Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 18 Highlights

It's the eighteenth day in the Sim Brother Couples house. Yesterday, the Last Temptations of Christmas officially began and as a result, Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are the top ranked couple for the next five days and £5,000 has been removed from the prize fund for the couple who will finish in fourth place.


Corinne is playing a game in the bath.

Corinne: Fuck sake! I used to be able to hold my breath for well over a minute! I've gotten really shit at this.

Kalyani is yet to get out of bed.

Naveen: Babes, they've already told you twice to get up. I wouldn't push them further.

Kalyani: It just pisses me off! Let me have another hour!

Naveen: It's not up to me. (Laughs).

Kalyani: Sim Brother I have a headache! Sim Brother: Kalyani, you must get up immediately or face serious consequences.


Naveen: She's woke up on the wrong side of bed today, SB.



Tammi-Louise and Wilbur, the top ranked couple, have been woken by Sim Brother.

Wilbur: You feeling OK?

Tammi-Louise: Suppose. I just wish we hadn't bothered bidding for this room now. Just doesn't seem worth it if it's gonna piss people off.

Wilbur: Kalyani and Corinne. That's it.

Tammi-Louise: Even so. It was probably not even worth doing.

Wilbur: It'll pass. I promise.

Tammi-Louise: I hope so. I'm gonna have a bath.

Wilbur: OK, babe.


Kalyani is in the diary room.

Kalyani: Hey.

Sim Brother: Hello, Kalyani. Sim Brother thinks it's nice to see you awake.

Kalyani: (Laughs). Cheeky fucker. Yeah, sorry about that. I just really didn't feel like getting up this morning. I think the last few days have been so hectic and taking their toll. I needed an extra few minutes.

Sim Brother: How do you feel now about the first temptations that were offered yesterday?

Kalyani: I've calmed down about it. I probably should have given Tammi the benefit of the doubt, but I still struggle to understand her decision. It's a lot of money, you know!? I dunno. Part of it just annoys me when people with money go out of their way to make themselves richer. It's society, basically. (Laughs).


Aisha and Dennis have arranged a snow ball fight in the garden.

Maximillian: We're the only ones doing it!? Dennis: I think so. The others are too chicken shit! Don't want to get wet and cold they said! Maximillian: Spoilsports.

Aisha: More snow for the rest of us, then! (Laughs).

Vaughn: I thought Lionel was going to join in though?

Sasha: Yeah. He said he was?

Dennis: No doubt he's getting himself ready.

Lionel: OK, bitches! Mummy's here! I'm ready!

Vaughn: What the fuck do you look like, Lionel!? (Laughs).

Sasha: Vaughn! I think you look great, Lionel! Dennis: He looks like the campest Nun to ever walk the face of the earth.

Lionel: I need to be prepared! I don't do well in the cold! I'm too fragile!

Aisha: (Laughs). Let's get started!

Three minutes later...

Aisha: Look alive!

Sasha: What the-!?

Sasha: OW!

Lionel: And I'm supposed to be the drama queen!?

Sasha: It caught me by surprise! (Laughs).

Vaughn: Brace yourself, babe!


Vaughn: It's the game, Sash!

Dennis: My turn!

Sasha: Huh!?

Sasha: OW!! Seriously!?

Sasha: OK. I'm dead.

Lionel: (Laughs). You know, Sasha, nobody likes a diva?

Dennis: Pot, kettle, black!

Vaughn: Here we go!

Vaughn: Dammit. I missed.

Dennis: Haha. Do you like my celebratory dance?

Aisha: You're such a wind up, Dennis. (Laughs).


Maximillian: Me! And what a shot it was! Vaughn: It's the one to beat! Sasha: What the fuck!? Seriously, guys!?

Vaughn: There's no chivalry on the battlefield, my love!

Sasha: Clearly not!

Vaughn: You going for me, Aisha?

Aisha: I was going to.

Vaughn: Sasha, instead?

Aisha: Oh, go on then!



Corinne and Kalyani are in the lounge.

Corinne: Spoke to Tammi or Wilbur since yesterday?

Kalyani: Nope. They've barely looked at me.

Corinne: It's so pathetic, isn't it? They act like their the ones who were wronged.

Kalyani: I probably could have handled it better, granted, but I still stand by my points.

Corinne: Absolutely. She's too used to getting her way all the time, that girl.

Tammi-Louise: Fucking hell.

Tammi-Louise: You know I could hear everything you were saying, right!? Corinne: It's not like I wouldn't say it to your face.

Tammi-Louise: And that makes it OK!?

Corinne: I don't see why you're getting so upset!?

Tammi-Louise: Because it's not nice overhearing something being said behind your back! Kalyani: To be fair, Tammi, nothing I said to Corinne just now is different to what I said to you yesterday?

Tammi-Louise: Yet you've clearly got something to say that you didn't yesterday, Corinne! Corinne: And so what!? I'm not entitled to an opinion!?

Tammi-Louise: Of course you are but rather than being two-faced why didn't you actually talk to me if you had a problem!? Corinne: Kalyani put across perfectly well what I thought. I agreed with her.

Tammi-Louise: But too scared to say it yourself?

Corinne: Listen here, you jumped up little tart! I'm not fucking scared of anyone! I'll say whatever I please to whoever I please! Tammi-Louise: Don't swear at me! Corinne: I will swear at you when you're saying I'm two-faced! Tammi-Louise: Well, you are as far as I'm concerned!

Corinne: Oh, yeah? Well, I think you're a spoilt, selfish cow, how about that!?

Zsa Zsa: Girls, I'm sorry to barge in, but this needs to calm down a bit. Why don't we talk this through?

Kalyani: I'm up for that.

Tammi-Louise: Me, too.

Corinne: Pfft!

Corinne: I've got nothing I want to say to her! Zsa Zsa: Oh, Corinne, c'mon.

Corinne: Nah, mate! She can actually fuck off! Tammi-Louise: Bye then.

Kalyani: I don't agree with the swearing and the names she just called you. That was uncalled for.

Tammi-Louise: To be honest, I don't give a shit what Corinne thinks of me. I was more concerned about sorting things out with you.

Kalyani: I'd like that.

Zsa Zsa: OK, so calmly, Tammi, why don't you explain your thought process about yesterday?

Tammi-Louise: Well, I honestly thought Wilbur and I wouldn't be the only ones making substantial bids...

Kalyani: But why did you think that, babe?

Tammi-Louise: I guess we got it wrong. But we both agreed in there we would pay the money back if we won, and I promise you we have every intention of doing so.

Kalyani: OK, but from my point of view, surely you can appreciate my concern that you and Wilbur don't have to do that? It's not a binding contract. This is a game and people can say whatever they want. It doesn't mean it's true.

Tammi-Louise: Of course, but I was a bit hurt you didn't believe me.

Kalyani: It's not that I didn't believe you, but to me it was more of a shock that you would take the five grand away anyway. Even if you intend on paying it back, it's so much money to throw around on something, which let's be honest, is quite trivial.

Tammi-Louise: I know it's trivial, but I am a bit of a madam and the idea of having a bedroom to myself is very appealing to me. I struggle being in the communal bedroom, as you know. But I get that it's a lot of money and it seemed selfish for us to take it, but I swear on my life, I will pay it back.

Kalyani: OK. Then I believe you. Totally. I'm sorry for how I handled it. I should have shared my concerns in a better way.

Zsa Zsa: YAY! Hug it out! Tammi-Louise: Promise in future, if you have any concerns or if I do anything to annoy you, just sit me down and talk to me.

Kalyani: I will. Promise.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, I do love peace and harmony!


Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are on the balcony watching several housemates ice skate.

Wilbur: They sure look like they're having fun.

Tammi-Louise: We can go join them, if you like? Wilbur: I'm OK. Kills my feet.

Aisha: I'm getting better at this! Vaughn: Me too! Practise sure makes perfect.

Dennis: Lionel, you must be sweating with that thing on.

Lionel: Maybe. But I'm not risking falling over on this and having the cold touch my skin! That would be crazy!

Vaughn: (Laughs). But you're not worried about looking crazy in that?

Lionel: I can pull off anything, me.

Sasha: Whoa! Dennis: Easy there!

Sasha: That was a close one.

Maximillian: If you wouldn't mind speeding up a tad, Aisha, that would be great. (Laughs).

Aisha: Going slower is better for me!

Maximillian: Well, it's not for me and I fear if I fall on this ice, we'll be swimming rather than skating, if you catch my meaning.

Aisha: (Laughs). I do.

Tammi-Louise: Do you think they're all OK with me? Wilbur: Why wouldn't they be? Tammi-Louise: Dunno. They haven't spoken to me much.

Wilbur: You've barely been out of our room, darling.

Tammi-Louise: I just worry...

Wilbur: Well, stop worrying! These people are our friends! And I honestly think if you had done anything to annoy any of the others, they would have said so.

Tammi-Louise: I don't know why I get like this.

Wilbur: Because making true friends can be tricky, and you've been burned a lot in the past. It's understandable.. particularly in this environment. But trust me, the others in here are true friends. I believe that fully.

Tammi-Louise: I hope so.

Lionel: That's it. Can't take the cold anymore. This bitch is done.


Sim Brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge.

Sim Brother: Housemates must all gather in the lounge IMMEDIATELY.

Dennis: Sorry about my husband, folks.

Sasha: (Laughs). Of course he'll turn up fashionably late.

Lionel: Sorry I'm late, I just couldn't be bothered to come.

Zsa Zsa: Check you out!

Vaughn: Very foxy!

Lionel: (Cackles). Oh, stop!

Aisha: More temptations coming up...

Maximillian: Indeed. I wonder what the big guy has in store for us this evening.

Wilbur: Nothing good, probably. (Laughs).

Lionel: Hurry up, Sim Brother! I've been waiting ages.

Sasha: (Laughs). Oh, Lionel.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, would Naveen please enter the temptation chamber.

Kalyani: Whaaat!? Naveen: Oh, wow.

Sasha: Good luck, babe.

Kalyani: They're doing it individually!? I thought it was as a couple.

Naveen: Clearly not. Here goes...

Vaughn: Do what feels right, mate. No judgement here.

Naveen: I'm actually nervous.

Lionel: I'll come hold you hand, if you want? Naveen: (Laughs). I'm not that nervous.

Naveen: Hi. Boy, this is intense.

Sim Brother: Hello, Naveen. Welcome to the chamber.

Naveen: Thanks.

Sim Brother: The housemates cannot hear this conversation, Naveen.

Naveen: OK.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother has a question for you.

Naveen: I'm sure you have. Let's hear it.

Zsa Zsa: He seems really nervous.

Kalyani: He is. I can tell.

Sasha: Bless him.

Wilbur: He'll be fine. He's a tough cookie.

Lionel: Do you guys like my top?

Sim Brother: Naveen, Sim Brother is aware that you are a big fan of basketball.

Naveen: That's right.

Sim Brother: So much so you have flown out to the states to watch games and attended multiple NBA games that have taken place in London.

Naveen: Oh, boy.

Sim Brother: Naveen, Sim Brother is offering you a chance to get your hands on incredibly precious memorabilia: a signed basketball containing the signatures of dozens of NBA legends including Shaquille O'Neal, Magic Johnson, and the great Michael Jordan

Naveen: FUCK ME.

Sim Brother: Naveen, Sim Brother is willing to offer you this incredibly rare gift for £2,500 of the winners £100,000 prize fund.

Naveen: Shit.

Sim Brother: Naveen, you have thirty seconds to contemplate your decision.

Two minutes later...

Naveen: Fuck me, they mean business.

Kalyani: What did they say?

Naveen: Can't talk about it just yet.

Kalyani: Aw, man.

Zsa Zsa: This is so intense.

Sim Brother: Would Wilbur please enter the temptation chamber.

Wilbur: Crikey. Here we go.

Tammi-Louise: Best of luck, babes.

Sasha: Good luck!

Vaughn: Again, do what feels right. No judgement.

Maximillian: You sound like a proper hippy, Vaughn.

Vaughn: (Laughs).

Wilbur: Here goes...

Dennis: Don't do anything we'd do!

Wilbur: (Laughs).

Wilbur: Good evening, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother: Hello, Wilbur. Welcome to the chamber.

Wilbur: Nice to be here.

Sim Brother: The housemates cannot hear this conversation, Wilbur.

Wilbur: Understood.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother has a question for you.

Wilbur: Uh-huh. Thought you might.

Sim Brother: Wilbur, Sim Brother understands you have a hobby of restoring old cars.

Wilbur: Yes.

Sim Brother: And there's been a particular rare part for a classic porshe that you've been unable to track down and afford for some years.

Wilbur: Oh, wow.

Sim Brother: Wilbur, Sim Brother has found this part and is willing to give it to you... at a cost.

Wilbur: OK.

Sim Brother: Wilbur, if you wish to take the part, you will take £10,000 from the £50,000 prize fund for the runners-up.

Wilbur: Oh my God.

Sim Brother: Wilbur, you have thirty seconds to contemplate your decision.

Two minutes later...

Wilbur: Jeez.

Sasha: Tough? Wilbur: Tough.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, would Tammi-Louise please enter the temptation chamber.

Tammi-Louise: Oh, me!? Seriously!? Dennis: Try not to be a greedy bitch, won't you? Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). No promises.

Sim Brother: Hello, Tammi-Louise. Welcome to the chamber.

Tammi-Louise: Oh my God. Hi.

Sim Brother: None of your fellow housemates can hear this conversation. Sim Brother has a question for you.

Tammi-Louise: Of course.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother understands you're a proud pet owner.

Tammi-Louise: Oh my God. Don't be a bastard.

Sim Brother: You must miss your dogs terribly.

Tammi-Louise: No, Sim Brother, please...

Sim Brother: Tammi-Louise, Sim Brother is willing to allow your beloved Chihuahuas, Trixie and Dixie, to come and stay in the house with you.

Tammi-Louise: FUCK.

Zsa Zsa: She seems shocked about something.

Aisha: This is so tense.

Vaughn: I really wanna know what they offered you all. (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Tammi-Louise, if you wish for your dogs to come and stay, it'll cost you.

Tammi-Louise: Of course.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother will remove £2,000 from the winners £100,000 prize fund.

Tammi-Louise: Oh, Jesus.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother will give you thirty seconds to contemplate your decision.

One minute later...

Tammi-Louise: Man, oh man.

Sasha: You OK?

Tammi-Louise: Shocked. They certainly know how to tempt us!

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, Naveen was offered the chance to get his hands on a priceless piece of NBA memorabilia: a basketball signed by various basketball legends.

Kalyani: Wow.

Maximillian: That's terrific.

Sim Brother: In order to get this prize, Naveen would have taken £2,500 from the winners prize fund. Naveen refused the temptation.

(Everyone claps)

Maximillian: Well done, pal.

Vaughn: Must have been tough.

Naveen: It was.

Sim Brother: Wilbur was offered a rare part for a car he has been restoring for several years.

Wilbur: And by rare, they mean rare. I've not been able to get it for such a long time.

Sim Brother: In order to get his hands on this part, Wilbur would have taken £10,000 from the runners-up prize fund.

Zsa Zsa: Whoa.

Sasha: That's a lot!

Wilbur: These things aren't cheap.

Sim Brother: Wilbur refused the temptation.

(Everyone applauds).

Sim Brother: Tammi-Louise was offered the chance for her dogs, Trixie and Dixie, to come and stay in the house.

Aisha: Aww! Sasha: That's amazing!

Sim Brother: Doing so would have taken £2,500 from the winners prize fund. Tammi-Louise accepted the temptation and the winners prize found now stands at £97,500.

Tammi-Louise: Sorry, guys! They're my babies! I had to!

Corinne: Fucking unreal! Yet again! Aisha: Corinne, babe, sit down.

Corinne: Nah.

Tammi-Louise: Again, guys, I PROMISE I will pay it back.

Wilbur: Absolutely we will.

Kalyani: I take your word for it, babes.

Tammi-Louise: Thank you.

Corinne: Fucking joke. All of it.

Sim Brother: Trixie and Dixie will enter the house tomorrow. The temptation chamber is shut for the day. The Last Temptations of Christmas will return tomorrow.

Maximillian: Oh, the drama of it all. (Laughs).

Wilbur: I think we're in pretty good shape, right now.

Sasha: Aw, Tammi! You must be so excited!

Tammi-Louise: I am! I've missed them so much!

Lionel: As Dennis and are I the lowest ranked couple, I'd be tempted to stick the little things on the barbeque.

Tammi-Louise: Even joke about that again, and I will take your life.

Lionel: (Laughs). Noted.

Corinne is venting to Sim Brother.

Corinne: Oh, here we go again! What a surprise! The only person selfish enough to take money away from the prize-fund is Tammi! Taking money away from the fourth placed finalists wasn't enough for her! Of course not! She's now taking away from the winners! What does she think she's going to do!? Come fourth AND win!? No way in hell is she going to pay this back!? Why do the others not say anything to her!? Kalyani's backed down like a little bitch, too!

Sim Brother: Have you tried speaking to Tammi-Louise about how you feel? Corinne: There's no point! It'll be a complete waste of time! She only gives a shit about herself! Let me out! I need to walk around.

Aisha: Honey...

Corinne: Aisha, I'm sorry, but I have a right to be upset! Aisha: I know, babe. Come here.

Aisha: I love you. Just try and calm down, OK?

Corinne: I will. Love you, too.


The housemates are heading to bed.

Tammi-Louise: I've probably not done myself any favours.

Wilbur: Perhaps not, but out of the three temptations they did today, yours was the most personal.

Tammi-Louise: I couldn't help it, babe. I love the dogs so much.

Wilbur: I know, honey. I know. It'll be fine.

Tammi-Louise: I hope so! I can't wait to see them!

Naveen: You took it well earlier.

Kalyani: I thought it was fucking ridiculous of her to do that after everything that happened yesterday, to be honest, but I said I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, so I will.

Naveen: Yeah. We'll have to see what happens, won't we? Kalyani: We will indeed.

The eighteenth day in the Sim Brother Couples has come to an end. Tune in soon for the highlights of day nineteen where Tammi-Louise's dogs come to stay and The Last Temptations of Christmas continue.

This week, housemates will not be nominating the two couples they want to face eviction, YOU will. The poll is now open for you to nominate the two couples you want to face eviction this week. The two couples with the most votes will face eviction and who goes will be up to their fellow housemates as part of the Last Temptation of Christmas week. Who faces eviction? You decide! VOTE HERE!

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