Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 13 Highlights

It is the thirteenth day in the Sim Brother Couples house.

Yesterday, the housemates nominated for the second time. Aisha and Corinne, Aleks and Emery, and Maximillian and Zsa Zsa received the most nominations and face eviction on Christmas Eve. What the housemates don't know, is that after that eviction another eviction will take place in which either Bryce and Ofelia or Dennis and Lionel will be evicted as well.


Most of the housemates are asleep.

Dennis has realised Lionel is not in bed.

Dennis: Where the hell is that Queen!?

Dennis: There you are!

Lionel: Hi, darling!

Dennis: Why are you up so early!?

Lionel: I felt bad for hogging the bathroom so I got up early to get ready! What do you think!?

Dennis: As beautiful as ever.

Lionel: You minx. If we were alone in this house, you'd get some of this.

Dennis: And if the cameras weren't here. (Laughs).

Lionel: Never stopped us in the past. (Cackles).

Aleks is unable to sleep.

Aleks: Had enough of this fucking tent.


Sim Brother has woken up all of the housemates.

Aisha: You gonna get up, babe?

Corinne: Urgh. I can't. Just let me sleep.

Aisha: You don't wanna risk their wrath.

Corinne: But I have a stomach ache.

Aisha: Do you really? Or are you just looking for an excuse?

Corinne: (Sighs).

Aisha: (Laughs). I know when you're pulling a sicky.

Maximillian: Morning, beloved.

Zsa Zsa: Good morning.

Maximillian: You seem deflated.

Zsa Zsa: I am. I just hope this isn't one of our last days in here.

Maximillian: Well, it could be so let's make it a good one!

Zsa Zsa: I really wanted to be here for Christmas though.

Maximillian: Me too. But what will be, will be. The important thing is we have each other.

Zsa Zsa: Meh.

Maximillian: (Laughs).


Zsa Zsa is doing laundry.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, what to do now? Suppose I could mop again...

Kalyani, Sasha, and Tammi-Louise are in the lounge.

Kalyani: Girls, I have to ask, is anyone else horny as fuck?

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). Sometimes, but when I feel like that, I just stop thinking about it.

Kalyani: Babe, I'm gagging. Honestly. I'd mount Lionel or Dennis, I feel this randy.

Sasha: (Laughs). Oh, God! I'm not too bad, but Vaughn is getting really frustrated, I think. He keeps making comments.

Tammi-Louise: Give him a seeing to, then! Sasha: In here?! Not a chance!

Tammi-Louise: Nah. I wouldn't either.

Kalyani: I would if there weren't cameras in the toilet.

Tammi-Louise: It is hard, isn't it?

Sasha: (Laughs). What is, Tammi? Tammi-Louise: Not being able to have sex in here! Kalyani: I honestly think they should have a room in here that we can use once a week to go into, have sex, and then leave.

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). That's not a terrible idea.

Sasha: They probably don't want us talking about nominations, or anything.

Kalyani: They could watch if they wanted. As long as we weren't being filmed.

Sasha: Oh, so that's your line!? (Laughs).

Kalyani: Well, I do have some class believe it or not.


Aisha is in the diary room.

Aisha: Hiya, SIm Brother.

Sim Brother: Hello, Aisha. How are you today?

Aisha: A bit down in the dumps, if I'm honest. But I'm trying my hardest not to be.

Sim Brother: What seems to be the problem?

Aisha: I just feel like Corinne and I try our hardest in here and get nothing back. Ever. We're nice people and nobody ever really makes much of an effort with us. Yeah, it goes both ways, but we've both felt like outsiders in here since the beginning and it's been rough. We just haven't forged any friendships like we thought we would and that's been really hard.

Sim Brother: Don't you think you still have time to make friends in the house? Aisha: Of course. And I think maybe we should make more effort, too. But it depends on the eviction, I suppose. If we're going this time and I have a feeling we are, then we've only got a few days left. It's just difficult. For a place where you're trapped living with fifteen other people, you can definitely feel lonely.


Dennis is having a bath.

Dennis: If I could turn back time... if I could find a way....

Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are in the lounge.

Zsa Zsa: So, if we are thrown out on our asses Christmas Eve, what are we gonna do the next day!?

Maximillian: Well, we won't exactly be able to fly home.

Zsa Zsa: No that's what I'm saying! And we don't know what restrictions there might be over here... we might not even be able to travel to see friends!

Maximillian: Surely rules will have been relaxed for Christmas day?

Zsa Zsa: Depends how bad things are. We might just be on our own in a motel room.

Maximillian: That's the most depressing thing I've ever thought about.

Zsa Zsa: I'd honestly rather we just drive ourselves into the ocean.

Maximillian: That could be an option.

Aleks, Bryce, Emery, Kalyani, Naveen, Ofelia, Sasha, and Vaughn are at the dining table.

Vaughn: Does anyone here actually like sprouts though!?

Kalyani: I love them!

Emery: Are you high, woman!?

Kalyani: Well, they have to be done a certain way. I love the way my mum and Gran do them, but I never get the same when I try.

Emery: I can't stand most vegetables.

Aleks: He literally just has meat.

Sasha: So we've heard.

(Everyone laughs)

Aleks: He's honestly like a kid. I have to beg him to eat some carrots and peas.

Ofelia: Peas are completely tasteless, to be fair.

Emery: Thank you! I don't understand why people bother with them!?

Ofelia: I do like carrots though. And cauliflower cheese is to die for.

Naveen: I can't stand cauliflower!

Kalyani: He never lets me cook it.

Naveen: The smell alone makes me gag.

Vaughn: Well, get this: I don't like Yorkshire Puddings.

Ofelia: What!?

Emery: That's fucking disgraceful.

Kalyani: You should actually be shot.

Vaughn: (Laughs).

Sasha: It was almost a deal-breaker when I found out, I'm not gonna lie.

Lionel: Dum de do...

Bryce: Is this what two weeks in here has amounted to for you guys!? Talking about vegetables and what you like!?

Kalyani: (Laughs). It is a bit boring, isn't it? Vaughn: You do literally run out of things to talk about.

Bryce: Next thing you know you'll be chatting about the weather!

Emery: Oh, we've done that already.

Sasha: Yeah. We concluded by agreeing that it is indeed getting colder.

(Everyone laughs).

Bryce: Fucking hell. Kill me now.

Lionel: Is he being a spoilt sport again?

Kalyani: (Laughs).

Bryce: Seriously, Lionel, just fuck off.

Lionel: Pardon?

Bryce: Don't 'pardon' me!? I'm sitting here having a conversation and you walk by and decide to stick your oar in!

Lionel: I was making a joke? Bryce: At me? When it's clear I can't fucking stand you?

Ofelia: Bryce...

Bryce: No, I'm sorry, but what did you want me to do? Laugh along and take it in good spirits!?

Lionel: Well, clearly not as you're obviously incapable of having a laugh.

Bryce: I was having a perfectly nice conversation here and you've come over to interrupt. Probably because you wasn't centre of attention. Can't have that, can you?

Ofelia: (Sighs). I've had enough of this now.

Kalyani: Babe, c'mon.

Naveen: I don't think he meant anything by it.

Emery: Can we drop it now?

Bryce: No, I'm sorry, but I've fucking had enough of living with circus freaks!

Sasha: What's that supposed to mean!?

Lionel: (Laughs). Don't worry, Sasha. I know exactly what he means.

Ofelia: No, he doesn't mean anything like that...

Lionel: Yes he does. I'm a circus freak because I'm a man in a dress, right?

Emery: This is getting out of hand now, guys.

Aleks: Why does everything have to be taken so personally in here!? Honestly. You can't just assume he meant anything by that.

Lionel: Then what else did he mean by circus freaks!?

Aleks: Oh. I can't be bothered with this place anymore.

Aleks: Just so done with all of this.

Lionel: I literally just made a joke?

Bryce: Well, it wasn't fucking funny! Ofelia: Bryce, please, sit down.

Lionel: You're getting to your feet over me again, are you? I should be flattered, but I'd rather not be anywhere near you, to be honest.

Bryce: And I'd rather be in a whole fucking other country than be anywhere near you! I mean look at you! You're a fucking travesty of a human being!

Kalyani: WHOA!

Sasha: That's enough!

Ofelia: Bryce, please! Stop!

Vaughn: I'm getting really angry...

Lionel: Don't beat around the bush, Bryce. If you have something more specific you want to say that bothers me about you, then say it! Bryce: I don't need to! And it's not about you cross-dressing or anything like that, it's just you. As a human. The wreck of you. My God. You should be embarrassed to walk around like that.

Lionel: Darling, I look fabulous.

Bryce: You look like a freak.

Sasha: That's enough! How dare you speak to him like that! What the hell is wrong with you!?

Bryce: You can fucking stay out of this! You're a manipulator!

Sasha: Excuse me!?

Bryce: You know damn well what you're doing in here! Playing the nice guy act all the time.

Sasha: Nice guy act!? Emphasis on the 'guy' part, right!?

Bryce: I didn't mean it like that! That's what I'm talking about! You're fucking sly! Nobody should trust you in here! You're playing the sympathy card all the time!

Sasha: Playing the sympathy card with what!? I'm proud of who I am and don't need sympathy for anything! Bryce: Yeah. All right. You're just hoping your sob story can get you through to the final.

Sasha: I'm not even going to let you get to me as you're clearly just a vile, bigoted, miserable, pathetic excuse of a man!

Bryce: No, I'm just telling people how it is in here!

Kalyani: You fucking leave Sasha alone! You wanna say another word to her you'll have to get through me! She's the nicest fucking person in here and you're being a complete dick!

Bryce: And what are you!? You're a two-faced little bitch!

Naveen: Shut your mouth, man!

Bryce: You feel the need to pipe up and run your mouth off about everything!

Kalyani: Do I now?

Bryce: You're jumping to Sasha's defence because you know she'll be popular! That's all! Kalyani: You're actually deluded.

Wilbur: Kicking off, then. Must be bad if we can hear it from up here.

Tammi-Louise: I know. Isn't it amazing!? Love a bit of drama.

Aisha: We really shouldn't be eavesdropping.

Corinne: Would you rather I went down? Aisha: Oh, hell no!

Corinne: Good. Because I wouldn't trust myself to get into an argument with that prick.

Aisha: What a nasty piece of work.

Vaughn: You need to back off now.

Bryce: Or what!? I didn't start it! That weirdo did!

Vaughn: Fuck off. Now.

Lionel: All this because I made a joke?

Bryce: It wasn't a joke though was it, you fucking twat!?

Maximillian: Guys, this needs to stop now.

Bryce: I didn't fucking start it! Maximillian: Well, it doesn't matter. I'm ending it. C'mon.

Aleks: You getting involved now as well? Maximillian: Sorry?

Aleks: Why get involved?

Maximillian: I'm trying to stop this argument.

Aleks: Fine, but do you not think it'll just come across as insincere!?

Maximillian: Why would it!?

Aleks: I'm probably going in a few days so I might as well just come out and say it: I think before you think you have the right to tell anyone what to do you might want to think about how you're coming across in here?

Maximillian: Sorry?

Aleks: This isn't just me who's said this by the way, so take it on board, but you come across as so insincere. You've got a front on all the time and it's like you're trying to prevent people from seeing the real you.

Maximillian: Is that so?

Aleks: Yeah. Sorry, mate. But it is. I'm sure you're a nice person and everything, but people are just a bit sick of this front now. Not gonna lie.

Zsa Zsa: That's enough!

Aleks: Sorry, Zsa Zsa, I don't mean to upset anyone, but it has to be said.

Zsa Zsa: Like this. Now!? In the middle of a huge argument!?

Maximillian: I've been myself in here. I'm sorry you can't see that, Aleks, but that's your problem and not mine. I'm more than happy to talk about myself, but in truth, I try to focus on the positives and keep things light, but what would you like to me to moan about so I seem more 'real' to you and the others talking about me behind my back? My father dying before I was born? My mother dying when I was four? My brother dying when I was sixteen? Being brought up by abusive Grandparents? Which is it?

Aleks: Max...

Zsa Zsa; Honey, you don't owe anyone anything...

Maximillian: I'm going for a nap.

Aisha: Shit.

Corinne: Go... go...

Bryce: This is...


Bryce: I...


Bryce: Whatever.

Emery: (Sighs). This place...


Vaughn is in the gym.

Vaughn: Absolute twat.

Naveen: You all right, pal?

Vaughn: Seething, mate.

Naveen: That's why your working out, then? Getting out some frustrations?

Vaughn: Exactly.

Naveen: Surprised you didn't use the punch bag.

Vaughn: I'd end up breaking it.

Naveen: C'mere. Give us a hug.

Naveen: Don't let him get to you, man. He's a piece of shit.

Vaughn: I've not been so angry in such a long time.

Naveen: No, I know. But that's honestly what he wanted to happen.

Vaughn: Absolute dick.

Aisha, Corinne, Kalyani, Sasha, and Tammi-Louise are in the snug.

Aisha: Sorry to barge in, but we just had to check you're OK, Sasha.

Sasha: Honestly. I'm fine, girls. Don't worry.

Corinne: Who the hell does that twat think he is!?

Tammi-Louise: He's a piece of work.

Aisha: I can't believe some of the stuff he was coming out with.

Kalyani: Sim Brother will have words! He can't talk about people like that!

Tammi-Louise: I feel terrible I didn't say anything...

Sasha: You wasn't there, babes.

Tammi-Lousie: I could hear though! Kalyani: I think people in Australia heard that row.

Aisha: You sure you're OK, Sasha?

Sasha: Honestly. I'm fine. No skin off my nose. It was Lionel I felt bad for.

Ofelia: Guys... sorry if this is a bad time...

Ofelia: I'm just... I...

Kalyani: Are you OK, honey?

Ofelia: I'm just so sorry!

Sasha: Oh, Ofelia, don't get upset.

Corinne: None of this is your fault.

Ofelia: I just can't believe the way he's acting!

Kalyani: We don't blame you, though. Honestly. Try not to get upset.

Ofelia: Coming in here was clearly a big mistake.


Sim Brother has called Bryce to the diary room.

Bryce: Hey, Sim Brother. I wonder what this could possibly be about!?

Sim Brother: Bryce, Sim Brother does not tolerate bullying, aggressive, or unacceptable behaviour in any way. At various times during the argument earlier, you made various comments that might be deemed as bigoted or transphobic.

Bryce: Of course.

Sim Brother: Bryce, Sim Brother takes this very seriously. As a consequence of your actions, you are being given a formal warning. If you receive two more formal warnings, you will be immediately ejected. You will also be ejected at any point without further warnings if your behaviour is deemed to have crossed the line. Do you understand?

Bryce: Yep. But that's fine. I'm gonna be a good little boy from now on. I don't want to be kicked out before Christmas Day because I intend on ruining it as much as I possibly can. These people in here deserve no less.

Sim Brother: The diary room door is now open.


Sasha has joined Maximillian and Zsa Zsa in the lounge.

Sasha: Are you guys OK?

Maximillian: We're fine.

Zsa Zsa: You're the only one who's asked, darling.

Sasha: Give me a hug, Max.

Maximillian: If you insist. (Laughs).

Sasha: Everyone's worried about you, they just don't want to bother you.

Maximillian: Oh, it's all right. Truth be told, I'm embarassed.

Sasha: No, don't be embarrassed! You've got nothing to feel embarrassed about! Zsa Zsa: Absolutely not.

Sasha: The fact you've been through as much as you have and yet you're still a lovely man and a total gentlemen, just makes me love you even more! Zsa Zsa: Here here!

Maximillian: Bless you both. I love you both dearly.


The housemates are going to bed.

Vaughn: You OK, baby?

Sasha: Oh, I'm fine. I'm actually glad he's exposed himself for who he truly is.

Vaughn: Yep. But his name is banned in our luxury quarters, you hear?

Sasha: Agreed. I love you.

Vaughn: I love you, too.

Emery: You already asleep? Aleks: I was.

Emery: Sorry.

Aleks: It's OK. Does everyone hate me? Emery: We can talk about it tomorrow.

Aleks: (Sighs). OK.

Dennis: You sure you're all right?

Lionel: Of course, darling. Like I'd let a little hormonal hipster get the better of me.

Dennis: (Laughs). I was having a bath when it was all going on!

Lionel: Probably for the best.


Ofelia has come to the diary room.

Ofelia: Hi.

Sim Brother: Hello, Ofelia. How are you?

Ofelia: Not good. Not good at all. I've had a horrible day. I don't really want to talk about it, to be honest.

Sim Brother: How can Sim Brother help, Ofelia?

Ofelia: I know it's against the rules and I have to sleep in the bedroom but I can't be next to Bryce tonight. I just can't. Please can I sleep in the snug?

Sim Brother: Given the circumstances, Sim Brother will allow you to sleep in the snug, Ofelia.

Ofelia: Thank you so much. I just want to sleep and put this awful day to the back of my mind...

Sim Brother: Sim Brother is always here if you need to talk.

Ofelia: I appreciate that. Goodnight.


Ofelia is now asleep.

The thirteenth day in the house has come to an end. Tune in soon for the highlights of day fourteen where Ofelia reaches breaking point with Bryce and Aleks attempts to patch things up with Maximillian.

This week will see two separate evictions take place on the same night. In the first eviction, you most choose who stays out of Aisha and Corinne, Aleks and Emery, and Maximillian and Zsa Zsa. In the second eviction, you must choose who stays between Bryce and Ofelia and Dennis and Lionel. Who gets to experience Christmas Day in the SIm Brother house? That's up to you! VOTE HERE!

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