Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 14 Highlights

It's the fourteenth day of the SIm Brother Couples house. Today will be the last full day in the house for two couples.


All of the housemates are awake. Yesterday a huge argument broke out in the house in which Aleks implied Maximillian was fake.

Zsa Zsa: You all right, lovely? Maximillian: I'm fine.

Zsa Zsa: You sure? Maximillian: My love, I appreciate you're looking out for me, but I'm honestly quite all right.

Zsa Zsa: Good. Don't want you to let any assholes in here get you down.

Maximillian: Never.

Lionel: I don't know about you, but assholes get me up.

Maximillian: Good morning to you too, Lionel. (Laughs).

Lionel: All right, are ya?

Maximillian: Can't complain, my friend. Better for seeing your face.

Lionel: Oh, you flirt! Shall we go to the bathroom?

Maximillian: Oh, that prospect is terrifying.

Lionel: I would eat you alive.

Bryce: Anyone seen my wife? Tammi-Louise: She probably wants nothing to do with you right now.

Bryce: Don't speak for her, darling, all right?

Tammi-Louise: Don't call me darling! Wilbur: Perhaps you'd best keep a low profile today, eh?

Bryce: Oh, of course! I'll be a good boy!

Last night, Ofelia slept in the snug.

Sasha: Ofelia? You OK?

Ofelia: Hm?

Sasha: Just wanted to see if you were all right?

Ofelia: I was in such a deep sleep...

Sasha: Yeah. I don't think the lights woke you up.

Ofelia: No. I guess not...

Sasha: Did you sleep all right? Ofelia: Amazingly well, yeah. This is quite comfortable.

Sasha: And you wasn't cold?

Ofelia: Nah. It's warm... I'm OK.

Sasha: How you feeling? Ofelia: Like shit. I'm so sorry again for what happened yesterday.

Sasha: I've already told you, you have nothing at all to apologise for.

Ofelia: Has Bryce said anything?

Sasha: Think he just had a quick back and forth with Tammi, but it was nothing major. He's left it.

Ofelia: God... I honestly think I should just leave? Sasha: And let him dictate your experience? We all want you here, if it means putting up with him, then so be it.


Maximillian has been called to the diary room.

Maxmillian: Howdy.

Sim Brother: Hello, Maximillian. How are you this morning? Maximillian: Just swell, thanks.

Sim Brother: Maximillian, Sim Brother understands you had a difficult time yesterday and wants you to know that SIm Brother is always here if you need someone to talk to.

Maximillian: That's very sweet. Thank you. I just... I don't know. I'm trying not to let what Aleks said get to me, but I'm afraid it keeps lingering in my mind. I just hope he's not speaking for many of my fellow housemates. It really would hurt my feelings if they all thought I was fake, or something. I just think it's all quite childish. And Aleks really behaved like a child. It was completely uncalled for.

Bryce and Naveen are in the bathroom.

Bryce: You ignoring me too, man?

Naveen: No.

Bryce: Nice to see you're not a sheep.

Naveen: I'm still not particularly happy with you though.

Bryce: I honestly don't even care anymore.

Naveen: Cool.


Sim Brother has told the housemates they can now use the ice rink whenever they like. Bryce is currently skating alone.

Bryce: Me hogging this must be driving them nuts. (Laughs).

Bryce's plan has had the desired effect on Corinne, Emery, Kalyani, and Sasha.

Corinne: That little fucker!

Emery: He certainly knows what he's doing, doesn't he? Kalyani: I'm tempted to go out there and drag him off!

Sasha: He probably doesn't even like skating. (Laughs).

Kalyani: Don't get me wrong, if he wanted to have a skate then fair enough, but as soon as Sim Brother made that announcement, he was straight on there!

Emery: He ran like his life depended on it.

Kalyani: Exactly.

Corinne: Anyone got an axe? If we don't get the ice, he can't either.

(Everyone laughs)

Kalyani: Oh, for fuck sake!

Emery: What? Kalyani: The washing machine is leaking again!

Sasha: Oh, for crying out loud!

Sasha: These machine's are so shit, honestly...

Kalyani: We use them so much, to be fair.


Bryce has taken a fall.

Bryce: SHIT! Oh, fuck. That hurt...

Tammi-Louise: THAT is hysterical.


As the second ranked couple, Dennis and Lionel are being tasked with re-decorating the tree in the main bedroom.

Lionel: This is going to go terribly.

Dennis: We're awful at this shit.

Lionel: We always get help with ours.

Dennis: Or we just shove some tinsel on and call it a day.

Lionel: Zsa Zsa will never let us live it down if we don't match what she did.


Dennis: We're fucked.

Aleks is in the diary room.

Aleks: Hey.

Sim Brother: Hello, Aleks. How are you today? Aleks: Feel a bit shitty.

Sim Brother: Why do you feel down, Alexs?

Aleks: (Laughs). I love how you refuse to swear.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother swears when it is appropriate, Aleks.

Aleks: Oh, really? Well. Anyway. I just feel a bit bad, to be honest. I was really wound up yesterday because another stupid argument kicked off in here over nothing and I ended up using the moment to vent some frustrations I have towards Maximillian which I shouldn't have done. I handled the situation all wrong. I still think I had a point in some of the things I said, but there's a way to do things. And that wasn't it.

Sim Brother: Could you talk to Maximillian and make amends?

Aleks: I hope so. He's sort of kept to himself today which I feel guilty about. I really hope I haven't upset him too much. It wasn't my intention. Well, I best go about my day, I guess.

Sim Brother: Thank you, Aleks. The diary room door is now fucking open.

Aleks: Ha! No way!

Things are not progressing in the bedroom.

Dennis: OK. I like the colour scheme we've gone for here. This could work.

Lionel: Babe, look at this! Dennis: Please stop throwing the ornaments, Lionel. Nothing good can come of it.


Corinne, Emery, Kalyani, Naveen, Sasha, and Tammi-Louise are on the ice skating rink.

Corinne: Emery, are you seriously going backwards!?

Emery: I sure as shit am.

Corinne: You're just showing off! Kalyani: I used to be able to do that when I was little. Why did I ever stop going!? I'm so shit at it now.

Sasha: Yeah. Same. This isn't like riding a bike, is it? If you forget how to do it, you really do forget.

Naveen: It's all about confidence, ladies.

Kalyani: Oh, shut up you.

Tammi-Louise: Well, I'm doing great!


Naveen: You need help!?

Tammi-Louise: Maybe!

Maximillian is by the campfire.

Maximillian: Oh, kids.

Aleks: Hi.

Maximillian: Good afternoon.

Aleks: I know you might not want to speak to me, but I'd like to say something to you if that's OK?

Maximillian: Pull up a chair.

Aleks: The fire's dying.

Maximillian: Must be your cold heart.

Aleks: (Laughs). That broke the ice.

Maximillian: What's up, man?

Aleks: I just wanted to come over and say that I offer you a massive and sincere apology. I was totally out of line for how I behaved yesterday. There was no excuse for it. Yes, I was annoyed, but I could have handled that situation so much better.

Maximillian: I don't mind you having an opinion on me and even expressing it, but it's the way it was done.

Aleks: Oh, absolutely. I did it as badly as I possibly could've.

Maximillian: Well, I appreciate the apology anyway. And I do accept.

Aleks: Thank you, Max. That really means a lot. You're a bigger man than I am.

Maximillian: Oh, so now you're calling me fat!? Aleks: (Laughs). Stop it.

Maximillian: No, no, it's not about being the bigger man. It takes a lot to admit you were wrong and apologise for it. I struggle with that sometimes. And we all make mistakes. Especially when we're angry. I will admit being hurt, especially when you said you weren't the only ones who thought that way.

Aleks: That was totally wrong of me to speak for other people. I've been told that by Emery and the others. I was wrong.

Maximillian: Well, be that as it may, I'm glad you did tell me how you felt. I'm going to make more of an effort to try and bring down my guard. Get to know people perhaps more than I've allowed. It's just been difficult.

Aleks: That's totally understandable. And given everything you've gone through, it's remarkable you've turned out as you have.

Maximillian: Thank you, Aleks. That's nice of you to say.

Aleks: Might want to get another log.

Maximillian: Indeed. Be a lamb and throw one in, will ya?


Aisha and Corinne are in the diary room.

Aisha: Hiya, Sim Brother.

Corinne: Sup', bitch?

Sim Brother: Hello, Aisha. Sup', Corinne?

Corinne: (Laughs).

Sim Brother: How are you both today?

Aisha: We're pretty good thanks. Enjoying what could be our last day in here.

Corinne: And I think it will be.

Aisha: C'mon, babe. We don't know that.

Corinne: Got a feeling.

Sim Brother: Why do you think you will be evicted tomorrow night, Corinne?

Corinne: I can't see Maximillian and Zsa Zsa leaving at all. I think they're going to be quite popular. And I have a feeling Aleks and Emery might get the sort of treatment we did last week. Kept in to keep things interesting for a while longer, maybe? We got that last week, doubt we'll get it again.

Aisha: Or maybe people just like us?

Corinne: I'm not holding my breath.


Bryce and Emery at the gym.

Emery: You've been hiding out in here ever since you got off that ice rink. You're not gonna come out? Bryce: I wouldn't say I've been hiding. Avoiding might be the more accurate description.

Emery: Avoiding who? Ofelia?

Bryce: Everyone, mainly. It's been made quite clear to me from the first night we walked in that we weren't welcome. Myself in particular.

Emery: But this is the thing. It's all in your head.

Bryce: Is it now? Emery: Nobody had any reason to have any bad feeling towards you whatsoever. You've sort of caused your own downfall in here, man.

Bryce: Well, if we're telling truths, you were the one that set the wheels in motion for my stay.

Emery: I'm sorry. What?

Bryce: You were the one who first decided to vote for Ofelia and I to sleep in the tent even though Lionel and Dennis had already volunteered to do it!

Emery: Because I wasn't comfortable sending two senior citizens out to sleep in the cold! Bryce: But it was OK for me to do it? Emery: Because you're a younger man, yes! And it was Sim Brother who made us choose. You said so yourself, so to blame me for you having a shit experience when you've literally brought that on by yourself is actually just pathetic.

Bryce: Pathetic, or true? Emery: Pathetic, Bryce. You're pathetic.

Bryce: See you later, then.

Emery: You're an absolute dickhead.

Bryce: Thanks for stopping by!


Kalyani, Ofelia, and Tammi-Louise are in the lounge.

Ofelia: I still can't believe he hasn't said a word to me.

Tammi-Louise: Has he not? Ofelia: Not a word, Tammi. Not a one.

Kalyani: Maybe he just wants you to make the first move? Ofelia: Why should I!? I didn't do anything wrong! Tammi-Louise: We're not saying you did, but let's be honest here, he's a bit of a dick.

Ofelia: (Laughs). I know. I honestly don't know what I see in him.

Tammi-Louise: You sure you don't have any exes on the outside you're still sweet on? Sim Brother could bring them in for you to partner with instead and then Bryce can leave.

Kalyani: Tammi! (Laughs).

Ofelia: Ha. Oh, I'd be bloody tempted if there was anyone...

Tammi-Louise: You don't have any exes do you, Kalyani?

Kalyani: Nope. Naveen's my childhood sweetheart.

Ofelia: That's so sweet.

Tammi-Louise: My childhood sweetheart was in prison last time I checked.

Kalyani: What for!?

Tammi-Louise: He ran over his mother with a combine harvester.

Kalyani: WHAT!? Tammi-Louise: I'm kidding. He committed fraud. (Laughs).

Kalyani: Oh, Tammi!


Dennis and Lionel have finished their tree.

Dennis: I'm sorry, but this is spectacular.

Lionel: Oh, Dennis. Isn't it beautiful? Look what we've made together! Dennis: I always did say if we could've made a baby it would have been a beauty!

Lionel: This is prettier than any child could possibly be.

Dennis: Lionel! That's a terrible thing to say. (Laughs).

Lionel: True though. (Cackles).

Ofelia: Ooh. It looks amazing, you guys! Dennis: Why thank you, darling.

Ofelia: Looks like we're in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Lionel: Is that a gay club?

Ofelia: Uh... not quite, no. It's a Harry Potter reference. Oh, never mind. (Laughs).

Dennis: Wasn't Richard Harris in those movies? Ofelia: The first two, yeah.

Dennis: The things I would've done to him when he was younger. Ooft.

Ofelia: (Laughs). Lionel, can I have a word?

Lionel: You can have several.

Dennis: I need to visit the ladies room, anyway.

Lionel: What can I do you for? Ofelia: I just wanted to see how you are, is all.

Lionel: Fabulous, my love. Why wouldn't I be? Ofelia: Just after all that shit yesterday...

Lionel: Darling, I've forgotten all about it.

Ofelia: Good. But I really am sorry and would like to apologise if anything Bryce said offended you.

Lionel: Honestly? I couldn't give a darn what that man thinks about me.

Ofelia: Good.

Lionel: Is it all right if I be awfully candid and daring and say something that might cross the line? Ofelia: Go ahead.

Lionel: Darling, what on earth are you doing with that man? I know you must love him and I'm sure he's not shown all the qualities you like in him in here but he's been so awful and completely inconsiderate and uncaring towards your time in here and how this experience has been for you. I don't know you well enough to say this, and I know a lot of people don't like to hear it, but I'm gonna say it anyway because I believe it with all my heart: you're too good for him.

Ofelia: That's what my family all say.

Lionel: C'mere.

Lionel: Nobody can ever tell you what to do, sweetheart. You have to follow your own heart and trust your own gut but you should listen to the people who love you best as well. They want what's best for you. Just bear it in mind, and if you ever think you can't do better, I promise you you can.

Ofelia: Thanks, Lionel. It means a lot. I've got a lot of thinking to do.

Lionel: And we're all here to help you though it. Now, tell me what else you love about my tree.


Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are in the diary room.

Zsa Zsa: Evening, Sim Brother.

Maximillian: Good evening, glorious leader.

Zsa Zsa: Evening.

Maximillian: Not you. (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Hello, Maximillian. Hello, Zsa Zsa. How are you both today?

Zsa Zsa: Been a bit of a quiet one, to be honest. It's been tense after that argument yesterday so people have been pretty subdued and kept to themselves.

Maximillian: But we're fine. I had a chat with Aleks earlier and smoothed things over so all good on that front.

Sim Brother: How are you both feeling about tomorrow night's eviction? Zsa Zsa: Very nervous. We don't want to leave at all. Mainly, if we're honest, because we won't have time to get home in time for Christmas and we won't have a clue what to do! (Laughs). And we want this experience to go on for longer, of course.

Maximillian: Surviving an eviction would be a great feeling, I'm sure. But whatever happens, happens.


Naveen, Vaughn, and Wilbur are in the hot tub.

Naveen: That guy hasn't done himself any favours today, has he? Vaughn: What, Wilbur? No, the guy's a dick.

Wilbur: (Laughs). Fuck off.

Vaughn: Bryce hasn't done himself any favours all week long. He's literally been a knob since the beginning.

Naveen: I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but I can't be arsed anymore. It's just annoying we've gotta put up with him for a while yet.

Wilbur: And he's gonna be in here for Christmas.

Naveen: Oh, don't.

Vaughn: At the end of the day, if he tries to ruin it, we won't let him. Simple.

Naveen: What can we do? Lock him outside?

Wilbur: I've heard worse ideas.

Vaughn: It'll be fine. We won't let that one asshole ruin our fan.

Wilbur: You all right there, Naveen?

Naveen: Taking a piss, mate.

Wilbur: What!?

Naveen: I'm joking! I'm resting my eyes. You're so hysterical.

Aleks and Emery are in the diary room.

Aleks: Hi, big guy.

Sim Brother: Hello, Aleks. Hello, Emery. How are you this evening?

Aleks: Dreading getting into that tent. It's freezing out there.

Emery: Other than that we're OK. Sad it might be our last night.

Sim Brother: How are you feeling about the eviction? Emery: Shitting it.

Aleks: I'm fine. (Laughs).

Emery: I just really wanted to experience Christmas in here, and to not to would be gutting.

Sim Brother: What do you make of your chances of surviving the eviction? Emery: I have no idea what'll happen. I can see scenarios in which all three of us leave, to be honest.


Bryce and Ofelia have finally decided to talk.

Bryce: Are you going to start?

Ofelia: Haven't I already made the first move by reaching out to you in the first place!? Bryce: After you've ignored me all day, yes.

Ofelia: Honestly, Bryce, you can be so difficult.

Bryce: That's a nice way to try and put things right.

Ofelia: What have I actually got to make the effort for, then!?

Bryce: After what you did to me yesterday?

Ofelia: What did I do?

Bryce: I'm supposed to be your boyfriend and you allowed every one of those scumbags to hurl their abuse at me while you sat there and did nothing!

Ofelia: To be honest, I think you had it coming.

Bryce: That's so lovely of you to say. Wow. That's support and loyalty for you, isn't it!?

Ofelia: I'm very loyal! If I thought you were being unfairly attacked I would be the first to leap to your defence! But at the end of the day, Bryce, that situation escalated and got as nasty as it did because of you!

Bryce: Because of me!?

Ofelia: The way you spoke about Lionel and Sasha was absolutely disgusting! Calling them circus freaks and all the rest of it!

Bryce: They completely twisted what I was saying! Ofelia: No, Bryce, they didn't. You said all those things. Nobody put them in their mouth.

Bryce: We're not going to agree on this. This is a waste of time.

Ofelia: Yeah. Maybe it is. We'll have a talk on the outside about things, but no point doing them in here. In the meantime, I'm gonna carry on with my experience.

Bryce: Well, I hope you have fun with that.

Ofelia: I will.


All of the housemates are going to bed.

Emery: This fucking tent.

Aleks: It's the worst, isn't it? Emery: Starting to smell as well.

Aleks: At least we might be in a bed this time tomorrow night.

Emery: Oh, don't say that.

Aisha: Hope it's not our last night.

Corinne: I know, babe. We'll have to see. At least we've got each other, right? Aisha: Of course. I love you.

Corinne: Love you, too.

Maximillian: Been quite a reflective, sombre day today.

Zsa Zsa: Much needed after yesterday though.

Maximillian: True. And no doubt it'll be hectic tomorrow.

Zsa Zsa: Then we best get a good night's sleep. Night, honey.

Maximillian: Goodnight.

Sasha: Vaughn? Vaughn!? Vaughn: Hm!? What!? Sasha: You fell asleep! Vaughn: Did I!? Where's Wilbur and Naveen!?

Sasha: They left ages ago, babe. (Laughs).

Vaughn: Whoa.

Sasha: How many have you had? Vaughn: Fair few.

Sasha: C'mon, you. Dry off and get to bed.


All of the housemates are now asleep.

The fourteenth day in the Sim Brother Couples house has come to an end. Tune in soon for the second and third live eviction of the series.

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