Sim Brother Couples 2: Day 9 Highlights

It's the ninth day in the Sim Brother Couples house.

Last night, Kim and Roy became the first couple to be evicted from the house. Aisha and Corinne and Tammi-Louise and Wilbur survived eviction.

Shortly after, two new couples entered: Bryce and Ofelia and Dennis and Lionel. Dennis and Lionel took Kim and Roy's slot as the fourth ranked couple while Bryce and Ofelia became the eighth and lowest ranked couple, meaning they have to sleep in a tent and live on basic rations.

They will also have to use the same outside quarters as Aisha and Corinne. They will also have less time to use hot water.


Yesterday, Zsa Zsa decided to try and take on Sim Brother and when told she couldn't host a dinner for all the housemates in the dining room, she had the dining room furniture moved outside without asking permission from Sim Brother, who is about to wake her up to punish her.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, would Zsa Zsa please come to the diary room.

Zsa Zsa: What the hell!?

Maximillian: What time is it?

Aleks: I went down to get a drink a while back. Can’t be any later than 5.

Kalyani: Oh, surely not.

Zsa Zsa: I'm scared.

Zsa Zsa: Sorry about this, you guys.

Emery: Not your fault. Hope it's nothing bad.

Zsa Zsa: (Laughs). Me, too.

Lionel: Time to get up!? Oh, lovely! Let's have breakfast!

Zsa Zsa: Uh, Lionel, it's 5AM. (Laughs).

Lionel: Oh. Really!? Then why are you up!?

Zsa Zsa: Because they've called me to the diary room for some reason. Go back to bed, darling!

Lionel: Can't hear a thing through this wig. I need the visit the facilities anyway.

Lionel: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, look at the state of me. I look like my Aunt Mildred when they found her. And she'd been dead for three weeks.

Bryce is leaving his and Ofelia's tent.

Bryce: I've had enough of this.

Zsa Zsa is in the diary room.

Zsa Zsa: Hello? What is the meaning of this! I demand answers! Sim Brother: Hello, Zsa Zsa. What brings you to the diary room at this early hour?

Zsa Zsa: Don't play games with me! I won't stand for it! We both know you called me here.

Sim Brother: Sim Brother did indeed call you here, Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa: And why did Sim Brother call me here, Sim Brother?

Sim Brother: Zsa Zsa, Sim Brother didn't appreciate what you did yesterday.

Zsa Zsa: How I outsmarted you, you mean!? I can't imagine you did like it very much.

Sim Brother: Zsa Zsa, you are going to be punished.

Zsa Zsa: What for!? I didn't break a single one of your rules!

Sim Brother: You moved the dining room furniture outside without asking permission.

Zsa Zsa: That was never a rule! You've never told us that is a rule! Sim Brother: Sim Brother does not tolerate housemates messing around with fixtures and fittings.

Zsa Zsa: We put it all straight back and wiped it all down, though? You're just pissed because I bettered you!

Sim Brother: Sim Brother is in charge of this house, Zsa Zsa, and to prove that to you, you will be going to jail.

Zsa Zsa: I'm sorry... what!?

Sim Brother: A jail cell has been set up in the lounge downstairs. Please go there and walk inside. You'll remain there until further notice.

Zsa Zsa: You can't be serious!?

Sim Brother: Please leave now, Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa: You're actually sick! You should get a job in Donald Trump's Justice Department! Good Lord.

Maximillian: Oh, hello.

Bryce: Hi. Didn't expect to see anyone up.

Maximillian: I'm just waiting for my wife. Everything OK?

Bryce: Not particularly, mate.

Maximillian: Oh, dear. Well, can I help with anything?

Bryce: I don't think you can, no.

Zsa Zsa: Oh! Shit! You both made me jump! What are you guys doing here!?

Maximillian: I came to check on you.

Bryce: And I want a word with the big guy.

Zsa Zsa: Everything OK?

Bryce: No.

Zsa Zsa: Well, good luck with him! He's in a rotten mood! He's sending me to jail!

Maximillian: (Laughs). What!?

Bryce: Hi.

Sim Brother: Hello, Bryce. How are you this morning?

Bryce: Look, we can cut the small talk, I just want to get straight to the point.

Sim Brother: What seems to be the matter, Bryce?

Bryce: Are you willing to budge on Ofelia and I sleeping in the tent, yes or no?

Sim Brother: The lowest ranked couple will sleep in the tent, Bryce. Those rules will not be changed.

Bryce: OK. Then I'm just going to let you know that after I've spoken to Ofelia, I plan to leave the show. I'm not participating in this shit. Open the door, please.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, you have GOT to be joking.

Zsa Zsa: Oh my God! I just heard it click! I'm actually locked in! You're awful, Sim Brother! This is all because you couldn't stand me outsmarting you!

Maximillian: (Laughs). Oh, wow.

Zsa Zsa: Don't you dare laugh!

Maximillian: My wife caged. Never thought I'd see the day.

Zsa Zsa: It's good practise for when I'm banged up for your murder.

Maximillian: (Laughs). Then maybe Sim Brother should just leave you in there.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, Max, they're gonna have me in here for hours, aren't they?

Maximillian: Well, it seems like a lot of wasted effort to only have that up for ten minutes, so I'd say so.

Zsa Zsa: You might as well just go back to bed, then.

Maximillian: You sure?

Zsa Zsa: Yeah. No point keeping me company here when you can be sleeping. Go on.

Maximillian: OK.

Zsa Zsa: Asshole. Thought he'd stay.


Zsa Zsa is still in jail.

Bryce has woke Ofelia and gathered her at the dining table to announce his news.

Ofelia: What’s this about?

Bryce: We need to talk.

Ofelia: You’re not about to dump me on TV, are you?

Bryce: Don’t be stupid. Ofelia: This couldn’t have waited?

Bryce: I wanted to do it while no one was up.

Ofelia: How very ominous.

Bryce: Please sit down.

Ofelia: So, what’s going on?

Bryce: There’s no easy way to say this so I just better come out with it: I want to leave.

Ofelia: What!?

Bryce: I don’t think this is the right thing for us to be doing right now.

Ofelia: Don’t speak for me.

Bryce: I meant as a couple. Ofelia: All this because we have to sleep in a tent!?

Bryce: It’s beneath me. I’m not doing it.

Ofelia: Jesus Christ. Do you have any idea how obnoxious you sound right now!?

Bryce: There’s nothing wrong with knowing your self-worth and having dignity, darling. My parents will be mortified to see us being treated like this. For what it’s worth, I think this is beneath any human being! Ofelia: Having to eat vegetables and sleep in a tent for a couple of nights!?

Bryce: When it’s winter, yes. Inmates in prison get a bed and central heating!

Ofelia: So, that’s it!? Your mind is made up!?

Bryce: I don’t see any other option.

Ofelia: You’re so dramatic. We’ve done one night already!

Bryce: That’s not the point. Look, I want to experience this with you, but not like this.

Ofelia: So every time something doesn’t go our way in here, you’re gonna throw your toys out the pram and threaten to quit!?

Bryce: When they treat us as less than human, yes.

Ofelia: I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’re gonna end this experience for me after one night because you’re too fucking proud to sleep in a tent!?

Bryce: The minute you swear, you lose the argument.

Ofelia: Oh, fuck off, Bryce! I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! Especially after the week I’ve had!

Bryce: You're being hysterical, and if you’re being hysterical then I’m not going to engage with you.

Ofelia: Fuck off, then!

Bryce: I’ll go back and try and get some more sleep but I will be going later. Hopefully after a few more hours of this crap, you’ll come to your senses.

Ofelia: Get lost!

Zsa Zsa: Awkward. Don’t think they knew I was here.


Sim Brother has woken up most of the other housemates.

Dennis: How'd you sleep?

Lionel: Like I had seven glasses of whisky.

Dennis: Oh, don't. Last time you had whisky, I found you asleep on top of the shed.

Lionel: Good times, darling.

Emery: Good morning, guys! How was your first sleep?

Dennis: Very good, thanks!

Lionel: How was yours?

Emery: Yeah. Can't complain.

Lionel: Better if I was lying beside you?

Emery: Oh, of course, Lionel! I was dreaming about you all night.

Lionel: (Giggles).

Emery: Morning, babe.

Kalyani: Good morning. You good?

Emery: Yeah. Don't mind if I use the loo, do you?

Kalyani: As long as it's not a shit.

Emery: It's not.

Kalyani: How'd the newbies sleep?

Emery: Well, I think. They're really funny people.

Kalyani: Oh, for sure. Complete fruit loops, but hilarious.

Naveen is in the lounge.

Naveen: I wondered where you had gone!

Zsa Zsa: I've been made a scapegoat, Naveen! Naveen: Was it about the dinner yesterday?

Zsa Zsa: Yes indeed.

Naveen: But you said you didn't break any of their rules?

Zsa Zsa: I didn't, but they're punishing me for moving the table and chairs without asking them.

Naveen: Oh, man. Seems like you met your match.

Zsa Zsa: Don't underestimate me, Naveen.

Naveen: (Laughs). I would never, Zsa Zsa! Has Max kept you company?

Zsa Zsa: Haven't seen him in hours! The nerve of that guy! Though, actually, I'm quite content with that.

Naveen: Ha. Oh, you two make me laugh.


Ofelia is talking to Tammi-Louise about her earlier conversation with Bryce.

Tammi-Louise: Seriously? He wants to leave?

Ofelia: I honestly don't think I'll be able to talk him out of it.

Tammi-Louise: But to throw away this experience!? After just a night!? I get it's easy for me to say when I'm staying in that beautiful en-suite, but I wouldn't leave this game over a tent.

Ofelia: No. I know. But this is a side of him that I really don't like. He's been spoilt and pampered his entire life. He was an only child, so he got whatever he wanted.

Tammi-Louise: Never been camping before, then? (Laughs).

Ofelia: Hon, his idea of camping would be staying in a Travel Lodge! It goes without saying though, if he leaves and I have to quit this experience, I'm ending things.

Tammi-Louise: Oh, wow. Really!? How long have you guys been together?

Ofelia: Not even a year.

Tammi-Louise: Whoa. So it's all quite new then!

Ofelia: Yep. And as much as I love him, he is giving me serious doubts right now.


Aleks is doing laundry in the kitchen.

Aleks: How the fuck is this still not dry!? Useless machine!

Aisha, Corinne, Dennis, Lionel, Sasha, and Vaughn are asking each other personal questions in the lounge.

Dennis: Weirdest place you've had sex?

Corinne: Oh, God. A car park, maybe?

Lionel: Is that it!?

Aisha: Is that not bad enough!? And I'd like to point out that was not with me, by the way!

Lionel: How disappointing. You two?

Sasha: Hate to break it to you, Lionel, but we're a bunch of prudes, too.

Vaughn: I don't even think we've ever done it outside?

Sasha: Nope.

Lionel: I didn't realise I'd walked into a nunnery. What is this!?

Dennis: Tell them ours, honey.

Lionel: I don't think they could handle it.

Corinne: Nooo! Go on!

Vaughn: You have to now. (Laughs).

Lionel: Houses of Parliament.

Sasha: WHAT!?

Aisha: Oh, no way!

Lionel: We were visiting and walked past an empty office...

Sasha: And so you went in to have sex!?

Lionel: What other option was there!? We did the right thing!

Dennis: I needed a bit of persuasion.

Lionel: Liar. I looked amazing that day.

Corinne: (Laughs). Oh, Lionel, I hope I'm like you when I'm older.

Lionel: How dare you! We're the same age!

Dennis: (Laughs). Stevie Wonder wouldn't buy that.

Lionel: (Cackles).

Zsa Zsa: I've got somewhere fun Max and I had sex once! Dennis: Ooh. Go on?

Zsa Zsa: Well -

Sim Brother: Zsa Zsa, you are not allowed to join in with the game.

Zsa Zsa: WHAT!?

Sasha: (Laughs). That's so mean, Sim Brother!

Lionel: They're very tough when they want to be, aren't they?

Vaughn: Oh, yeah. Best to stay in their good books.

Lionel: Have you guys seriously not had sex anywhere abnormal!?

Sasha: The bathroom?

Lionel: Wow. Call the Circus because I've found some freaks...

Vaughn: (Laughs). I'd be more adventurous but Sasha here is a prude.

Sasha: Or a lady?

Lionel: Boring!


Bryce is going to the toilet. He has not spoken to Ofelia since their argument this morning.

Ofelia: Still here, then?

Bryce: Really, darling? Sneaking up on me? Very ladylike.

Ofelia: You ready to talk properly?

Bryce: By properly you mean agree to what you want?

Ofelia: So, you still want to walk!?

Bryce: Yes.

Ofelia: Then why have you sat in the tent all day!?

Bryce: I'm waiting for you to come to your senses.

Ofelia: I want to stay.

Bryce: Then I suppose we'll talk later.


Zsa Zsa is still in jail.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, Zsa Zsa you are now free to leave the jail.

Zsa Zsa: YES! Thanks, Sim Brother!

Maximillian: Hurrah! You're free! Zsa Zsa: I've spent more time in prison than Paris Hilton and I'm walking out without a single tear!

Maximillian: Very brave.

Zsa Zsa: Right. I'm gonna go use the toilet and have a bath. Oh, it feels good to be free!

Fourteen minutes later...

Zsa Zsa is in the bathroom.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother, Zsa Zsa, your twenty minute break is almost up. Please get ready to head back to the jail shortly.

Zsa Zsa: WHAT!? You didn't tell me it was a break!

Sim Brother: Sim Brother must have forgotten, Zsa Zsa.



Aleks, Emery, Kalyani, and Naveen are in the gym.

Naveen: You just gonna sit there and watch us?

Kalyani: Absolutely. I'm hardly going to exercise, am I? Don't need to when my metabolism is as good as it is.

Naveen: Show off.

Kalyani: Boys, I have to say, what the fuck is with the glasses?

Aleks: We like them!

Kalyani: Yeah. Why, exactly!?

Emery: (Laughs). We always wear glasses when we exercise. It's a habit.

Kalyani: Does that habit also apply to sex?

Aleks: Wouldn't you like to know?

Kalyani: Actually, I would. I've been quite frisky these past few days.

Kalyani: Somebody won't put out.

Naveen: On TV!? Too right I won't!

Kalyani: We're shitting and wiping our asses in here. What's the difference!?

Naveen: Uh. Quite a big one, actually.

Kalyani: I could do with a big one.

Naveen: Wait until we get out.

Kalyani: I may have to try and turn one of the boys.

Aleks: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Wilbur is in the diary room.

Wilbur: Hey, big guy.

Sim Brother: Hello, Wilbur. How are you today?

Wilbur: Fine within myself, but I'm afraid I'm starting to feel ever so slightly bored.

Sim Brother: Why do you think you're feeling bored?

Wilbur: Because there's nothing to do? (Laughs). I honestly thought you'd keep us more busy, but we're really just sitting around talking all day and I don't know if that was ignorant on my part, but it's not what I expected.

Sim Brother: Have you considered getting to know the new housemates?

Wilbur: It's daunting. Of course I will, because they deserve to be welcomed and treated fairly, but we've spent this past week all getting to know each other and now we've got four more people. I will say I'm not keen on that Bryce from first impressions. Not at all.


Zsa Zsa is still in jail.

Zsa Zsa: You're not gonna break me, Sim Brother. You won't.

Ofelia: Who are you talking to?

Zsa Zsa: Oh, just myself. I'm probably going stir crazy.

Ofelia: I can't believe you're still in there!"

Zsa Zsa: I know. They're dragging this out a lot longer than I thought they would, but I can handle it. I haven't seen your other half much? What's his name again? Sorry, I'm forgetful.

Ofelia: Bryce. And no, me neither. He's stayed in the tent all day.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, dear. He hasn't taken it well, then?

Ofelia: That's putting it lightly. Wouldn't be surprised if he leaves.

Zsa Zsa: Seriously!? Oh, he can't! That'd be such a shame!

Naveen is heading out to the garden to talk to Bryce.

Naveen: Bryce? You there, dude?

Bryce: Yes. Who's that?

Naveen: It's Naveen. Can we have a chat?

Bryce: I suppose.

Naveen: You look miserable.

Bryce: I am. I don't want to do this.

Naveen: Mate, why don't you just brush yourself and come inside? Get to know everyone.

Bryce: I refuse to go along with what Sim Brother's doing. I think it's so unfair.

Naveen: It is. No question about it. But it's not personal. Sasha and Vaughn and Aisha and Corinne have all had to endure the bunker. Yeah, it's not sleeping outside and living on basic rations, but when the rankings all change after the next challenge, they'll likely be another pair staying out here. And look at Zsa Zsa, she's been stuck in a jail since the early hours of this morning.

Bryce: Of course. You make some good points.

Naveen: We're all in this together at the end of the day and we have each other's backs. There's a whole group of people in there who really want to get to know you, and Ofelia really wants this experience. And you clearly do too, otherwise why would you come in here!?

Bryce: Very true.

Naveen: You gonna come in? Give us a chance? Bryce: I think I will.

Bryce: Thank you so much, Naveen. I appreciate it.

Naveen: You're welcome, man. Let's go get warm.


Kalyani, Maximillian, Sasha, and Tammi-Louise are in the kitchen. They are talking about Tammi-Louise and Wilbur's relationship.

Kalyani: So, how long did you know each other before you got together?

Tammi-Louise: A couple of weeks.

Kalyani: Did you like him straight away?

Tammi-Louise: Not really. I thought he was a nice guy and he was handsome, but didn't think anything more of it. He really liked me straight away.

Sasha: And why wouldn't he?

Kalyani: Yeah. You're a hot young woman. (Laughs).

Kalyani: So, when did you find out he had a lot of money?

Maximillian: Oh, God.

Tammi-Louise: Well, it was obvious from the get go.

Kalyani: Was that part of the reason why you got with him?

Tammi-Louise: What are you saying!?

Kalyani: I'm just wondering? I think it's a fair question?

Tammi-Louise: Are you implying I'm a gold digger, or something!?

Kalyani: Did I say that!?

Sasha: Girls, c'mon.

Tammi-Louise: Why would his money come into it!?

Kalyani: It's a perk though, isn it? I'd love it if Naveen was loaded. If I met him in a bar, I'd fancy him anyway. If I found out he had money? Bonus!

Tammi-Louise: Sure, but it wasn't much of a factor. I would never get with someone if there wasn't an attraction there, or a spark.

Kalyani: You'll be surprised how many people do though.

Tammi-Louise: Well, I'm not one of those people! Kalyani: I didn't say you was?

Tammi-Louise: Then why are you even bringing it up!?

Kalyani: Babe, calm down. You're being too sensitive.

Maximillian: Actually, I don't think she is.

Kalyani: Sorry?

Maximillian: You know what you're doing.

Kalyani: You got something you want to say, Max? Maximillian: Not particularly.

Kalyani: Then but out? (Laughs).

Sasha: This is just stupid, guys. It doesn't need to get heated.

Maximillian: I agree, but I think that outcome was exactly what Kalyani wanted.

Kalyani: What the fuck are you talking about!?

Maximillian: Maybe consider the impact of some of the things you say?

Kalyani: Jesus. Who's rattled your fucking cage!?

Maximillian: You, Sylvester. You know full well that's going to be a topic of some frustration to Tammi. She's told us all how she's always seen as a gold-digger who's only with Wilbur for money, yet you felt the need to ask if she got with him because of it? Seems like a question that could only come across one way, no?

Kalyani: That's absolute crap. I never said she was a gold-digger.

Maximillian: You implied she might be. And you knew that would annoy her.

Kalyani: This is fucking stupid! I don't have to sit here and listen to this crap!

Sasha: Oh, Kalyani, c'mon.

Kalyani: Nah. Fuck this! Who does he think he is!? Maximillian: Just saying how I feel.

Kalyani: Well, nobody asked for your fucking opinion, did they!?

Kalyani: Wanker! Maximillian: Charming.

Maximillian: Sorry I barged in there. I couldn't help myself.

Tammi-Louise: No. I appreciated it. Thank you. What the hell was that about!?

Sasha: Beats me.

Maximillian: Be careful with that one, girls.

Tammi-Louise: How'd you mean?

Maximillian: Just remember this a game, and leopards have a lot of spots.

Sasha: She is our friend, Max.

Maximillian: I'm sure she is. But worth remembering.


Tammi-Louise is telling Wilbur about what happened in the kitchen.

Tammi-Louise: She just kept asking questions. She wouldn't shut up.

Wilbur: What exactly did she say?

Tammi-Louise: She was asking if your money had anything to do with me getting with you and when I said I didn't fancy you at first, it seemed like she was implying the money was that did it for me. It was her tone as well. And I know what she thinking! Sasha did too as she felt awkward. And Max clearly did as well as he spoke up. So, it's not just me being overly sensitive.

Wilbur: Anything else?