Lionel and Tammi-Louise are still in the hot tub.

Lionel: And THAT is how I twerked at that lad's Bar-Mitzvah.

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). Oh, Lionel, you cad!

Tammi-Louise: This has been such a laugh.

Lionel: You're talking like you want to wrap up?

Tammi-Louise: Not if you don't! You're keeping me more entertained than any film on that TV ever could! Lionel: I always thought I should be a film star?

Tammi-Louise: Absolutely.

Lionel: Helen Mirren eat your heart out.

Wilbur has woken up.

Wilbur: Are they seriously still up!?

Wilbur: Uh, excuse me, guys!?

Tammi-Louise: WILBUUUR! Hey! Lionel: Are you going to come in and give us a seeing to?

Tammi-Louise: HA!

Wilbur: (Laughs). I think it might be time for bed, my lovelies.

Tammi-Louise: Aww!

Lionel: You can't make us!

Wilbur: C'mon, you two.

Lionel: Quick! Hide!

Seven minutes later...

Lionel is finally heading to bed.

Dennis: What time do you call this?

Lionel: Time for you to ravish me!

Dennis: Oh, good God. Sleep. Now.

Lionel: (Cackles).


Sim Brother has woken up the housemates.

Dennis: You gonna get up, darling?

Lionel: Not without a crane to lift me up, no.

Dennis: Want some water?

Lionel: Tequila might be preferable.

Aleks: You had a wild night, then?

Lionel: To put it lightly.

Maximillian: Call yourself a role model to us younger ones, Lionel?

Lionel: Darling, I'm nothing of the sort.

Aleks: (Laughs). You be you.


Ofelia is in the diary room.

Ofelia: Hi, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother: Hello, Ofelia. How are you today?

Ofelia: Bit worried.

Sim Brother: Why are you worried, Ofelia?

Ofelia: There's a challenge today and if Bryce and I don't get out of that tent... oh, boy. I hate to think of what might happen.

Sim Brother: How do you think Bryce would react?

Ofelia: Oh, he'd probably want to walk again. And I'm not sure I'd be able to stop him this time. He can be really overly competitive, too. And I'm just worried he's gonna take things too far. I really wish you wouldn't make us go through all this. (Laughs). I do worry the viewers haven't seen the best side of us...

Bryce and Corinne are in the lounge.

Bryce: Can't wait for this challenge later.

Corinne: Yeah. I'll be good. Mainly because it'll be something for us to do. It can get quite boring in here.

Bryce: And I need to get myself out of that tent! By any means necessary!

Corinne: (Laughs). Sounds like you're ready for war.

Bryce: Oh, I am! For sure! I love a good fight!

Corinne: We need to keep an eye on you, then.

Bryce: This is a game after all.

Corinne: Very true.

Bryce: I mean, don't tell me you don't want out of that bunker? Corinne: No. I do. Of course I do. But you sort of get used to it in a weird sort of way.

Bryce: Well, the day I get used to roughing it in a tent is the day pigs sprout wings and start to fucking fly.

Corinne: I wouldn't put anything past this year.

Bryce: Well, no, you're probably right on that one.


Kalyani and Maximillian are in the kitchen. They haven't spoken since an argument they had two days prior.

Maximillian: This silence is so awkward it's unbearable.

Kalyani: I'm fine with it.

Maximillian: You don't want to kiss and make-up? Kaylani: To be honest, I'd rather just forget about it and move on. I can't be arsed with holding grudges.

Maximillian: Well, that's good, but I did want to apologise if I misunderstood the situation.

Kalyani: You did.

Maximillian: OK. I apologise, then.

Kalyani: Cool. All water under the bridge, then.

Maximillian: Very good. Glad that's done with.

Kalyani: Me, too.


Zsa Zsa is in the diary room talking to Sim Brother.

Zsa Zsa: Hello, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother: Hello, Zsa Zsa. How are you today?

Zsa Zsa: Pretty good. I'm starting to feel some tension in the house, you know?

Sim Brother: What tension are you sensing?

Zsa Zsa: Now that the challenge is impending, you can see people sitting silently and wondering what they're going to face... how they can beat the competition. Everyone wants that en-suite, Sim Brother! Sim Brother: Do you want the en-suite bedroom, Zsa Zsa?

Zsa Zsa: Does the Pope shit in the woods?


Sim Brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge to announce the details of this task.

Emery: God. I'm nervous.

Sasha: Me too. I just wanna know what they have in store for us. (Laughs).

Vaughn: Probably nothing too exciting.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, shortly housemates are going to be transported to a site close to the Sim Brother house, where they will enter an indoor maze.

Lionel: WHAT!?

Aisha: Oh, wow! Tammi-Louise: That's amazing!

Sim Brother: You will enter the maze one couple at a time, with the highest ranked couples getting time advantages...

Bryce: Of course.

Sim Brother: The first couple to get to the end of the maze will be the top-ranked couple, and so on and so forth. Housemates, please get ready.


Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are the first couple to enter the maze.

Wilbur: Jeez. This isn't what I had in mind.

Tammi-Louise: No. Me neither. I suppose it's too cold for them to do an outside one.

Wilbur: Where do we even start? There's at least four different options right from the get-go.

Tammi-Louise: Shall I lead the way?

Wilbur: Why not?

Tammi-Louise: After all, your sense of direction is piss poor.

Wilbur: Remember when I got us lost in Barcelona? Tammi-Louise: I'm still not over that. We walked so much, I had blisters for weeks!

Wilbur: Well, who wears massive heels for sight-seeing!?

Tammi-Louise: This bitch!

Two minutes later...

Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are next to enter the maze.

Zsa Zsa: Right. Well. This could go terribly wrong.

Maximillian: I don't think I've ever been in a maze in my life.

Zsa Zsa: No. Me neither. Though don't they tend to be hedges?

Maximillian: I suppose they do, yes.

Zsa Zsa: I don't think I'd want to be outside now, to be honest.

Ten minutes later...

Bryce and Ofelia are the final couple to enter the maze.

Bryce: It's so stupid we had to go in last! It's so unfair! It's like they're trying to piss us off! Ofelia: Not everything's personal, Bryce.

Bryce: Yes, people say that, but it's starting to feel like it! I wouldn't be surprised if a couple's close to finishing already, and yet we're supposed to have a chance all this time after!? Pathetic.

Ofelia: Can we stop moaning and be positive!?

Bryce: Fine.


All of the housemates have been in the maze for over an hour. No couple has yet finished.

Kalyani: This is never ending! Naveen: I know. I honestly didn't think it'd be like this.

Kalyani: We could be in here all bloody day!

Naveen: That's probably their intention, babe.

Kalyani: I think I heard Lionel a minute ago.

Naveen: You could hear him just about anywhere. He's not exactly a shrinking violet, is he?

Naveen: Shit.

Kalyani: Another dead end!?

Naveen: Might be the same one as before.

Kalyani: How can you possibly know that!?

Naveen: I don't, hence why I said might, smartass.

Kalyani: (Laughs). Back we go, then.


Aisha and Corinne have stumbled across a toilet.

Corinne: (Laughs). Are they having us on!? Aisha: They clearly think we're gonna be here in a long time if they've put toilets in here!

Corinne: Do you need to go?

Aisha: Not really, no.

Corinne: What do you mean 'not really?' You either do or you don't.

Aisha: I don't.

Corinne: We'd probably best try and get a little tinkle out. We could be in here for hours and who knows when we'll find another toilet?

Aisha: I suppose I could try and force something out...

Corinne: Might be wise. (Laughs). I could have a poo, actually.

Aisha: But there's no tap to wash your hands!?

Corinne: Oh. Yeah. Good point. I'll pass on that, then.

Dennis is getting frustrated with Lionel.

Dennis: Why are you walking so slow!?

Lionel: Because I'm not going to wear myself out over this crap.

Dennis: But I could literally crawl faster than you're walking! Lionel: I wouldn't mind seeing you on all fours.

Dennis: (Laughs). I despair of you, honestly.

Lionel: Yes, babe. Now let's go, shall we? What are we waiting for?


Aleks and Emery are getting frustrated.

Aleks: This is just silly now.

Emery: Do you think a single couple has finished it yet!?

Aleks: Not sure.

Emery: Will they tell us if they did!? Aleks: Fuck knows.

Emery: I've got a terrible feeling we're gonna come last, you know?

Aleks: Oh, don't say that.

Emery: Another dead end! See, I told you! We're doomed! Aleks: (Sighs). Emery, please, can we just carry on without you being so fucking pessimistic every ten seconds!? Emery: Sorry.

Sasha and Vaughn are right back to where they started.

Sasha: No way!

Vaughn: Is this the end!?

Sasha: Babe, it's the beginning again!

Vaughn: Oh, surely not.

Sasha: Fucking hell. I need to sit down for five minutes...

Vaughn: Yeah. Same. We'll take a minute, have a think, and get our bearings...


Maximillian and Zsa Zsa and Dennis and Lionel have run into one another.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, what a lovely surprise! Dennis: Maximillian! Zsa Zsa! What a treat!

Lionel: Fancy running into you two here!

Maximillian: I know! In this place of all places!

Lionel: This is our favourite restaurant! We love it here!

Zsa Zsa: We've never been!

Dennis: Oh, it's marvellous! We should sit together! Where's the waiter!?


Bryce and Ofelia are having a disagreement.

Ofelia: I'm not running anymore.

Bryce: Babe, we need to win!

Ofelia: I'm not running anymore and that's the end of it! Bryce: You've got a losing mentality, Ofelia! And it doesn't suit you!

Ofelia: I'm so exhausted! And running for the past hour has clearly got us no where! Bryce: It's like you want to lose. Pathetic.


One couple is about to reach the end of the maze.

Sasha: Oh my God!

Vaughn: No way!

Sasha: We've done it!? We've actually done it!?

Vaughn: I guess we have!

Sasha: I thought us going back to the start had messed us up completely!

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, congratulations Sasha and Vaughn, you have finished the maze first and will be top ranked couple for the next five days.

Sasha: YES!

Vaughn: We're first! Sasha: Oh my God! That's amazing!

Vaughn: I'm fucking ecstatic, babe! This is amazing!


Sasha and Vaughn have returned to the house.

Sasha: Home sweet home!

Vaughn: I've missed this place!

Sasha: So weird that we're the only ones in here... it's eerie.

Vaughn: And the perfect opportunity?

Sasha: For what? Vaughn: Wink, wink...

Sasha: Yeah. No chance of that, sunshine.

Vaughn: (Sighs).

The rest of the housemates are still in the maze.

Emery: Well, at least we know we're not dead last.

Aleks: I suppose. We're not getting back to that luxury bedroom though.

Emery: I'm not too bothered. I just want to avoid the tent!

Aleks: I miss watching the films.

Emery: (Laughs). You spent more time watching the TV than anything else the first five days.

Aleks: Too right.


Dennis and Lionel are next to finish the maze.

Dennis: Oh, wow! Are we next!?

Lionel: How in Lady Gaga's name have we done that!?

Dennis: I don't know. We were barely even trying.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, congratulations Dennis and Lionel, you are the second couple to finish the maze and will be the second ranked couple for the next five days.

Dennis: Wow...

Lionel: That's a turn for the books, isn't it?

Eight minutes later...

Dennis and Lionel have returned to the house.

Lionel: Hiya!

Dennis: We're back!

Sasha: Aw, guys! We missed you!

Vaughn: And you came second!? That's amazing!

Dennis: Indeed we did.

Lionel: No one's more surprised then us. (Laughs).


Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are the third couple to complete the maze.

Maximillian: Hm. It would appear we've finished.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, thank God. My feet are fucking killing me.

Maximillian: We can go home, darling!

Zsa Zsa: And stay in our lovely bedroom! Bliss!

Sim Brother: Congratulations Maximillian and Zsa Zsa, you are the third couple to finish the maze and will be the third ranked couple for the next few days.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, I'm so pleased! Get us out of here!

Bryce and Ofelia are right back to where they started.

Bryce: It's like you're not even trying!

Ofelia: Excuse me!? You're blaming this on me! Bryce: I'm trying to keep count of how many pathways we pass and all I ask of you is to remember the number I give you! How can you possibly screw that up!?

Ofelia: I messed up once! Once! Bryce: And now we're back to the beginning! Nice job, Ofelia! Really!


Kalyani and Naveen are the next couple to finish the maze.

Kalyani: Oh, YES!

Naveen: Finally! We've done it babe!

Three minutes later...

Tammi-Louise and WIlbur are next to finish the maze.

Tammi-Louise: Oh, there is a God! Wilbur: We can finally get out of here!

Tammi-Louise: And no sleeping in a tent either!

Wilbur: Yeah. We'll take that.


Bryce and Ofelia are next to finish the maze and have avoided being in the bunker and the tent for the next five days.

Ofelia: Babe, we've done it! Bryce: Yeah. Great.

Ofelia: We've done it! We're not gonna be in the tent... nor the bunker! We've done it! Bryce: Could've done it a lot fucking sooner, though.

Ofelia: Babe...

Bryce: No, don't babe me!

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, well done Bryce and Ofelia, you are the sixth ranked couple for the next five days.

Emery: Shit.

Aleks: Oh, I HATE this fucking maze! This is making me feel physically sick now! Emery: The best we can hope for now is the bunker...

Aleks: (Sighs). What a load of shit.


Aisha and Corinne are next to finish the maze.

Aisha: Oh, thank God! I want the hell out of here! Corinne: And we've escaped the tent! Aisha: Staying in the bunker again, though. But you know what? I'll take it.

Corinne: Me, too. I just want this to be over.

Three minutes later...

Sim Brother: Aleks and Emery, all the other couples have finished the maze. You are therefore going to be the bottom ranked couple for the next five days and will have to slept in the tent and live on basic rations.

Aleks: FUCK SAKE! Emery: It is what it is. Just get us out of here, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother will guide you to the exit.

Emery: Could've used that earlier!

Aleks: This whole thing has been a complete waste of time and energy. Fuck it.


Sasha and Vaughn are checking out their new luxury sleeping quarters.

Sasha: This is for us! All for us!

Vaughn: We've certainly gone up in the world haven't we, babe? Sasha: Started in the bunker... went into the main bedroom... and now we have this!

Vaughn: We can only go down from here. (Laughs).

Sasha: Maybe but this is ours for the next five nights! Let's enjoy it! Vaughn: Oh, I intend to!

Bryce and Ofelia are in the bedroom.

Ofelia: Isn't this amazing, babe? (Silence)

Ofelia: Babe? Are you asleep? Bryce: No.

Ofelia: Are you OK?

Bryce: Fine.

Ofelia: Aren't you happy? You should be happy... we're in this bedroom now! Bryce: Well, I am trying to sleep.

Ofelia: OK. I'll leave you to it, then.

Bryce: Appreciate it.


Aleks, Emery, Kalyani, and Naveen are in the lounge.

Kalyani: How you feeling, boys? Emery: Would you like us to be honest, Kal? Kalyani: Of course.

Emery: We're fucking fuming.

Aleks: Yep.

Naveen: Rough deal, guys. Fuck that tent.

Aleks: Yeah. I hate camping, too.

Emery: And I've never even been camping! Kalyani: Me neither. Did you see Bryce's face!? He's fuming! Emery: When is he not? He seems to be pissed off about everything.

Aisha and Corinne are in the diary room.

Corinne: Hi, Sim Brother!

Aisha: We thought we'd come and say hello! Sim Brother: Hello, Aisha. Hello, Corinne. How are you this evening? Aisha: We're finding this whole thing just hilarious now.

Corinne: I can't believe how seriously I was taking things at the start of all this...

Aisha: Seeing Bryce has put things into perspective though.

Corinne: I was never that bad, was I?! Aisha: No. Definitely not.

Sim Brother: How do you feel about having to sleep in the bunker for another five nights?

Corinne: It is what it is. I'd prefer a comfort bed, but we've done it before, it's just doing it again.


Dennis, Lionel, Tammi-Louise, Wilbur, and Zsa Zsa are in the snug.

Wilbur: I'm gonna miss that luxury bedroom.

Tammi-Louise: Me too. The thought of going back into the communal bedroom is awful.

Lionel: Should we take offence to that!? Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). No. I just like having a room to myself.

Zsa Zsa: You could always see if Aleks and Emery will swap you for the tent? Tammi-Louise: Well, let's not get carried away!

Zsa Zsa: (Laughs).

Wilbur: Has anyone else seen Ofelia? I think she's sitting on her own... Bryce is annoyed with her, I think.

Zsa Zsa: Why!?

Lionel: Oh, who knows!? Maybe she didn't smile when he wanted him, too.

Dennis: We get a bad vibe from that guy.

Zsa Zsa: I think we all do...

Wilbur: She can do so much better. She seems like a sweet girl.

Dennis: I think she is, but she also needs to stand up for herself though. He's a piece of work he is.

Lionel: I'd never let a man speak to me like that...

Dennis: Trust me. He wouldn't.

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). We believe you.


The housemates are heading to bed.

Aleks: Oh, for fuck sake. Let's get this over with.

Aisha: Here we again.

Corinne: (Laughs). It's basically our bedroom now.

Aisha: I can deal with that. It's nice having the privacy.

Corinne: Yeah. It is. Night, babe.

Aisha: Goodnight. Love you.

Vaughn: How lovely is this bed!?

Sasha: I've never been more comfy in my life.

Vaughn: We're gonna sleep well tonight, baby girl!

Sasha: I'm so happy. (Laughs).

Bryce: You're going to bed without saying goodnight?

Ofelia: Well, I didn't think you were speaking to me? Bryce: Dunno why you think that.

Ofelia: Sorry. Goodnight.

Bryce: Night, then.

The eleventh day in the Sim Brother Couples house has come to an end. Tune in soon for the highlights of day twelve where the housemates will nominate for the second time.

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