Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 2 Highlights

It's the second day in the Sim Brother Couples 2 house. Yesterday, seven couples entered the house and were allocated into different ranks which will decide how they live in the house.


Most of the housemates are asleep in the communal bedroom.

Aleks and Emery are the top ranked couple and are asleep in their private quarters.

Sasha and Vaughn are the lowest ranked couple and are asleep in their bunker in the garden. They are about to be woken by Sim Brother as they have the earliest wake-up time, while Aleks and Emery will have the latest.

Sim Brother has switched on the lights.

Sasha: Oh, fuck.

Vaughn: You OK?

Sasha: Yeah, fine. Just don't wanna get up yet, is all.

Vaughn: Did you sleep well?

Sasha: Better than I thought I would, to be fair. You?

Vaughn: You know me, babe. I can fall asleep anywhere.

Vaughn: Fucking freezing, though.

Sasha: Me too. I'm hungry as well.

Vaughn: I say we put on some clothes, go and eat, and then shower so we can get inside.

Sasha: Agreed.


Sasha and Vaughn are eating breakfast in their quarters.

Sasha: This is actually ridiculous. (Laughs).

Vaughn: We're like a couple who can't come to terms with the fact that summer has come and gone.

Sasha: Summer!? Fucking Autumn!

Vaughn: (Laughs). Well, at least we can say we've ate breakfast outside in December. Who else can say that?

Sasha: Australians?

Vaughn: Well, yeah.

Sasha: What I wouldn't give to be somewhere sunny right now.

Vaughn: Maybe not Australia, though. You lose your shit if you see a Daddy Long Legs. You wouldn't last five minutes with the spiders over there.

Sasha: In my defence, I read they have among the most poisonous venom in the world. Yeah, they can't put it into us because their fangs aren't sharp enough, but I'm not taking the chance! Those fuckers could evolve!

Vaughn: Sasha, that's bullshit. I'm not buying it.

Sasha: It's true! Google it!

Vaughn: Oh, yeah, I'll do that right now, shall I!? (Laughs). It's a myth, babe.


Sim Brother has just woken up the housemates in the main bedroom.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, as there is yet no food in the house, breakfast has been provided in the kitchen for the second, third, fourth, and fifth ranked couples. The sixth ranked couple have cereal available in the store room. Corinne: What!?

Kim: Oh, they’re so mean!

Roy: Did you sleep well, my darling?

Kim: On and off. Kept thinking about the kids.

Roy: They’ll be having the time of their life with their cousins, honey. And you know what my folks are like. They’ll get away with murder. They’ll be loving it.

Kim: I’ll get used to it. This bed is really comfortable though. Are you going to put some clothes on for breakfast?

Roy: Do you think I should?

Kim: Uh, you should. Don’t want to get cold, do you?

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). I’d say he already was.

Zsa Zsa: Alert the Vatican! We have a miracle!

Maximillian: Have you woke up in a good mood?

Zsa Zsa: No, you barely snored!

Maximillian: Oh, I only do that back at home to annoy you.

Zsa Zsa: Wouldn’t surprise me. Maximillian: You spoke in your sleep last night.

Zsa Zsa: Did I?

Maximillian: You said you wanted me. That you longed for me.

Zsa Zsa: Sounds like I was having a nightmare.

Corinne: I’m furious, Aisha! Aisha: It is what it is, isn’t it? We like cereal.

Corinne: But why leave us out!? It’s like we’re being picked on.

Aisha: Well, imagine how Sasha and Vaughn feel?

Corinne: I‘m angry for them, too! I don’t like this at all. They’re putting us against each other!

Aisha: Then don’t let them bother us. Rise above it.

Sasha and Vaughn are in their quarters. Sasha is showering. They have four minutes of hot water left.

Sasha: I’m done, babe. You ready to get in?

Vaughn: Yeah. You sure you’re done?

Sasha: Yep. Pass me my dressing gown.

Vaughn: Oh, shit. It’s in the bunker.

Sasha: Well, go and grab it quick! We don’t have long left and you can’t shower in cold water!

Vaughn: Yes, ma’am.


Maximillian, Tammi-Louise, Wilbur, and Zsa Zsa are in the kitchen.

Maximillian: Oh, a cooked British breakfast! How you spoil us, Sim Brother!

Tammi-Louise: This is great! Those eggs are cooked just how I like them!

Zsa Zsa: I prefer them scrambled, but these look great!

Wilbur: Did you see Corinne? She didn’t look happy, did she?

Tammi-Louise: She doesn’t seem happy about anything. Maximillian: True.

Aisha and Corinne are in the bathroom.

Aisha: You still mad?

Corinne: I’m not mad, Aish, I’m livid!

Aisha: Focus in the positives! We’re in the Sim Brother house! This is a dream come true!

Corinne: They’re not letting us enjoy it though, are they? Why start with this horrible shit straight away just to annoy us and start drama!?

Aisha: From what I read about the original couple series, they had a similar format.

Corinne: Even so! It’s just not on. It’s deliberately horrible for no reason whatsoever. We didn’t sign up for this.

Kalyani and Naveen have noticed the portraits Sim Brother had added to the wall of the dining area overnight.

Kalyani: Not exactly subtle, are they? Putting the boys in the biggest frame and poor Sasha and Vaughn in a tiny one. Naveen: They definitely have a good sense of humour, don’t they? It’s pretty funny. Kalyani: Oh, for sure. I’m glad ours isn’t too big though. I look like shit.

Three minutes later...

The second to fifth ranked couples are eating breakfast.

Naveen: Everyone sleep OK?

Wilbur: Like a log.

Kim: I was on and off. The beds are very comfortable though. Roy: Yeah. They are. I was out the minute my head hit the pillow.

Maximillian: Me, too. Although I could sleep on a park bench.

Zsa Zsa: And back in your drinking days, you did.

Maximillian: Good times.

Tammi-Louise: It sounded like a zoo during the night. Lots of coughing and grunts And weird noises. I’m not used to it.

Wilbur: She hates any noise at all. Luckily I barely make a peep.

Tammi-Louise: I need complete darkness too. I struggled with the Christmas tree. Maximillian: If I put a pea under your mattress, would you notice, Princess?

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). Probably.

Kalyani: Morning, guys! Kim: You both look fresh and ready to face the day! Did you sleep OK?

Sasha: Yeah, we both did actually.

Kim: Great!

Wilbur: They did us a cooked breakfast. Naveen: Arseholes. (Laughs). We had soggy oatmeal.

Kalyani: Sasha, check out the photos over here.

Sasha: They’ve put us in a tiny frame!?

Kalyani: And Aleks and Emery in a big one!

Sasha: (Laughs). That’s actually hilarious!

Kim: It’s good you’re taking it in good humour, honey.

Naveen: You need to. It’s all fun and games at the end of the day.


Sim Brother has woken Aleks and Emery with news that they have a cooked breakfast waiting for them in a hatch connected to their room.

Aleks: I could get used to this!

Emery: Well, we’ve only got this for four more days. (Laughs).

Aleks: Is it eleven!?

Emery: Yeah! They’ve let us have a good lie-in. Aleks: Wow. I never sleep in this late.

Emery: It was a long day yesterday. We clearly needed the sleep. Let’s get our breakfast. I’m starving.

Aleks: I’ll be right behind you. Gonna take a piss.

Sasha: Morning, King Emery.

Emery: Good morning, peasant.

Sasha: (Laughs). Sleep well?

Emery: Yeah. Certainly can’t complain. How about you, babe? Was the bunker OK?

Sasha: It was freezing at first but soon warmed up.

Emery: Not sitting with me?

Aleks: Is it a requirement?

Emery: He’s so cold.

Kalyani: (Laughs). He wants to get to know me better.

Aleks: Of course.

Kalyani: Have you seen the size of the frame? Yours is massive.

Emery: That’s hilarious. Aleks: I suppose the frame would have to be that big to fit his head in it.

Emery: Hilarious.

Aleks: I think so.

Emery: At least I don't look like a creep in that picture.

Aleks: So, you're saying I do?

Emery: Yes.

Kalyani: Man, for a couple you guys are harsh with each other.

Emery: (Laughs). We love each other really.

Aleks: Do we, though?

Emery: I will throw this plate at you.

Corinne has come to the diary room to talk to Sim Brother.

Corinne: This is so unfair, Sim Brother!

Sim Brother: Hello, Corinne. What seems to be the problem?

Corinne: This whole thing about cooking everyone else breakfast and not Aisha and I! You left us out completely yet included everyone else in the bedroom!

Sim Brother: Not all treats provided to the house will be available for the lowest ranked couples.

Corinne: But it was just Aisha and I who were excluded!

Sim Brother: The seventh ranked couple were not provided breakfast either.

Corinne: You know what you're doing! You left Aisha and I out just to try and get a reaction out of me! As soon as we became the sixth ranked couple I bet you were like 'oh, that's something we can use to our advantage!'

Sim Brother: Corinne, the ranked system in the house might not always be fair, but it is the format for this series.

Corinne: Well, I think it's total bullshit. I think it's cruel and I think you're mistreating us for entertainment. We're not circus animals, you sick fucks. And Sasha and Vaughn shouldn't be treated like this, either! Now open the door. I've got crappy cereal to eat.


All of the couples are ordering their shopping via an app on a tablet. The tablet is unable to connect to the internet, meaning housemates cannot get any information from the outside world.

Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are in the lounge. They have £120 to spend for their shopping.

Maximillian: You sure you can't get any 5G on there?

Zsa Zsa: Pretty sure.

Maximillian: I miss watching Rudy Giuliani videos. He's my favourite train-wreck.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, don't even go there. Right, now, we need to try and get this done.

Maximillian: We've got all the stuff for our meals and the essentials. How much does it say we've got left?

Zsa Zsa: Thirty-five pounds.

Maximillian: Not bad. We can use most of that to help out some of the others.

Zsa Zsa: Ooh.

Zsa Zsa: They have a special cake.

Maximillian: What kind of cake?

Zsa Zsa: It says rocky road.

Maximillian: We should really help out the others...

Zsa Zsa: Well, we can get a few and share them out.

Maximillian: Even so, we really --

Zsa Zsa: Max, there's a triple layer of marshmallows.

Maximillian: Get four.

Aleks and Emery are on their balcony. As the top ranked couple, they have £150 to spend on shopping.

Emery: I've said we'll get five days worth of milk, bread, and butter for Aisha and Corinne and Sasha and Vaughn.

Aleks: Yeah. That's a nice thing to do. Can I not have a go on that?

Emery: No. You're shit with technology.

Aleks: You just want the ability to order more booze than I'll agree to!

Emery: Me!? Drink!? I don't like what you're insinuating.

Aleks: I'm not insinuating anything. I'm saying it outright: you're a drunken disgrace.

Emery: (Laughs). Fuck off.

Kim and Roy are in the snug. As the fourth ranked couple, they have £80 to spend.

Roy: You gonna get any beer, honey?

Kim: I got wine.

Roy: That's not what I asked? (Laughs).

Kim: (Laughs). I'll get some.

Roy: Did any of the others offer to get us anything?

Kim: Yes, but I told them we'll make do.

Roy: Yeah. We do have plenty. I'd be happy just living on pasta and rice for a few days.

Kim: Exactly what I was thinking. I might get us a nice steak for one night, though.

Roy: Woman after my own heart.

Sasha and Vaughn are at the dining area. As the lowest ranked couple, they only have £20 to spend.

Sasha: All our essentials are sorted for us.

Vaughn: Really?

Sasha: Yeah. Emery said he'll get us milk, bread, and butter and Zsa Zsa and Maximillian said they'll get us snacks and a bit of drink. So, maybe we should just get some things for dinner?

Vaughn: Get some mince and that'll do us for a few meals. Shepherd's pie, maybe a lasagna?

Sasha: Yeah. There's some cheap cheese on here, too. Probably won't taste that nice but beggars can't be choosers.

Vaughn: Mhm. Get some potatoes, too. Cheaper than buying oven chips and they're always nicer when you make them yourself.

Sasha: Definitely.

Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are in the kitchen. As the fifth ranked couple, they have £60 to spend.

Wilbur: We can't just live on ready meals and spend the rest of the money on alcohol and chocolate.

Tammi-Louise: Why can't we? I survived on Pot Noodle's and Dr. Pepper for years at university.

Wilbur: Tammi, I'm nearly sixty.

Tammi-Louise: It's only five days. (Laughs).

Wilbur: No. I've got us some lamb.

Tammi-Louise: Lamb!? Get us chicken! It's cheaper!

Wilbur: We're not animals, darling.

Tammi-Louise: Do you want me to use that?

Wilbur: No. Why?

Tammi-Louise: Because you can barely use your phone?

Wilbur: I'm quite technology savvy, I'll have you know.

Tammi-Louise: Babe, you still had a VCR when I first moved in. Your office has a fax machine.

Wilbur: I'm more than capable, Tammi. Thank you.

Tammi-Louise: Well, we only have a limited amount of time.

Wilbur: And I've got it under control.

Wilbur: I... oh... where did that go?

Tammi-Louise: What? What have you done?

Wilbur: Nothing. I just... I seem to have lost it all.

Tammi-Louise: I can't wait to put you into a home.

Aisha and Corinne and Kalyani and Naveen are making their lists. As the sixth ranked couple, Aisha and Corinne have £40 to spend while Kalyani and Naveen, as the third ranked couple, have £100 to spend.

Kalyani: Right. That's done. Oh, shit. We need some cooking oil.

Naveen: Do we need it?

Kalyani: You wanna cook your bacon in water, dickhead? (Laughs).

Naveen: Have you got any booze yet?

Kalyani: It was the first thing I did.

Naveen: Attagirl.

Aisha: Will you stop pacing?

Corinne: I'm just nervous that we're gonna run out of time.

Aisha: We'll be fine. OK. I got us meals for most of the nights. Maybe if we can ask someone to buy us some spaghetti and sauce, we can have that for the other night.

Corinne: I'll ask Kalyani.

Corinne: Kalyani?

Kalyani: Yes, babe?

Corinne: Aisha and I were just wondering if you'd mind getting us a few things?

Kalyani: Of course. We already said we would, but let us finish ours and then I'll come over and take down what you need.

Corinne: OK, but just so I have peace of mind and know that we've definitely got things for dinner, would you mind adding some spaghetti and sauce?

Kalyani: Yes. I'll do it in a bit.

Corinne: I don't want us to run out of time, though?

Kalyani: We've got over half hour yet.

Corinne: Even so...

Kalyani: If anything, Corinne, this is what's wasting time.

Corinne: You're making me feel bad for coming over and asking?

Kalyani: What? Really!?

Aisha: Babe, just come here and leave them to it! I found something cheaper so we can get our own spaghetti.

Kalyani: Problem solved.

Corinne: So you're not gonna help, then?

Naveen: We said we would?

Corinne: OK. Well, I'll remember this when the roles are reversed.

Naveen: Seriously!?

Kalyani: Oh, you know what? I'm not even going to go there

Corinne: I'll leave you to it, then.

Kalyani: Yeah. Please do.

Kalyani: Wow.

Kalyani: She is unreal.

Naveen: Stay calm.

Kalyani: Oh, I am. I could've kicked off, but I'm not doing it. It's the first full day, for crying out loud.

Naveen: I know.

Zsa Zsa: Guys, would you like some rocky road cake?

Vaughn: Oh, no, Zsa Zsa, you don't have to get us treats!

Sasha: Yeah. We're not going to take anything more than what we need from people.

Zsa Zsa: Between you and me, we're gonna order at least five anyway, so to prevent us from getting diabetes, you should just take one.

Vaughn: Well, when you put it like that. (Laughs).

Sasha: You OK, honey?

Kalyani: I'm livid.

Vaughn: Shit. Why?

Kalyani: Corinne chatting shit.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, no. Did you argue?

Kalyani: Nah. Didn't give her the satisfaction, but she basically implied we weren't willing to get her anything and that she would 'remember that' if roles were reserved.

Zsa Zsa: She said a near identical thing to Maximillian and I last night.

Kalyani: She's on thin ice with me, Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa So it would seem, dear.

Kalyani: Thin. Fucking. Ice.


Vaughn is in his outdoor quarters.

Vaughn: You're seriously watching me piss again?

Naveen is in the diary room.

Naveen: Hey, big guy.

Sim Brother: Hello, Naveen. How are you?

Naveen: Cool, calm, and collected as always, but slightly worried, if I'm a bit honest.

Sim Brother: What are you worried about?

Naveen: I'm starting to see little signs of potential conflict already and we've not even been in here twenty-four hours. That's not the sort of house I wanted to be in. At all. Especially this time of year! (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Who are you sensing conflict with?

Naveen: Corinne is going to rub people up the wrong way, I think. She's already said things to several people that have been ignored, but I'm not sure how long people, my other half included, will stay quiet. Kalyani hates arguing, but she'll do it. And when she blows, she blows.


Kalyani and Maximillian are in the garden.

Kalyani: I would love to have a skate right now.

Maximillian: Me and you both.

Kalyani: Especially when it's snowing like it is now. It would feel so Christmassy. I asked earlier when we can have a go and they said they'll get back to me in 'due course.'

Maximillian: They have speakers around it, too, if you look closely. So they can clearly play music.

Kalyani: Oh, wow! I hope we get an ice skating party!

Maximillian: You OK?

Kalyani: Of course. Why?

Maximillian: Zsa Zsa said that you got a bit heated over Corinne earlier.

Kalyani: Oh, yeah. I did. She was just being a complete nutcase. But I'm staying cool. I'm not having a row with someone I've barely known a day, if you know what I mean?

Maximillian: I do. And I think you're very wise.

Kalyani: And I think you're a very nice man.

Maximillian: And I think you have great hair.

Kalyani: And I think your moustache is outstanding.

Maximillian: Kalyani, please, I'm a happily married man.

Kalyani: (Laughs).

Aisha: Sorry to disturb, guys.

Maximillian: Quite all right. No need to apologise.

Aisha: Can I have a word, Kalyani?

Kalyani: Of course, honey.

Maximillian: I'll make myself scarce.

Kalyani: Everything OK?

Aisha: I just wanted to apologise for earlier.

Kalyani: Oh, no, Aisha, you have absolutely nothing to apologise for. At all. Corinne doesn't either. It's water under the bridge.

Aisha: I appreciate that, but Corinne was wrong to say what she did and I've told her as such. And I'm grateful you kept your cool and rose above it.

Kalyani: Is she OK? I don't want any hard feelings.

Aisha: No, no, she's fine. She's realised she went too far. But she doesn't like to admit it. She's as stubborn as she is cocky. And she's a motor mouth. She doesn't think.

Kalyani: Well, I'm happy to just forget all about it and move on. We all wanna have fun and get on in here.

Aisha: Absolutely. She's sulking now. (Laughs).

Kalyani: She'll come around.

Aisha: Thank you so much. Honestly. You're a lovely person.

Kalyani: As are you. And Corinne obviously is as well. I'm not holding any grudges or making any assertions.

Aisha: She's great when she calms down and gets to know people. But when it comes to people we don't know, she can get a bit intimidated.

Kalyani: That's understandable. Especially in this environment. It's all good, Aisha.


Emery, Kim, Roy, and Wilbur are in the lounge.

Roy: I know I'm going to sound like a dumb American, but whereabouts is Wale exactly?

Wilbur: It's on the west of England, basically. It's hard to describe it exactly without a map.

Emery: It's a lovely country though.

Wilbur: Oh, definitely. I'm very proud to be Welsh.

Emery: No offence, but your language is fucking absurd to anyone who doesn't understand it though.

Wilbur: (Laughs). Oh, it is. No question.

Kim: I's where Gavin and Stacey is set, right? We watched that online.

Emery: Yeah. It's where Stacey's character is from.

Roy: And we love the accent, too. And Tom Jones. (Laughs).

Wilbur: So, what is there in Missouri, exactly?

Emery: Three Billboards? (Laughs).

Kim: That's a great film. Don't even think it was filmed in Missouri, though. Well, most people have heard of St. Louis. And the Gateway Arch.

Wilbur: Oh, yes. The gateway to the west.

Roy: Yessir.

Emery: Don't think I've heard of it?

Wilbur: It's in National Lampoon's Vacation, I think? You know, the Chevy Chase film?

Emery: What's Chevy Chase?

Roy: Oh, good God.

Zsa Zsa has joined Corinne in the snug.

Zsa Zsa: Heard you were here.

Corinne: Hi.

Zsa Zsa: You OK?

Corinne: I suppose.

Zsa Zsa: Then why are you moody?

Corinne: I'm moody?

Zsa Zsa: Darling, you look like someone's kicked you in the crotch.

Corinne: I'm just annoyed with myself. And Aisha a bit.

Zsa Zsa: I just spoke to her. I'm not sure you've got any reason to be upset with her?

Corinne: What makes you say that?

Zsa Zsa: Well, what did she do?

Corinne: I... oh, I don't know. I like it when she has my back.

Zsa Zsa: I'm going to level with you, honey. It's the first day, and you're sitting to one side like an angsty teenager. Aisha doesn't have a problem. Kalyani doesn't. You're sitting here on your own for no reason. C'mon. Shake it off and come and join us.

Corinne: Really?

Zsa Zsa: Really.

Corinne: But --

Zsa Zsa: There's not really much else to say about it, is there? There was no argument. There's no hostility. But if you sit here, there will be. Just put your chin up and come have fun.

Zsa Zsa: C'mon.

Corinne: Yes, mother. (Laughs).


Aleks is in the diary room.

Aleks: Hey.

Sim Brother: Hello, Aleks. How have you found your first full day in the house?

Aleks: It's been ever so slightly underwhelming, I'm sorry to say. I didn't quite know what to expect, but I'm not sure it was this. I'm not sure I've quite made a connection to anybody yet. Emery has no problem with that though. He makes friends in a snap of a finger. I've always found it tougher.

Sim Brother: Are you enjoying your status as being in the top ranked couple?

Aleks: Of course. Our quarters are lovely. And I like that we've got the films on the TV. If I'm honest, part of me wanted to just stay in there all day and binge-watch some boxsets. (Laughs).


Kim and Roy are asleep.

Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are heading to bed.

Zsa Zsa: If you didn't snore last night, you don't need to tonight.

Maximillian: You talk to me like it's under my control?

Zsa Zsa: Well, just try your best.

Maximillian: Again, I don't really get much say.

Zsa Zsa: Nor do I if I smother you, then.

Maximillian: You sound like you're joking, but you did that once before.

Zsa Zsa: It was five AM on the morning of my Grandmother's sixth wedding, the stress overcame me, darling. Anyone would've done it.

Maximillian: Attempted murder of their spouse!?

Zsa Zsa: If I wanted to kill you, Max, you'd be dead.


Aleks, Emery, Kalyani, Sasha, and Tammi-Louise are in the snug.

Kalyani: Anyone ever had a threesome?

Tammi-Louise: No. I'd be open to it, but Wilbur's a prude.

Sasha: Well, he is nearly sixty.

Tammi-Louise: My parents have done it?

Aleks: What!?

Tammi-Louise: They were swingers, once. Swear to God.

Sasha: Shit. (Laughs). I've never had a threesome. Doesn't appeal to me.

Kalyani: Never did to me either, but I'm opening up to the idea. Any offers?

Emery: I would, but Aleks said we can't have threesomes anymore.

Aleks: Oh, Jesus.

Tammi-Louise: Oh, God. Yes. Let's discuss all of this at length.

Kalyani: Agreed. (Laughs).

Emery: We had them all the time.

Kalyani: Oh, that is hot. No women, though?

Emery: Obviously not.

Sasha: Poor Aleks looks mortified. (Laughs).

Aleks: Aleks is mortified. And Aleks is going to bed.

Emery: Are you annoyed!?

Aleks: Nah. Just going to bed. Night, everyone.

Kalyani: What a bore!

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). It's all right, Aleks. We'll all have a foursome in your absense.

Kalyani: You joke, but I've gone wine in the fridge downstairs and a few glasses in, I'd probably be game.

(Everyone laughs).

Sasha: You are a dark horse, young lady.

Kalyani: I'd probably have to include Naveen, but even so, this could become interesting real quick.

Sasha: Haha.

Emery: Are you annoyed?

Aleks: No.

Emery: Well, it looks like you are? All the girls now think so?

Aleks: I don't care what they think, to be perfectly honest.

Emery: Why are you being like that!?

Aleks: Like what!? I'm just tired and want to get some sleep.

Emery: OK.

Emery: I'll see you in the morning, then.

Aleks: Yeah. And if you wanna act a bit classy for the rest of the night, that'd be great.

Emery: Oh, Jesus.


Most of the housemates are asleep.

Emery is confiding to Sasha in the bunker.

Emery: I'm sorry. You probably want to sleep.

Sasha: Babe, it's fine. We can talk.

Emery: And I'm not disturbing Vaughn?

Vaughn: I don't mind a bit, mate. I just can't promise not to overhear.

Emery: (Laughs). That's fine.

Sasha: So, how did things get left?

Emery: He said he wasn't annoyed, but he clearly was. His tone said otherwise.

Sasha: And he got up and left straight away.

Emery: Exactly. I just don't understand why he's gone like this. He knew we were coming on a reality show. We're not gonna sit around and act like a bunch of OAP's and never talk about sex or anything.

Sasha: I know. Did he say anything else?

Emery: He said if I wanted to get more class that'd be great.

Sasha: Ouch. Well, is he quite a private person?

Emery: Not particularly. He's not shy about any of this normally. But then again, we're on TV, so?

Sasha: He might be thinking of his family, or something?

Emery: I suppose. I'll have a word with him in the morning, I guess. I just need to get some sleep.

Sasha: Well, if you ever need an ear... or somewhere to hide in case of nuclear fallout... you know where we are.

Emery: (Laughs). I do. Thanks, babe. Goodnight.

Vaughn: Bless him.

Sasha: I know. I was there and I think Aleks definitely overreacted.

Vaughn: I'm not sure what to make of him, to be honest.

Sasha: Aleks?

Vaughn: Yeah. One to keep an eye on, I think.

The second full day in the Sim Brother Couples has come to an end. Tune in tomorrow for the highlights of day three where Emery tries to clear things up with Aleks.