Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 12 Highlights

It's the twelfth day in the Sim Brother Couples house. Yesterday, the couples took part in a new challenge to determine the rankings for the next five days. Today, the second round of nominations will take place.


Sasha and Vaughn, the new top ranked couple, have been awake for fifty-seven minutes.

Sasha: We didn't even use our lie-in.

Vaughn: (Laughs). I know! What's wrong with us!?

Sasha: On the outside, we can sleep in so late! Yet in here...

Vaughn: I know. It's because we're literally just sitting around all day, doing nothing. We barely need the sleep.

Sasha: Maybe we should use the gym a bit more?

Vaughn: We should but I honestly can't be fucked.

Sasha: (Laughs). No. Me neither.

Corinne and Maximillian are in the lounge.

Corinne: I don't feel like I've got to know you much at all.

Maximillian: Then ask away, Dear Lady. Whatever you want to know, I shall answer.

Corinne: What's with the monocle?

Maximillian: (Laughs). Great start! Well, this eye has weaker vision than the other.

Corinne: You could wear contacts? Glasses? Maximillian: And be like everyone else? Heaven forbid!

Corinne: So, that's your goal? To stand out?

Maximillian: In truth, I was born with this fused to my head. The operation to get it removed will cost too much.

Corinne: You're actually infuriating.

Maximillian: (Laughs).

Bryce and Ofelia are having breakfast in the kitchen.

Ofelia: It's so lovely being able to enjoy breakfast in the kitchen! We've never been able to come in here before.

Bryce: Yeah. Terrific.

Ofelia: What's the matter with you now!? Bryce: I just didn't sleep well, is all.

Ofelia: You seemed to be snoring all night to my recollection!

Bryce: Yeah, well, I still don't think I slept great. The luxury bedroom would have been ideal.

Ofelia: At least we're out of the tent... and not in the bunker!

Bryce: I suppose.


Emery and Lionel are in the bedroom.

Emery: Wow! Look at you!

Lionel: I just did in the mirror, darling. Don't I look radiant? Emery: You most certainly do! If I was a single man, Lionel, I'd be after you!

Lionel: What Aleks and Dennis won't know, won't hurt them! (Cackles).

Emery: (Laughs). Well, I'm tempted! Are you finally done with the bathroom then!?

Lionel: Yes. Sorry about that. It's not easy preparing perfection.

Emery: I guess it's not.

Lionel: Will you all be nominating today?

Emery: Probably.

Lionel: Do you think us newbies will? Emery: God knows. It'll be up to Sim Brother, I suppose.

Lionel: I'd love to be in here for Christmas! Who else in the world can say they've been in the Sim Brother house for Christmas!?

Emery: Me too. It'd be terrific. I hope we can get there!

Lionel: If we're evicted before then, we should just form our own couple and come back in!

Emery: I'd definitely be game.

Six minutes later...

Sim Brother has called Emery to the diary room.

Emery: Hello?

Sim Brother: Hello, Emery. Why do you think Sim Brother has called you to the diary room?

Emery: Because you're very fond of me?

Sim Brother: Emery, Sim Brother has made the rules about couple rankings perfectly clear.

Emery: Uh oh.

Sim Brother: Despite being in the bottom ranked couple, you have just been in the bedroom upstairs and used the bathroom, both of which is forbidden.

Emery: I didn't use the toilet or the shower, or anything! I just went up there because I forgot my toothbrush. If Lionel hadn't have been taking so long...

Sim Brother: Then you should have asked another housemate to fetch your toothbrush for you.

Emery: Sorry... I didn't think it was a big deal.

Sim Brother: You have broken the rules, Emery. And you will be punished.

Emery: Shit.

Sim Brother: You're now free to leave the diary room.

Emery: Seriously!? You're not even going to tell me when I'm being punished!? Boy, you guys are so mean...


Sim Brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge for the second round of nominations. The new couples, Bryce and Ofelia and Dennis and Lionel cannot nominate nor be nominated.

Dennis: Why do we have to sit here if we're not even nominating?

Vaughn: Because we're all in this together! (Laughs).

Aleks: They really drag this shit out though, don't they?

Aisha: Just a bit.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, would Aisha and Corinne come to the diary room.

Corinne: Here we go...

Naveen: Good luck, girls.

Aisha: Thanks. We'll need it.

Aisha: Hi, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother: Hello, Aisha. Hello, Corinne. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Aisha: I think we're agreed on this one?

Corinne: Yeah. Kalyani and Naveen.

Corinne: We've seen a sign of them lately we haven't really liked. Kalyani especially.

Aisha: She can be quite argumentative and judgemental.

Corinne: We also think she goes out of her way sometimes to say things that'll deliberately annoy people. She seems to be a bit of stirrer.

Aisha: And we didn't think she was like that either.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Aisha: Aleks and Emery

Corinne: We think Emery's mostly great, but Aleks has made next to no effort with most people in here. I think he can be a bit arrogant...

Aisha: And only interested in the sound of his own voice.

Corinne: We wouldn't miss them much if they were to leave.

Aleks and Emery are the next to nominate.

Aleks: Hey. Let's get going, shall we?

Sim Brother: Hello, Aleks. Hello, Emery. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Emery: Corinne and Aisha.

Emery: For some reason we've never warmed to them or got very close.

Aleks: For some reason? We've never tried. (Laughs).

Emery: Well, I have a little.

Aleks: We just didn't think we'd have much in common with them. Nor we do find them particularly interesting, to be honest.

Emery: They don't seem to be close to anyone in here really. It's a shame, but they sort of just stick together.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Aleks: This one's tougher...

Emery: Yeah. I'm too happy about it as I quite like Zsa Zsa, but we're going for her and Maximillian.

Emery: If it was possible to nominate him and not her, we would.

Aleks: But it's not, so never mind. We think Maximillian is quite a caricature and is making out to be something he's not. If I'm honest, I think he's a fake.

Emery: I wouldn't go that far, but he does seem to be very reluctant to let people get to know the real him. He's so extraverted and I think it's a stunt.

Aleks: Definitely.

Kalyani and Naveen are next to nominate.

Naveen: Hey, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother: Hello, Kalyani. Hello, Naveen. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Kalyani: Easy. Aisha and Corinne.

Kalyani: As far as I'm concerned, they add nothing to the house.

Naveen: We barely even notice they're here sometimes. They spend a lot of time in the bunker.

Kalyani: And I sort of prefer it when they do. (Laughs).

Naveen: Bit bitchy. (Laughs). Corinne has got better, to be fair.

Kalyani: She has, yes. But we just find her boring now. At least she was annoyingly entertaining at the start of this.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Naveen: Shall I give you the honours, hon?

Kalyani: (Laughs). Oh, you. Yes. Maximillian and Zsa Zsa.

Kalyani: She's all right, but to be honest, I think he's a bit of a prick.

Naveen: He really upset us the other day when he went out of his way to get involved in something that had nothing to do with him. And he implied that Kalyani was trying to upset Tammi-Louise when she wasn't.

Kalyani: I just think he's a total fake. Don't trust him at all. And I don't know what Zsa Zsa sees in him either. If you told me they were a fake couple, I'd actually believe you. They just seem odd.

Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are next to nominate.

Zsa Zsa: Hello!

Sim Brother: Hello, Maximillian. Hello, Zsa Zsa. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Maximillian: Kalyani and Naveen first please, Sim Brother.

Maximillian: We've made amends with them after a little spat a few days ago and things are mostly all right now, if not ever so slightly awkward, but things haven't really been the same as they were in the beginning.

Zsa Zsa: We were very fond of these guys during the first few days but since then they've gone to being our first choice for nominations. Naveen seems to be pretty honest and upfront, but we fear Kalyani can be two-faced.

Maximillian: And manipulative. I was sorry I upset her when I said what I said but I don't take back anything I did say. She was definitely trying to annoy Tammi. And there's no two ways about it.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Zsa Zsa: Sadly, we're going for Aleks and Emery next.

Zsa Zsa: As much as we do like them, they don't interact with the group very much at all.

Maximillian: Aleks especially makes very little effort. I think he feels he's above a lot of people in here and therefore he doesn't need to take the time to get to know anyone, and I think that's the wrong attitude to have.

Zsa Zsa: We also fear they're too tight with Kalyani and it wouldn't surprise me if they join in on some of her bitching sessions.

Sim Brother: Thank you, Maximillian. Thank you, Zsa Zsa. You are now free to leave the diary room.

Dennis: Go all right, did it, love? Maximillian: Can't complain, sweetheart.

Lionel: Look at you in that outfit. You'd send a bull doolally.

Maximillian: They're colour-blind, as it happens.

Lionel: Whaaa!?

Sasha: Surely not?

Bryce: How much longer do I have to sit here listening to this shit? Sasha: Sorry? Bryce: Nothing. Was talking to myself.

Vaughn: Hardly, mate, when you said it out loud for everyone to hear. (Laughs).

Bryce: Well, maybe we can all just in silence while this tedious crap goes on?

Ofelia: Bryce...

Dennis: What on earth is your problem?

Bryce: Do I have a problem? Dennis: Considering you've been a temperamental, moody little bastard since you walked through those doors, I'm gonna say yes, you do have a problem.

Bryce: Who are you calling a bastard!?

Dennis: You. You bastard.

Bryce: You wanna say that to my face?

Dennis: What did I just say it to, exactly?

Bryce: You can call me whatever you like but at least I've been the real me all the while I've been in here! Dennis: And I haven't? I assume that's what you're implying.

Bryce: That is what I'm implying!

Dennis: Oh. OK. I don't really care. Now sit down, you silly little boy.

Bryce: Don't fucking patronise me! I've had enough of the shit that goes on in this house!

Dennis: Oh, no! You had to sleep in a tent for three nights! How on earth did you cope!?

Bryce: Don't take the piss!

Dennis: I hope the Red Cross and Feed the Children all divert their funds to you. You really deserve it after all you've been through, you brave little trooper.

Bryce: At least me having this argument with you has brought out the real you! Nasty bitchy old man!

Sasha: I think that's enough now, guys.

Emery: Yeah. C'mon.

Bryce: He fucking started it!

Lionel: And I'm ending it now! That'll do.

Bryce: You can stay out of this! Nobody cares what you have to say!

Lionel: Dennis might be too much of a gent to get to his feet and make a scene, but I'm no fucking gent! Bryce: You don't say?

Lionel: If we were on the outside, pal, you'd think twice about talking to me like this! You'd get a fucking chardonnay thrown in your face!

Bryce: You two are clowns, you know that? Actual clowns.

Zsa Zsa: Hey! That's not on!

Emery: Yeah. Don't be a dick.

Lionel: We might be clowns. You might think we're fake. We don't care either way. What we do care about is the other people in this house and we're not gonna stand by and let you make everyone feel uncomfortable and feel like they have to tread on eggshells when it comes to you all the time!

Bryce: Don't put words in people's mouths! Lionel: How many friends have you made since you've been in here!? Seriously!? Name one! You're a snob! An absolute nasty piece of work who has gone out of your way to make this experience as miserable for Ofelia as you can! If you have any sense you'll sit the fuck down!

Ofelia: Bryce, please, this is upsetting me...

Kalyani: Yeah. That's enough, everyone.

Bryce: Whatever!

Corinne: You OK?

Lionel: I'm fine, darling. I've taken down men far bigger than him.

Vaughn: We can believe that. (Laughs).

Maximillian: Well, Merry Christmas, everyone...

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, would Sasha and Vaughn come to the diary room.

Sasha: That was awkward...

Vaughn: Really is a shame we can't nominate Bryce.

Sasha: Oh, tell me about it.

Sim Brother: Hello, Sasha. Hello, Vaughn. Please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Vaughn: Aisha and Corinne.

Sasha: We would like to have said we've got to know them better over this week compared to last, but to be honest, we haven't really. And that's probably just as much our fault as it is theirs, but they don't really want to form bonds in here and that's the difference.

Vaughn: And I still find some of the things Corinne says a little weird. She just seems to take things in a really personal way.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Sasha: I feel really sad about this one but it's Aleks and Emery.

Sasha: They're lovely boys and I like them. I'm especially fond of Emery, but I just feel like they're not adding as much to the house as they could.

Vaughn: They barely contribute to anything that goes on either. They leave mess everywhere they go and when they did share the kitchen with everyone for those five days they never did any washing up or anything either. And considering they were in the luxury bedroom before that, they should have pulled their weight.

Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are the final housemates to nominate.

Wilbur: I just don't agree. Sorry, darling!

Sim Brother: Hello, Tammi-Louise. Hello, Wilbur.

Tammi-Louise: Sorry, Sim Brother. We're sort of disagreeing about our nominations.

Sim Brother: Can you please give the name of your first nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination?

Wilbur: Aisha and Corinne?

Tammi-Louise: Yes.

Wilbur: Very nice ladies. But they add nothing to the house.

Tammi-Louise: I think Corinne has an issue with me, too. I catch her looking me up and down sometimes and it might be my paranoid side coming out, but I think she feels like I'm a snob, or something?

Wilbur: And Aisha is hard to talk to. It's like the pair of them are incapable of holding a conversation.

Sim Brother: Please give the name of your second nomination and explain your reasons for this nomination.

Wilbur: And this is where we disagree...

Tammi-Louise: Babe, I'm sorry, but I want to give Kalyani the benefit of the doubt. We've been fine since... and I'd feel like a two-faced bitch.

Wilbur: But she might've nominated you? Tammi-Louise: And she might not have.

Wilbur: So, then it has to be Maximillian and Zsa Zsa?

Tammi-Louise: I guess so.

Wilbur: (Sighs).

Wilbur: We're nominating them because we've grown a little frustrated with Maximillian over the past few days.

Tammi-Louise: He's lovely and he means well but there's no getting around the fact that he's definitely holding back in here.

Wilbur: Yeah. We don't think he's being himself at all.

Tammi-Louise: He's putting on a persona and I'd like to see him lift it as I actually think we'd like the person underneath it all.

Three minutes later...

Sim Brother is about to announce the results of this week's nominations.

Vaughn: Oh, c'mon.

Emery: Yeah! I've got things to do.

Lionel: Me?

Emery: Of course.

Sasha: (Laughs).

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, the housemates nominated for eviction this week are in alphabetical order...

Sim Brother: Aisha and Corinne.

Corinne: Of course.

Aisha: (Sighs). We expected that.

Zsa Zsa: Aw. Girls.

Corinne: It's fine.

Sim Brother: And...

Sim Brother: Aleks and Emery.

Kalyani: WHAT!?

Naveen: No way!?

Sasha: That's a shock! Emery: Ah well. It is what it is.

Aleks: I had a feeling it might be us.

Kalyani: I'm genuinely stunned by that.

Sim Brother: And...

Sim Brother: Maximillian and Zsa Zsa.

Maximillian: Excellent.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, that stings.

Sasha: Sorry, you guys! That sucks.

Zsa Zsa: Oh well.

Sim Brother: These three couples face eviction this week. Housemates are now free to leave the lounge.


Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are in the kitchen.

Zsa Zsa: Why those little shits! Maximillian: Don't let it get to you, dear.

Zsa Zsa: What have we done though!? I don't understand.

Maximillian: We don't need to have done anything. It's just the way it is.

Zsa Zsa: I feel like people don't like us now.

Maximillian: Don't be stupid. Hell, those nominations were probably aimed at me.

Zsa Zsa: I just hope we have actually made friends in here.

Maximillian: You're overthinking it. I promise you.

Zsa Zsa: OK. I'll stop. I love you.


Bryce, Kalyani, Naveen, and Ofelia are in the bedroom.

Kalyani: I'm amazed we weren't put up, to be honest.

Naveen: I was, too. (Laughs). But hey! We get more time in here! Kalyani: Yep. That probably means we're in here for Christmas now! Naveen: That's amazing.

Bryce: I assume we must be as well?

Naveen: Yeah. I doubt they'll be able to fit in another round of nominations and another eviction in before then.

Ofelia: I don't want to get too excited though.

Bryce: I'm not sure I even would want Christmas in this shit hole, to be honest.

Kalyani: (Laughs). Babe, admit it, you do like a moan.

Bryce: Oh, I absolutely do! When I have something to moan about!

(Everyone laughs).

Naveen: That row got a bit heated earlier.

Ofelia: I was so uncomfortable! Bryce: Well, who the hell does Dennis think he is!? And as for Lionel, well, the guy's just a lunatic, as far as I'm concerned. A complete fruit-loop.


Dennis, Sasha, Tammi-Louise, Vaughn and Wilbur are in the snug.

Dennis: Do you guys think Lionel and I were out of line earlier? Sasha: No. Absolutely not.

Wilbur: Bryce started it. No question.

Vaughn: Yeah. It's clear he's wanted a row in here from the word go.

Tammi-Louise: He's an absolute fucking prick. (Everyone laughs).

Tammi-Louise: Sorry! But he is! I got so angry watching him shout at Lionel. I'm very fond of your husband, Dennis.

Dennis: More fool you.

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs).

Lionel is in the diary room talking to Sim Brother.

Lionel: I know the row was ages ago but I'm still raging! Every time I see that squirmy little bastard's face I get angry all over the again! He's such a jumped up little weasel. I hate him!

Sim Brother: Do you not think you could amends with Bryce, Lionel?

Lionel: Why ask stupid questions, Sim Brother? I'd rather let Rebekah Vardy loose on my social media.


Aleks and Emery are at the dining table.

Aleks: These past two days have been shit, haven't they?

Emery: That's putting it lightly.

Aleks: Is it bad I wouldn't even mind if we left? Emery: Seriously!? Aleks: I sort of feel like I've had enough now.

Emery: Don't talk like that.

Aleks: Well, aside from Kalyani and Naveen there's barely anyone in here I feel like we've bonded with. Most of these people are nice but so forgettable and just... well... boring.

Emery: I don't feel that way.

Aleks: No, but I think we've established that we have very different tastes when it comes to people.

Emery: I know. But I don't want you to say you want to leave. I really wanna be in here for the long-haul.

Aleks: Look, if we're kept in, then great. But I'm not gonna pretend I'll be devastated if it was time up. There's more important things going on. And we have a life outside.

Emery: I know, babe.


The housemates are heading to bed.

Aisha: Up for eviction yet again.

Corinne: We're not very popular, are we?

Aisha: But are we ever? (Laughs).

Corinne: The viewers kept us in last time, I suppose.

Aisha: Yeah. Miracles can happen.

Sasha: Today has been intense.

Vaughn: I know. A real weird one. It was so tense sitting in that lounge.

Sasha: I knew Bryce would cause a big row at some point.

Vaughn: It was always going to happen. I agreed with everything Lionel and Dennis said to him but they shouldn't have given him the satisfaction. It's what he wanted.

Sasha: I know, babe.

Dennis: You OK? Can't sleep?

Lionel: I'm just thinking.

Dennis: About what?

Lionel: About whether this pillow would be good enough to smother Bryce asleep.

Dennis: (Laughs). Behave yourself.

Lionel: I'll go to sleep dreaming of it. Trust me.

Dennis: I believe you.

The twelfth day in the Sim Brother Couples house has come to an end.

Preeya: Hi, guys! Lovely to see you all! I'm here to give you a bit of news. Not only will you now be voting for the eviction based on the nominations that took place in the house yesterday, but there's also going to be a second eviction on the same night. Who are the nominees? Well, our two newest couples, of course! So, you're also about to decide whether Bryce and Ofelia or Dennis and Lionel get to experience Christmas Day in the house. Which will it be? Join me on Christmas Eve for this double eviction to find out! Bye bye for now!


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