Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 7 Highlights

It's the seventh day in the Sim Brother Couples house. Today will be the last full day in the house for either Aisha and Corinne, Kim and Roy, or Tammi-Louise and Wilbur.


All of the housemates are asleep.

Sim Brother has woken up Aisha and Corinne, the lowest ranked couple.

Corinne: What a miserable fucking night that was.

Aisha: Did you not sleep well, babe?

Corinne: No. Think I maybe got two hours overall.

Aisha: Oh, Corinne. Sorry. If I had known...

Corinne: Don't be silly. It's good you slept. The bed's are horrific.

Aisha: They really are. Sasha and Vaughn weren't exaggerating.

Corinne: What makes me worry is if I don't get a good night's sleep tonight... we could be evicted tomorrow.

Aisha: One thing at a time, yeah?


Corinne is showering.

Corinne: Fuck me. This is miserable.


Sim Brother has woken the housemates in the main bedroom.

Roy: Could be our last day, honey.

Kim: I hope it's not.

Roy: Would you be upset if I said I wouldn't mind?

Kim: Not upset. But maybe surprised?

Roy: I'd love to see the kids. I miss them. But staying here would be great, too. There's positives either way.

Kim: Oh, absolutely.

Maximillian: Morning, m'lady.

Zsa Zsa: Might start wearing my hair down now.

Maximillian: Foxy.

Zsa Zsa: Damn right.

Sasha: Morning, babes.

Vaughn: Morning, you.

Sasha: Why are you looking at me like that?

Vaughn: Like what?

Sasha: Like that!

Vaughn: I just think you look sexy this morning.

Sasha: (Laughs). Go take a cold shower.

Vaughn: Aw.

Naveen: You OK?

Kalyani: Yeah. Fine. Just wish we could've slept in a bit longer.

Naveen: I can't be bothered to get up today either.

Kalyani: The buzz about being in here has worn off a bit now, hasn't it? It's starting to feel normal being here.

Naveen: Yep. And that's sort of the point.

Kalyani: I just hope they give us something else to do at some point. I'm bored shitless.


Kalyani is in the diary room.

Kalyani: Morning.

Sim Brother: Hello, Kalyani. How are you today?

Kalyani: Yeah. Not bad. Can't complain, anyway. Bit bored.

SIm Brother: How are you getting on with your fellow housemates?

Kalyani: Fine. Why?

Sim Brother: Sim Brother is only curious, Kalyani.

Kalyani: (Laughs). You want me to chat about the shit yesterday, basically. Well, I've not got much to say about it. It probably wasn't the wisest thing for me to have a pop at Tammi-Louise and Corinne, but I honestly couldn't help myself. I was in a foul mood.

Sim Brother: Do you intend to make amends with Tammi-Louise and Corinne?

Kalyani: I'm just gonna act like it didn't happen. I don't really hold grudges. I'm happy to just let things go, to be honest. If Tammi wants to talk things through, then I will. As for Corinne? I couldn't give much of a shit, quite frankly.

Tammi-Louise and Wilbur have just woken up.

Wilbur: You OK, darling?

Tammi-Louise: I'm fine.

Wilbur: Are you sure? You don't quite seem yourself?

Tammi-Louise: Just a bit frustrated about what happened yesterday.

Wilbur: Water under the bridge, maybe?

Tammi-Louise: Depends what she's like with me.

Wilbur: Come here.


Naveen and Vaughn are in the kitchen.

Vaughn: I wonder if things will start to get a bit heated soon.

Naveen: How‘d you mean?

Vaughn: I sort of get the impression people are starting to grate on others now. Which is understandable. There’s fourteen of us in a cramped house and we’ve been in here basically a week now.

Naveen: Anyone getting on your nerves?

Vaughn: (Laughs). You come straight out with it, don’t you?

Naveen: Hey. Why not? I’d say your probably the person I get on best with here in here, Kalyani aside obviously. I trust you. Vaughn: Likewise, man. Well, if I’m honest, Maximillian can be a bit irritating.

Naveen: Thank fuck! I thought it was just me who thought so!

Vaughn: He just seems to try to be witty and overly friendly while at the same time remaining completely elusive.

Naveen: Totally get what you mean, man. Nice guy and everything, but there’s probably more there than what you see.


Tammi-Louise has joined Sasha in the lounge.

Sasha: You all right, babe?

Tammi-Louise: Yeah. I’m fine. Love that outfit, by the way.

Sasha: Thank you! Likewise!

Sasha: So, how you feeling? Have you spoke to Kalyani?

Tammi-Louise: No. I’ve walked past her a couple of times and she hasn’t even looked in my direction.

Sasha: Really!?

Tammi-Louise: Really. I can’t stand hostility or tension so part of me wanted to go over and see if we could patch things up, but then I thought, why should it be me? I didn’t do anything wrong, as far as I’m concerned.

Sasha: I agree. I was hoping she would apologise or reach out to you and it would all just be forgotten about.

Tammi-Louise: Well, that’s too much to expect from her obviously.

Sasha: (Sighs). And here I was enjoying our little girl squad. Tammi-Louise: Me, too. I was really hurt by it. Yeah, we’ve only been here a week and in the grand scheme of things we don’t know each other but I thought I was making a genuine friend, you know?

Sasha: Don’t give up on her just yet. She’s just stubborn, I think. Doesn’t like to admit when she’s wrong.

Tammi-Louise: I’m all for forgive and forget but I’m not gonna be taken for a mug either. Sasha: Of course.


Kim, Maximillian, Roy, and Zsa Zsa are in the snug.

Maxmillian: So, what are some of your Christmas traditions?

Zsa Zsa: Drinking. Heavily.

Maximillian: (Laughs). Was I asking you?

Roy: (Laughs). We pretty much do the same thing every year, don't we, hun? Decorations and the tree go up the first weekend in December. We go to church Christmas Eve. We visit my mother Christmas morning, which hopefully we'll be able to do this year, the vaccine's depending. That's really the traditions we have.

Kim: Other than that, we pretty much wing it.

Zsa Zsa: I plan everything. Top to bottom.

Maximillian: Even Christmas sex.

Zsa Zsa: Rarely heard you complain.

Kim: (Laughs). Oh, you guys. I love that outfit, by the way, Zsa Zsa!

Zsa Zsa: Fetch, isn't it?

Maximillian: Stop trying to make fetch happen!

Kim: (Laughs). My kids love that film.

Roy: What film?

Kim: Mean Girls!

Roy: Oh. Yeah. That. Not a fan.

Zsa Zsa: It's amazing.


In order for the housemates to win access to the ice skating rink tonight, they have been set a task. Moving climbing walls have been placed in the garden. Housemates will have access to the walls for an hour, during which time each of them will have to accumulate a total time of five minutes each on the wall. If they succeed, all housemates will get to use the ice skating rink later. If they fail, none of the housemates will get to.

Emery, Wilbur, and Zsa Zsa are going first.

Emery: This is so much tougher than I thought it would be!

Wilbur: Slow and steady's the way to do it I think, you guys!

Zsa Zsa: Not for me! I just keep racing to the top.

Wilbur: You might burn out, though!


Wilbur: (Laughs). What!?

Zsa Zsa: Guys, I'm gonna fall!

Emery: Then fall and climb back on! I'm just hoisting myself like this.

Wilbur: You guys, I'm telling you, slow and steady.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, pipe down, Mr. Tortoise.

Wilbur: The Tortoise won the race, don't forget.

Zsa Zsa: Only because the hare went to sleep.

Emery: What are you guys even talking about!?

Zsa Zsa: Oh, boy.

Aisha and Corinne are in the bunker. Corinne has a fear of heights.

Corinne: Honestly, babe, I played it cool in front of the others, but I don't think I can do this!

Aisha: You can! I promise you! You can! You went up the Shard that time!

Corinne: But I didn't actually run the risk of falling off!

Aisha: I bet it's not as high as it looks.

Corinne: It's the falling that scares me!

Aisha: Then don't fall? (Laughs).

Corinne: I get you're trying to raise my spirits, but I am actually shitting myself here.

Aisha: Look, if it scares you that much when you get to it, then don't do it. Nobody can force you to do anything you don't want to do, but you at least owe it to everyone to give it a go.

Corinne: I know you're right. It's just scary.

Aisha: Facing your fears can be a good thing. I let Shanice's cat sit on my lap that time, remember?

Corinne: I still find it hilarious that you're scared of cats.

Aisha: They are quietly plotting our downfall, Corinne. I'm certain of it.

Corinne: (Laughs).

Corinne: I'll give it a go.

Aisha: That's my girl. Proud of you.

Sim Brother: Emery and Wilbur, you have each spend five minutes total on the wall and can now drop off.

Zsa Zsa: What!?

Emery: You've fallen off more than we have, babe. Keep at it! You've got thirty seconds left at most.

Zsa Zsa: (Screams).

Four minutes later...

Aisha, Kalyani, and Maximillian are going next.

Maximillian: For crying out loud. I am too unfit for this.

Kalyani: You can do it, Max!

Maximillian: I think I'm gonna have to just hold on, allow it to take me to the bottom and then quickly climb up.

Kalyani: You sure you won't burn out?

Maximillian: Maybe. But I think I need the few seconds of rest.

Kalyani: How you doing, Aisha?

Aisha: Piece of piss, for me. Used to do rock climbing as a kid.

Kalyani: Awesome!

Aisha: You're pretty good yourself!

Kalyani: Why thank you. I think it's more of a fear of falling down and looking like a tit that's spurring me on.

Aisha: Well, it seems to be working. (Laughs).

Maximillian: There's a cake at the top... a cake at the top...


Corinne is confiding in Roy in the lounge.

Roy: Are you OK? You're unusually quiet.

Corinne: Is that a kind way of saying I'm a gobshite? (Laughs).

Roy: If I knew what that was, then perhaps. But what's wrong?

Corinne: Terrified of heights, if I'm honest, Roy.

Roy: Not a fan myself.

Corinne: No?

Roy: Kim loves to hike but I can't go too high up a hill or a mountain. I get queasy.

Corinne: Do you think you're going to be all right doing this, then?

Roy: It seems higher when you're not on it. I know that from experience. There's a mat on the floor in case we fall. I think I can do it. And I think you can, too.

Corinne: Aisha said the same. I just wish I had more confidence in myself.

Roy: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Do you know who said that?

Corinne: Um. Ellen?

Roy: No, Corinne, Franklin Roosevelt.

Corinne: Oh. (Laughs). It's a good quote. Is he an author?

Roy: (Sighs).


Kim, Sasha, and Tammi-Louise are next to tackle the walls.

Tammi-Louise: C'mon, ladies! We'll show the guys how it's done!

Sasha: Hell yeah!

Kim: Yeah, about that, I seem to be heading towards the earth.

Tammi-Louise: Then climb up!? (Laughs).

Kim: Uh, I seem to have frozen in place.

Sasha: Oh, Kim. (Laughs).


Kim took two minutes longer than Sasha and Tammi-Louise. Aleks, Naveen, and Vaughn are next.

Aleks: This is great! Can we keep one of these!?

Naveen: Good ways to stay in shape.

Vaughn: Give me a treadmill any day. I hate these fuckers.

Naveen: Why man!?

Vaughn: Fell off a rock climbing wall when I was thirteen at my mate's birthday party. Broke my ankle.

Aleks: Ouch. And that one didn't move, I imagine?

Vaughn: Not helping, Aleks!

Aleks: (Laughs). Sorry.

Naveen: We're doing though well, though, chaps! Keep it up!

Aleks: Yeah. None of us have fallen off yet. We'll get to the five minutes no problem.

Vaughn: You seem to have more faith in me than I do. (Laughs).

Naveen: Of course we do! Now stop whining and climb, you little pussy-ass bitch!

Vaughn: You sound like my Grandmother.

Six minutes later...

Corinne and Roy are the last housemates to tackle the walls.

Roy: Ready, soldier?

Corinne: I think so.

Roy: Then let's go.

Corinne: C'mon, Corinne, c'mon, Corinne.

Roy: You're doing great!

Corinne: Thanks, mate!

Roy: Remember what Wilbur said? Slow and steady.

Corinne: That's what I'm doing! And I don't actually need to climb that high if I keep up this pace.

Roy: There we go! You have a plan! We must nearly have done a minute. We're getting there! We can do this!

Corinne: Yes!

Four minutes later...

Corinne and Roy have completed the task. Housemates were successful and have unlocked access to the ice rank later tonight.

Corinne: I did it!

Roy: Yes, you did! And you didn't fall off once! I did! You did fantastic!

Corinne: I can't actually believe it.

Roy: You should be proud of yourself!

Corinne: I am! Thanks so much, Roy! You've been amazing! I'm glad I did that with you.

Roy: Likewise, buddy!


Sim Brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge to announce the results of today's task.

Aleks: I'm nervous.

Naveen: I don't think we need to be. I think we smashed it.

Kalyani: Me, too.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, housemates, all of you managed to last five minutes on the wall. You did this in...

Corinne: Oh, come on!

Roy: There's the dramatic pause. (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Forty-nine minutes, thirty-seven seconds.

Tammi-Louise: YES!

Sim Brother: You have all won access to the ice rink tonight.

Aleks: Amazing!

Kim: Well done, everyone!

Zsa Zsa: And well done to Corinne and Roy as well! They faced their faces and conquered them!

Maximillian: I concur! Kim: Yes! Well done!

Sasha: You guys did great! Corinne: Aw. Thanks, guys. I couldn't have done it without Roy.

Roy: Likewise.


The first four ranked couples have been given access to the ice rank which they will have for an hour. The third bottom ranked couples will have the ice rink after for half an hour.

Roy: It's been years since we've done this, hasn't it, honey?

Kim: No, I took the kids last year, remember?

Roy: Oh. That's right. It's been years for me, then!

Zsa Zsa: Well, you're both doing well!

Sasha: I've fallen over three times.

Maximillian: Yeah. You're like Bambi learning to walk. (Laughs).

Vaughn: Are you comparing my Sasha to a deer?

Maximillian: Yes.

Vaughn: Oh, OK. Just checking.

Sasha: (Laughs). Vaughn!

The bottom three ranked couples are waiting in the lounge.

Emery: Left that little detail out about us going last and having less time, didn't they?

Aleks: Yep. Bastards.

Kalyani: I had a feeling they might put some shit like that.

Naveen: Oh, well. It's good in a way! We have less people on it! More room!

Aleks: That's true.

Corinne: I think we should be positive! We're gonna have fun!

Kalyani: What the fuck has gotten into you today? You're like a new woman.

Corinne: Do you like it?

Kalyani: Nah. Go back to being a miserable bitch.

Aisha: (Laughs). We could say the same to you?

Kalyani: Touché.

Sasha: Are you done, Wilbur?

Wilbur: Yes, love. Killing my ankles.

Tammi-Louise: Oh, you old man! C'mon!

Wilbur: I'm quite happy watching.

Sasha: Why am I so shit at this!?

Zsa Zsa: (Laughs).

Zsa Zsa: Dammit!

Sasha: I would say that's karma.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, I didn't fall, or anything. I'm just making a cool pose.

Kim: (Laughs). Nobody's falling for that.

Tammi-Louise: This is so much fun!


The bottom ranked couples are now on the ice rink.

Naveen: It's all slushy in places now!

Emery: Which makes it more slippery.

Aisha: SHIT.

Kalyani: Are you OK!?

Aisha: Oh, yes. I'm just.. watching the stars.

Emery: Oh, why did we have to go on last!?

Naveen: I know! This isn't as good!

Corinne: C'mon guys, please stop moaning! The rest of us are trying to enjoy ourselves here!

Naveen: How are we moaning!?

Corinne: Have you forgotten what you said literally seven seconds ago!?

Emery: At the end of the day, we're entitled to have a bit of a groan! We're getting treated unfairly!

Corinne: Aisha and I are the ones who have to go to bed in a glorified bloody shed after this.

Naveen: Fair enough, but you moaned about the ranking system yourself a few days back.

Corinne: I'm just saying, now that we actually have something fun to do, can we just try to enjoy it?

Naveen: Yeah.

Aisha: And now awkward silence.

Aleks: (Laughs).

Sim Brother has called Kim and Roy to the diary room.

Sim Brother: Hello, Kim. Hello, Roy. How are you both this evening?

Roy: We're great thanks! I think I can speak for both of us when I say that?

Kim: Absolutely. This one of my favourite nights in here so far.

Sim Brother: How are you both feeling about tomorrow's eviction?

Kim: I'm trying not to think about it too much and just enjoying each minute as it comes.

Roy: Likewise.

Sim Brother: What do you make of your chances of surviving eviction?

Kim: No idea. We're probably deemed 'more boring' than the others up, but at the end of the day, that's not what the experience is about. It's about being yourselves and hoping the viewers accept you for it. And we've done that, I think.

Roy: Definitely. We'd love to stay as we feel like we're getting closer to people and having more fun, but if it's time up then we've had a great week and we get Christmas with the kids. Win/win.

Kim: Absolutely.


Sasha, Tammi-Louise and Zsa Zsa are in the lounge.

Zsa Zsa: You and Kalyani made amends, yet?

Tammi-Louise: Babe, are you blind? She's barely looked in my direction all day.

Sasha: Still nothing, then?

Tammi-Louise: Nope.

Zsa Zsa: Why's she gone like that with you!?

Tammi-Louise: No idea. She's one stubborn girl.

Zsa Zsa: Honestly, I'm starting to see different sides to people now and I'm not sure I like it all that much.

Tammi-Louise: Well, this is a game, isn't it? People might not be being their true selves. Wilbur reminded me of that.

Sasha: It's sadly true. I hope you know that we're genuine, though?

Zsa Zsa: Absolutely we are!

Sasha: Actually, I meant Vaughn and I, but you're genuine, too!

Zsa Zsa: (Laughs). Well, yes.

Tammi-Louise: It did make me question everything after how she turned on me, but if I do trust anyone in here, it's you guys.

Zsa Zsa: Good. I've got your back, darling.

Sasha: Me, too. I still hope you and Kalyani can patch things up, though.

Tammi-Louise: Same. I don't like tension.


Sim Brother has called Aisha and Corinne to the diary room.

Sim Brother: Hello, Aisha. Hello, Corinne.

Aisha: Hiya.

Sim Brother: How are you both this evening?

Aisha: Bit down, in case you couldn't tell.

Corinne: We're trying to be optimistic but we feel like we basically had the ice skating ruined. All some of the others did was moan and then there was a bit of a spat.

Aisha: And we've got a bad feeling we might be going tomorrow night, too.

Sim Brother: How do you feel about the possibility of leaving?

Corinne: Shit. We're still in the bunker and everything so it's not exactly comfortable for us in here right now and a week just isn't enough for us.

Aisha: I feel like we're making better connections, too.

Corinne: And there's certain people who would get satisfaction at seeing us go first, and that would bug me.

Sim Brother: What do you make of your chances of staying?

Corinne: We honestly haven't got a clue who's going to go. It could be very close. We'll just have to see.

Emery is in the bathroom.

Emery: All I want for Christmas, is you...

Kalyani: Don't mind if I come in and brush my teeth, do you? Emery: You already have, but no. Of course not.

Kalyani: I won't look.

Emery: Can if you want, darling. I'm not shy.

Kalyani: Fuck it. Why not!?

Kalyani: Jesus Christ, Emery! Where were you hiding that monstrosity!?

Emery: (Laughs).

Kalyani: Lord above. No wonder Aleks doesn't bottom. You would tear him open.

Emery: Ha!

Kalyani: Can you believe fucking Corinne and Aisha earlier, by the way!?

Emery: Oh, I know. Really pissed me off.

Kalyani: Aisha calling me a miserable bitch, too. Who the hell does she think she is!?

Emery: Yeah. You did call Corinne it first, though.

Kalyani: Well, it was true in that case.

Emery: (Laughs). No arguments here.


Kim and Sasha are in the bedroom.

Kim: You OK, honey? Sasha: Not really.

Kim: What's wrong? You not had a good night?

Sasha: No. Of course I have. I'm just feeling sad that someone's got to go tomorrow, is all. This week has gone so fast.

Kim: It really has.

Sasha: I really hope you stay. I'll be sad to be in here without you.

Kim: Honey! That's so sweet! I hope I stay, too. But we'll have to see. Either way, you'll be fine! You have Vaughn and the others, and they'll look out for you. We'll have plenty of time on the outside to continue our friendship! Even if it's over FaceTime!

Sasha: Of course. I can't wait.

Sim Brother has called Tammi-Louise and Wilbur to the diary room.

Wilbur: Evening. Bit of a late one, Sim Brother?

Sim Brother: Hello, Tammi-Louise. Hello, Wilbur. How are you? Tammi-Louise: We're OK! Slightly tired so we might head to bed soon!

Wilbur: No movie?

Tammi-Louise: We can stick something on. Maybe something we've seen before, so if we fall asleep it doesn't matter?

Wilbur: OK.

Sim Brother: How are you both feeling about tomorrow's eviction?

Tammi-Louise: Eh. I'm not bothered. I'd like to stay, but if we go, we go. There's no point worrying about it.

Wilbur: Yeah. We're not worriers. We don't sit and ponder things. It's no use.

Tammi-Louise: Plus, if I'm honest, I'm feeling optimistic about our chances. Sure, we might go, but I'm deciding to be positive! We're nice people! Why can't we stay in!?

Wilbur: Absol