Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 6 Highlights

It's the sixth day in the Sim Brother Couples house. Yesterday, the housemates nominated for the first time. Aisha and Corinne, Kim and Roy, and Tammi-Louise and Wilbur received the most votes and one couple will be evicted in two days time.

Today, the housemates will take part in a challenge to determine how the couples will be ranked for the next five days.


All of the housemates are asleep.

Corinne has got up. Yesterday, she and Aisha fell out after Aisha became frustrated with Corinne's reaction to them being nominated for eviction.

Corinne: (Sighs).

Corinne comes to speak to Sim Brother.

Corinne: Hi.

Sim Brother: Good morning, Corinne. How are you?

Corinne: I'm shit, Sim Brother. I really am.

Sim Brother: What seems to be the problem?

Corinne: You know what the problem is. You watch us twenty-four seven. You know why I'm upset.

Sim Brother: Is it about Aisha?

Corinne: I'd like to leave the house please. Now.

Sim Brother: Why do you feel this way, Corinne?

Corinne: I'm not gonna say it again! I want out! I've had enough of this place. It's been nothing but a disappointment since the start.

Sim Brother: Should Sim Brother call Aisha to the diary room for you to talk things through, Corinne?

Corinne: Fine. But my mind is made up!

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, would Aisha please come to the diary room.

Aisha: The hell?

Roy: Hm? What time is it?

Aisha: Just after eight.

Zsa Zsa: They never call us before anyone's up.

Aisha: Yeah. Sorry, guys.

Wilbur: It's hardly your fault.

Aisha: Corinne? What's going on?

Corinne: I want to leave.

Aisha: For crying out loud, you are so dramatic!

Corinne: I can't cope when you're annoyed with me! If this place is going to affect our relationship, I'd rather we just left!

Aisha: And it's down to you decide that for the both of us!? For goodness sake, Corinne, I said we can talk today!

Corinne: I can't stand you being cross with me.

Aisha: I'm not now I've had a sleep but it's stuff like this I'm talking about! You need to learn to cope with things better and not being so over-the-top all the time.

Corinne: I'm sorry.

Aisha: You're so silly. You really are.

Corinne: I love you.

Aisha: I love you, too. Now come back to bed, OK?

Corinne: OK.


Sim Brother has woken up the lowest ranked couple, Sasha and Vaughn.

Sasha: Well, that's it! Hopefully this time tomorrow we'll still be asleep and we'll get a lie-in!

Vaughn: With any luck. This bed is just horrendous. Not comfortable at all.

Sasha: I know. I struggled last night. This has got to be the end though, yes? We're gonna smash the challenge later! Vaughn: Hell yeah we are!

Sasha: I'm so relieved we might not have to sleep in here again.

Vaughn: Let's not count all our chickens! One challenge at a time.

Sasha: I'm feeling good though! Optimistic! Up for a fight!

Vaughn: That's my girl.


Sasha is showering.

Sasha: Shit. It's getting cold.


Sim Brother has woken up most of the other housemates.

Wilbur: Morning, guys!

Naveen: Good morning.

Kalyani: Everyone sleep OK?

Wilbur: Can't complain.

Tammi-Louise: I can. It gets so stuffy in here during the night.

Kalyani: Take your dressing gown off?

Tammi-Louise: I did while I was asleep. I was sweating.

Naveen: I think they leave the heating on too long.

Tammi-Lousie: Yeah. We should ask them to turn it off earlier.

Kalyani: Better than being cold, though.

Tammi-Louise: Yes, but in this day and age, I think being warm should be quite bloody easy for them to get right.

Kalyani: You're such a diva.

Wilbur: Try living with her! Kaylani: We are! (Laughs).


Sim Brother has woken up the highest ranked couple, Aleks and Emery.

Emery: I'm devastated.

Aleks: Did I cheat on you in your dreams again?

Emery: If I did, I would've smacked you one.

Aleks: Yeah. You did last time.

Emery: Well, you cheated on me, so...

Aleks: Except I didn't, you crazy bastard.

Emery: (Laughs). No, I'm sad because that sleep was probably our last in this room!

Aleks: I know. We've had it so good, it's gonna be hard to share a normal bedroom with everyone else now.

Emery: It's been amazing, though.

Aleks: It has. I'm gonna miss being able to spend so much alone time with you.

Emery: I know, babe. I will as well.


Aleks is watching a film in his private quarters.

Aleks: The fuck is this shit!?

The lowest ranked couple has to do the laundry for the highest ranked couple. Vaughn is doing Aleks and Emery's laundry.

Vaughn: And here I was thinking we had gotten away with doing it.

Emery: (Laughs). Sorry, man. We're running low on pants and socks.

Vaughn: I hear you, brother.

Vaughn: OK. Think we press this here. There we go.

Emery: Thanks, Vaughn. I appreciate it.

Vaughn: No worries. Let me know when it's done and I'll stick it in the dryer. It's nice to finally be able to come into the kitchen!

Emery: It's so weird you're not even allowed in here, the bathroom, or the bedroom. It's crazy. We've been in here six days and you've not experienced the entire house yet.

Vaughn: I know. But it's given us something to look forward to.

Emery: I wonder if they'll do this format the entire series.

Vaughn: Probably, man.


The housemates have been told to gather outside the task room for today's challenge.

Wilbur: Here we go!

Kim: This is exciting. They've finally given us something to do!

Zsa Zsa: Remember, guys! It's the taking part that counts! Kalyani: To hell with that! You're all going down!

Aleks: (Laughs). My thought's exactly!

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, housemates please pay close attention.

Sim Brother: Housemates, you are about to take part in a quiz.

Emery: Shit.

Sim Brother: When the door opens, housemates must pick a colour. One housemate must sit on a stool and their other half must sit on the armchair behind them. The housemates on the armchairs will be provided with tablets in which they will answer general knowledge questions. If they get a question right, the stool carrying their partner will move forward.

Maximillian: I'm sorry. Is this Hogwarts!?

Vaughn: They must have wheels or something. (Laughs).

Sim Brother: The first couple to reach the end of their line will become the top ranked couple. The second couple to get there will be the second ranked couple, and so on. If you get any question wrong, the stool will move back. If the stool is moved back to the starting point, this couple loses a life, and the couple must switch over.

Housemates have taken their positions.

Sasha: I'm actually nervous. (Laughs).

Maximillian: Imagine if these malfunction and just go crazy like a bunch of go-karts!?

Naveen: Sounds like fun.

Corinne: Yeah. I'd be game for that. (Laughs).

Sim Brother: The quiz is about to begin. Housemates are not allowed to confer.

Sim Brother: Are you ready, housemates?

Aleks: Heck yeah!

Roy: Let's do this!

Tammi-Louise: We're gonna win!

Sim Brother: For the first question only, you will not be moved back, or eliminated if you're still at the starting point. If you answer both of the first two questions incorrectly, you will lose a life.

Emery: No pressure, then!

Zsa Zsa: We can do this, guys! Let's put our heads down and concentrate.

Aisha: Yeah! And best of luck, everyone!

Sim Brother: Question one. What is the chemical symbol for gold? A) G B) Au C) Gd

Kalyani: Fuck.

Sim Brother: The answer was Au. Well done to the orange, blue, green, red, and black teams. You have answered correctly and moved forward.

Emery: Yes! Aleks; How did you get that!?

Emery: (Laughs). Honestly? I pressed the wrong button.

Sim Brother: Purple and white team, you answered incorrectly and have remained at the starting point. If you get the next question wrong, you will lose a life.

Kalyani: Sorry, babe.

Aisha: I'm sorry, too, Corinne.

Corinne: Don't be silly! Just... try and get the next one right, OK? (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Next question. Who played Dorothy Gale in the 1939 film 'The Wizard of Oz?' A) Judy Garland B) Elizabeth Taylor C) Natalie Wood

Sim Brother: The answer was Judy Garland. Well done to the orange, green, red, purple, black and white teams. You have answered correctly.

Roy: Yes!

Aleks: That was an easy one.

Aisha: It's one of my favourite films!

Sim Brother: Blue team you answered incorrectly. If you answer the next question incorrectly, you will be eliminated, as will the purple and white team.

Sasha: Oh, God. We can't lose a life already.

Vaughn: I'll do my best, babe! I promise!

Sim Brother: Next question. In 2007, David Beckham signed for which of these football clubs? A) All Whites B) LA Galaxy C) Awassa City

Sim Brother: Well done. All teams got that question right and moved forward.

Vaughn: Whoo!

Aisha: Well done, everyone!

Kim: That was a complete guess, darling! Roy: I thought so. We know nothing about soccer. (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Next question. Who had an 80's hit with 'Waiting for a Star to Fall?' A) Boy Meets Girl B) KC and the Sunshine Band C) The Bee Gees.

Emery: Oh, I love that song! Kalyani: Me too. Who the fuck sings it, though!?

Sim Brother: The answer was Boy Meets Girl.

Kalyani: Shit.

Sim Brother: The orange team was the only team to get that right and have moved forward.

Kim: You're on a roll, Tammi!

Wilbur: Keep it up, honey!

Sim Brother: Next question. Which Hemsworth brother was married to Miley Cyrus? Is it A) Chris Hemsworth B) Luke Hemsworth C) Liam Hemsworth

Sim Brother: The answer was Liam Hemsworth. Well done to the blue, red, purple, black, and white teams. You got it right and have moved forward. The orange and green team got it wrong and have moved back.

Kim: Don't worry! I am NOT getting the next one wrong!

Roy: Just do your best, honey.

Seven minutes later...

The orange team and red team are leading. The white team are currently last.

Corinne: This is getting so tense now!

Aleks: C'mon, Emery! Shoot me forward!

Emery: Doing what I can!

Sasha: This could, in theory, go on for hours.

Maximillian: (Laughs). Indeed it could.

Five minutes later...

The red and orange team are one more correct question away from becoming the top ranked couple.

Naveen: No pressure, Zsa Zsa and Tammi. (Laughs).

Zsa Zsa: I'm shitting it.

Aisha: What happens if you both get it right?

Vaughn: Tie-breaker, probably.

Sim Brother: Next question, in Harry Potter...

Tammi-Louise: YES!

Sim Brother: What Hogwarts House is Harry in? A) Hufflepuff B) Ravenclaw C) Gryffindor.

Zsa Zsa: (Groans).

Sim Brother: Congratulations orange team, you got the question right and have reached the end of your lane. Tammi-Louise and Wilbur, you are the top ranked couple for the next five days.

Wilbur: Well done, darling! You did amazing!

Vaughn: Yeah. You absolutely smashed that, to be fair.

Zsa Zsa: Well done, darling! Sasha: Yeah! Congrats!

Tammi-Louise: Thanks, guys! I'm so happy!

Kim: Nicely played!

Three minutes later...

Maximillian and Zsa Zsa are one correct answer away from becoming the second ranked couple. Aisha and Corinne are one incorrect answer away from losing their first life.

Sim Brother: Next question, who directed the 1997 film 'Titanic'. A) Steven Spielberg B) James Cameron C) Ridley Scott.

Maximillian: You've got this, babe!


Sim Brother: Well done, red team. Maximillian and Zsa Zsa, you are the second ranked couple for the next five days. Unlucky, Aisha and Corinne, you have lost your first life. Can you please now swap places.

Zsa Zsa: We're second still! (Laughs). Well done, honey.

Maximillian: Well done to me!? I just sat there! It was all you!

Zsa Zsa: Story of our marriage.

Sasha: Well done, you guys! Wilbur: Yeah! Congrats!

Aisha: I'm sorry, Corinne.

Corinne: Don't be silly. You did your best.

Sasha and Vaughn became the next couple to finish their lane and did so without losing a life. They have become the third ranked couple.

Kim and Roy lost a life but after Roy took over, they became the next couple to finish and will be the fourth ranked couple.

Aleks and Emery also lost a life and became the fifth ranked couple after Aleks managed to get enough questions right to finish their lane. Kalyani and Naveen ended up losing both lives...

... but after Aisha and Corinne did, meaning Kalyani and Naveen will be the sixth ranked couple and Aisha and Corinne will be the lowest.


Aisha and Corinne are checking out the bunker.

Aisha: Hideous, isn't it?

Corinne: Is it wrong I'm not that bothered where we sleep? We've camped before, for crying out loud. This is nothing.

Aisha: True. It's just the eating and showering outside I'm not going to like.

Corinne: Agreed. But it's for four days, we can manage it.

Aisha: Well done for taking this so well, honey.

Corinne: Well, on the plus side we finally get some privacy.

Aisha: (Laughs). Very true. Not that anything will happen in here.

Corinne: No, but we can have the occasional kiss every now and then without feeling like we're being watched.

Sasha and Vaughn are in the main bedroom for the first time.

Zsa Zsa: Happy?

Sasha: Thrilled! We're finally going to sleep in a comfortable bed!

Vaughn: And just in time, too, because my back was starting to kill me.

Zsa Zsa: And you get to eat indoors like civilized humans!

Sasha: That, too!

Zsa Zsa: I think Corinne took it surprisingly well.

Sasha: Yeah. She did actually. I was expecting a bit of a kick-off.

Vaughn: She'll moan for the next five days though. No question.

Zsa Zsa: Maybe, but at least we have places we can avoid her now. (Laughs).

Aleks: This'll do nicely.

Emery: Yeah. It's nice. Not exactly our golden en-suite but it'll do.

Aleks: It's really comfortable, actually.

Zsa Zsa: Yeah. There are worse places to sleep.

Emery: Like the back alley behind a Burger King. Trust me on that.

Aleks: Oh, Jesus.

Sasha: (Laughs). That's a story I wanna hear.

Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are checking out their new quarters.

Tammi-Louise: This is fucking amazing, isn't it?

Wilbur: Hell yeah it is. I know we were in here the other night but to be honest, we got so drunk I can barely remember.

Tammi-Louise: (Laughs). And it's ours for the next five days! Bliss!

Wilbur: And all because of you. You did so well, babe.

Tammi-Louise: I know.

Wilbur: How's the bed?

Tammi-Louise: Oh, wow.

Wilbur: Good?

Tammi-Louise: Amazing!

Kalyani and Naveen are in the lounge.

Naveen: You OK?

Kalyani: Nope. I'm livid.

Naveen: Me, too. How the fuck did we mess up that bad?

Kalyani: Because it was a quiz and we're as thick as shit.

Naveen: (Sighs). Sixth ranked. It's gonna be so crap.

Kalyani: At least it's not seventh though.

Naveen: Suppose.

Kalyani: You look miserable.

Naveen: I am. Next to no food. We probably won't get any alcohol.

Kalyani: I know, babe. Tammi pissed me off too.

Naveen: Yeah. Same. A proper sore winner.


All of the couples have just completed their shopping lists for the next five days.

Kalyani and Sasha are in the snug.

Sasha: You OK? You don't seem to be in a good mood.

Kalyani: I'm not. Naveen and I are so frustrated with ourselves. We could've done so much better.

Sasha: Oh, hon. At least you're not seventh. That would be a real shitty situation. Trust me on that.

Kalyani: I know. Certain people are starting to bother me now, too.

Sasha: Oh? Who?

Kalyani: Doesn't matter. I won't get into it.

Tammi-Louise: All right, bitches?

Sasha: Hey!

Kalyani: Hi.

Tammi-Louise: Everything OK?

Kalyani: Nah. Not at all.

Tammi-Louise: What's up?

Kalyani: Just pissed off about the challenge, is all.

Tammi-Louise: You didn't come last though?

Kalyani: Easy for you to say when you're first. (Laughs). We've got barely any food.

Tammi-Louise: Babe, I came over and asked if you wanted anything and you basically just shrugged me off.

Kalyani: We had about two minutes left.

Tammi-Louise: It wasn't two minutes. It was ten.

Kalyani: Even so, we'd already asked Max and Zsa Zsa for what we needed.

Tammi-Louise: Why are you going like this with me? I thought we were good mates in here?

Kalyani: We are?

Tammi-Louise: Then why are you acting so off with me!? You've been totally different since I won the challenge.

Kalyani: I'm just pissed off. It has nothing to do with you.

Tammi-Louise: But by how you're acting, I'm gonna assume it has got something to do with me? You're not acting like this with anyone else.

Kalyani: You're paranoid.

Tammi-Louise: OK. I'm paranoid. Fine.

Tammi-Louise: Maybe I'll speak to you tomorrow if you get out of bed the right side?

Kalyani: Yeah. Don't count on that.

Sasha: Oh, c'mon, girls.

Corinne: Everything OK?

Kalyani: Yeah. Fine.

Corinne: I was coming out of the diary room and I couldn't help but overhear.

Kalyani: Funny that.

Corinne: What the fuck is up with you!?

Kalyani: There's a bit of drama and you turn up like a negative poltergeist waiting to feast on it!

Corinne: I do, huh?

Kalyani: I'm not even gonna bother having this conversation with you.

Corinne: No? And why's that?

Kalyani: Because you're without question the person with the biggest problem in here. You've been waiting days to have an argument and you leapt at the opportunity to have one with me here.

Corinne: How exactly? Have I raised my voice at you like you have with me?

Kalyani: You know what the fuck you're doing and I'm not rising to it. You have a good night in your bunker, yeah?

Corinne: (Laughs). Pathetic.

Kalyani: Yep. Night.

Sasha: (Sighs).


The argument is the talk of the house.

Sasha: It just came out of no where. I was really taken aback by it.

Kim: So, just shouted at Tammi?

Sasha: I wouldn't say she shouted, but she wasn't nice. I think she definitely crossed the line. I would've said so to her, but she would not have taken it well with the mood she was in. I might try and speak to her tomorrow.

Zsa Zsa: She definitely seems to have an attitude on her, doesn't she?

Sasha: She shouted at Corinne for sure, though. Which I understood slightly as she came over and stuck her nose in for no reason, but to be fair, Corinne didn't rise to it.

Kim: And there I was hoping this would be a harmonious household.

Zsa Zsa: I think most of us are, sweetie. It's just a few in the bunch.

Sasha: I think it'll get sorted. It's probably just Kalyani having an off-day.

Zsa Zsa: Regardless, I think some people are showing their true colours now, though!

Kim: Sure looks that way.


Aisha and Corinne are going to bed.

Corinne: i'm actually glad to be away from the others.

Aisha: Yeah?

Corinne: Yeah, babe. Just me and you. We could be lying on the pavement in some shit-hole city and I'd be fine as long as I was with you.

Aisha: Oh, Corinne. I love you.

Corinne: I love you, too.


Tammi-Louise and Wilbur are in their private quarters. Tammi-Louise is venting about the argument she had with Kalyani.

Tammi-Louise: I mean, who the fuck does she think she is!? And how dare she treat me like that!? And have a go in front of Sasha, too! The poor girl looked so uncomfortable!

Wilbur: If she had a problem for whatever reason, she should've took you to one side privately and just had a chat.

Tammi-Louise: Exactly! But I'm guessing that was too much to bloody ask!

Tammi-Louise: I know it's only been five days, but I considered her a friend already, you know?

Wilbur: I know, darling. But you need to remember this a game and you might not be surrounded by people who are totally genuine.

Tammi-Louise: I do feel like she's just turned on me for no real reason. It just feels like the outside world... girls just don't fucking like me.

Wilbur: It's because you're confident, darling. And you're unapologetic about it. And I'm not saying this to sound big-headed, but jealousy definitely comes into it, too.

Tammi-Louise: But why!? I don't think I rub things in people's faces. Sure, I was excited to win earlier but no more than you were, and why not!? It's a game!

Wilbur: I agree, honey.

Tammi-Louise: I'm just more upset more than anything because I genuinely thought I had made a friend with her.

Wilbur: You still might have. She might have just had a bad day. See what happens tomorrow.

Tammi-Louise: I suppose. Anyway, you're shattered. Get some sleep.

Wilbur: You sure?

Tammi-Louise: Absolutely.

Wilbur: Wake me up if you want to talk.

Tammi-Louise: I will. I love you. So much.

Wilbur: I love you, too.

Tammi-Louise: (Sighs). I knew things were going too well in here...


Most of the other housemates are in bed.

Emery: (Sighs).

Aleks: Will you stop sighing!?