Sim Brother Couples 2: Live Eviction 01

Preeya: Hello there...

Preeya: And welcome to the first live eviction of the second series of Sim Brother Couples! Can you believe it? We're a week in already and we're about to lose our first couple of the series. But who will be thrown out? Who will get to stay? And what else have we got in store for after? Well, you're about to find out.

Preeya: It's time to cross over to the house.

Aisha: How much longer, do you think?

Aleks: Dunno. It feels like we've been sat here for ages.

Kalyani: That's because we have.

Zsa Zsa: Everyone feeling OK?

Aisha: Yeah. Fine.

Corinne: Nervous.

Kim: We're OK, too.

Maximillian: I'm all right.

Zsa Zsa: I was talking to the nominees, you simpleton.

Preeya: Good evening, housemates! Naveen: Whoo!

Tammi-Louise: Hi, Preeya!

Zsa Zsa: Hiya!

Preeya: You're all live on SimTV, so please do not swear. How's your first week been?

Maximillian: Great!

Emery: Amazing!

Sasha: Better than we could have expected.

Preeya: Glad to hear it.

Preeya: Aisha and Corinne, how you ladies feeling?

Aisha: I'm feeling positive, Preeya! There are things to be happy about whether we stay or go!

Preeya: That's the spirit. Corinne, how about you?

Corinne: I'm just nervous! (Laughs). I want to stay so badly! Preeya: We'll find out shortly. Good luck to you both.

Aisha: Thanks so much!

Preeya: Kim and Roy, how you both doing?

Roy: We're excited and nervous, Preeya! Kim: We're ready for whatever happens!

Preeya: Good! What do you make of your chances?

Roy: I have a feeling our time might be up, but you never know, do you?

Preeya: Indeed you don't! You can never know how the viewers vote. Good luck to you both!

Kim: Thank you!

Preeya: And last but not least, Wilbur and Tammi-Louise! How are you?

Tammi-Louise: Shitting it! (Laughs).

Wilbur: I'm cool! It'll be lovely to see you if we do leave! Preeya: That's sweet of you to say. Tammi, I love what you've done with your hair this evening! Tammi-Louise: Aw! Thanks! That's so sweet!

Preeya: Best of luck to you both.

Tammi-Louise: Thank you! Wilbur: We appreciate it!

Preeya: It's crunch time, you guys. Aisha and Corinne, Kim and Roy, and Tammi-Louise and Wilbur, for the past few days the viewers have been voting to save. One of you has received the fewest votes and is about to become the first couple to be evicted. It's time to go...

Aisha: Oh, boy.

Roy: Here we go.

Zsa Zsa: Best of luck, everyone! Vaughn: Yeah! Good luck, guys! Tammi-Louise: Thanks!

Wilbur: You're shaking. Hold my hand.

Corinne: Oh, c'mon.

Emery: Stop dragging it out.

Preeya: It's time to go...

Preeya: KIM AND ROY!

Roy: There we go!

Corinne: Whoa!

Kim: Knew it.

Sasha: No!

Naveen: Aw, guys.

Zsa Zsa: We're so sorry!

Maximillian: This is rough.

Kim: Honestly, guys. It's cool. We've had an amazing time!

Preeya: Kim and Roy, you are the first couple to be evicted from the SIm Brother Couples house. Please say your goodbyes -- your time is up!

Sim Brother: Thirty seconds...

Sasha: I'm so sad!

Kim: Oh, hon! Don't worry! We're fine with this and you'll be fine! You'll have an amazing time in here, do you hear me?

Sasha: Thanks so much for everything. I think a lot of you.

Kim: Likewise! Best of luck!

Roy: Take care, Kalyani!

Kalyani: Bye babes, you have the best time out there!

Naveen: Rock it my man! See you soon!

Roy: Take care, Naveen! Have fun!

Kalyani: Bye, Kim!

Kim: Bye, darling! Best of luck! Have a great experience!

Sim Brother: Twenty seconds...

Roy: Take care, Corinne! And well done!

Corinne: I'm so sorry to see you go, Roy! I'm glad we've become friends!

Roy: Me, too! Have fun!

Kim: Bye, handsome man! You take care!

Naveen: You too, lovely. Have a great night.

Roy: Congrats, Aisha! I'm very happy for you!

Aisha: Thanks so much, Roy! Sorry to see you go!

Roy: Don't be silly! It's fine! Take care!

Sim Brother: Ten... nine...

Kim: Bye, honey! Well done! Aisha: Goodbye, Kim! Enjoy your night!

Sim Brother: Eight... seven...

Kim: Oh, I will!

Maximillian: My friend, I will miss you terribly.

Roy: Likewise. You gonna be good?

Maximillian: I shall, but I will miss our fireside chats.

Roy: Take care, buddy.

Maximillian: And I shall miss you just as much, Kim! You're a wonderful woman!

Kim: Aw, our fellow American! It's OK! We can meet up back home!

Sim Brother: Six... five... Maximillian: Absolutely! You can show me whatever the hell there is to do in Missouri.

Kim: (Laughs). You're on! Bye!

Kim: Bye, darling! Well done to you!

Tammi-Louise: Oh, Kim. You've been great. Really.

Kim: Thanks! Have fun in here!

Sim Brother: Four... three...

Zsa Zsa: Really gonna miss you two. A lot.

Roy: We'll miss you, too! But it's not goodbye forever! See you soon!

Zsa Zsa: Goodbye, sweetheart.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, God! I'm holding back tears!

Kim: Don't cry! You'll ruin your make-up! I'm gonna miss you!

Zsa Zsa: I'll miss you, too! Lots! Have an amazing night! Say hi to the kids!

Kim: I will!

Sim Brother: Two... one...

Tammi-Louise: Bye, Roy! Take care!

Roy: Goodbye, Tammi. And well done.

Roy: My man! Lots of love to you!

Wilbur: And you! Sorry to see you go! Have a great night!

Emery: Bye, Kim! Have fun out there! You look lovely! Kim: Thank you, Emery! Take care!

Sim Brother: Kim and Roy, you have been evicted, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Emery: Bye, Roy! All the best! Roy: And to you, my friend.

Wilbur: Bye, darling. See you soon.

Kim: Not too soon! I want you two to do well! Until we meet again!

Roy: Bye, Vaughn! Have fun in here! You're a good man!

Vaughn: As are you! Good luck out there! You'll smash it!

Aleks: Bye, babe!

Kim: Bye, Aleks! Have fun, handsome!

Sim Brother: Kim and Roy, you have been evicted, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Roy: Look after yourself, OK?

Sasha: You, too! And thank you both. For everything.

Roy: You're more than welcome.

Kim: Bye, you! I'll miss you and Sasha! You're good friends to us now!

Vaughn: Absolutely! Take care!

Sim Brother: Kim and Roy, you have been evicted, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Kim: We're going!

Aleks: Impatient, aren't they? (Laughs).

Sim Brother: Kim and Roy, you have been evicted, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Roy: Bye, everyone! Kim: Take care!

Aisha: Whoo!

Sasha: Have an amazing time! Kalyani: Love every second!

Emery: You both look great!

Kim: Bye, guys!

Sasha: We miss you already!

Group: Kim and Roy! Kim and Roy! Kim and Roy!

Kim: Aww!

Kim: I'm welling up! (Laughs).

Roy: Sad, isn't it?

Roy: Ready, darling?

Kim: Ready.

Kim: Whoo!

Roy: This is mad.

Preeya: Come on over, guys!

Preeya: Welcome back to the outside world!

Kim: You look lovely! Preeya: And so do you, darling!

Preeya: Lovely to see you! Roy: You too, Preeya!

Preeya: Aw! You're tearing up!

Kim: I'm sad, Preeya!

Preeya: Well, take a seat and we'll have a lovely interview!

Preeya: So, one week in and the first ones out. How you feeling?

Kim: More sad than anything else, to be honest. I'm disappointed.

Roy: Yeah. It would have been nice to have stayed in at least a tad longer and being the first out isn't great. Nobody wants that.

Preeya: No.

Roy: But we knew it was possibility given our age and where we come from and what we believe, so we have to roll with the punches, I suppose.

Preeya: I just have to say though, that you guys have absolutely nothing to worry about or feel any reason as to the viewers not liking you. I think you've both done yourselves proud. You've been nothing but lovely in there. The pair of you.

Roy: That's nice to hear! Kim: Yeah. That makes us feel better! Why are we out, then!? (Laughs).

Preeya: Because you got the fewest votes, but that doesn't mean you're disliked by any means. I don't see any reason as to why people would dislike you, to be honest. You were clearly well liked in the house and it's perhaps just a case of you guys going up against bigger characters. If it had been vote to evict, it might've been a different outcome.

Kim: That does make sense.

Preeya: Also, I will say, it wasn't a decisive result. It was very close between you guys and the couple in second place.

Roy: Oh, wow. Really. OK.

Preeya: So, how has your experience been? Talk me through it.

Kim: It was overwhelming at first. It took a few days for us to feel comfortable and even longer to start to open up and let our hair down, which we've done over the past day or so, which is why we wanted longer in there, but hey, thousands of people would like to be on this show and we got a week in there! We're very grateful!

Roy: Absolutely. The people in there were outstanding, too. There are some truly wonderful folks in there. Most of them, anyway.

Preeya: Ooh. I'd like to find out who the exception is to that, but let's first talk about the bonds you made. Maximillian and Zsa Zsa you guys seemed to hit it off with straight away.

Kim: They're lovely people. And so eccentric and funny. We just felt at ease around them immediately didn't we, honey?

Roy: Absolutely. Great people. Maximillian's probably my favourite person in there.

Preeya: Your favourite person in there, Kim, aside from Roy obviously, seemed to have been Sasha?

Kim: Absolutely! I adore her! She's an amazing woman! I haven't got a bad word to say about her.

Preeya: I have to say, that moment on the first night when you comforted her and she opened up to you about being trans and you just accepted and loved her for who she is and became a mother-like figure to her in there was one of the best things about this past week for me. It was beautiful to watch your friendship blossom and I'm sad I won't get to watch it anymore!

Roy: I had no idea she was trans. Bless her. Doesn't matter to us a bit. We love everyone.

Preeya: And we love you guys! Sasha seems quite upset you've gone, Kim.

Kim: Yeah. She seems more disappointed than what we are! (Laughs). But she'll be fine. She's a popular girl in there.

Preeya: Onto what you said a minute ago, Roy, who aren't you so keen on?

Roy: Kalyani.

Preeya: I had a feeling it might be her. What is it about her, do you think?

Roy: I think she's quite sly and what you see isn't what you get.

Kim: I felt the same way about her. And Naveen, too, to a lesser extent. Aleks and Emery I never bonded with either. Aisha and Corinne were difficult at first, but they've been better the past few days.

Preeya: I loved the bond you made with Corinne yesterday, Roy! It was very sweet!

Roy: She's misunderstood.

Preeya: Some quick questions before we wrap up here, who do you guys want out next?

Kim: Aleks and Emery, I think. I just don't trust Aleks. Emery's a nice guy, but I don't know about Aleks.

Roy: I agree, actually.

Preeya: And who do you want to win?

Kim: Sasha and Vaughn!

Roy: I'd be fine with that. Or Zsa Zsa and Max.

Preeya: Kim, Roy, you've been great housemates and I'm sad to see you go! Thanks so much! Kim: Thank you, Preeya!

Roy: It's been a pleasure.

Preeya: So, Kim and Roy are the first evicted couple of the series, but that's not quite it for tonight. On launch night, there were supposed to be eight couples going in, but due to unforeseen circumstances, one couple had to withdraw. The private family issue they had has now been resolved, and so, we're going to let them go in right now.

Kim: Wow!

Preeya: But that's not at all. The plan was to have eight couples go in on the first night, and then have a final pair join a week later after the first eviction, which of course, is tonight. So, in spite of the fact this isn't going to be a full length series, we've decided that in the spirit of Christmas, both couples will get their Sim Brother experience and go in tonight.

Kim: Oh, wow!

Roy: That's amazing! Preeya: (Laughs). Let's meet the first of tonight's new couples.

Preeya: It's Bryce and Ofelia!

Bryce: Hey there. I'm Bryce, I'm thirty, and I'm from London. I work as a stockbroker.

Ofelia: And I'm Ofelia, I'm twenty-seven, also from London, though my parents were from Brazil, and I work as a model.

Bryce: We've applied to go onto this show to test our relationship.

Ofelia: Our fiery, unpredictable relationship. (Laughs).

Bryce: And a relationship we've only been in for nine months.

Ofelia: Yeah. It's not been long at all.

Bryce: Why are we doing this again!? (Laughs).

Ofelia: We've been friends for years, ever since we were teenagers, but about a year ago we realised we were starting to see each other in a new way.

Bryce: And here we are.

Bryce: I think we're quite compatible. We like similar things.

Ofelia: But argue like cat and dog.

Bryce: Well, yes, but I think it makes things passionate, to be honest.

Ofelia: He can be extremely stubborn. And arrogant.

Bryce: And she can be reckless and selfish.

Ofelia: Match made in heaven. (Laughs). Oh, what are we doing!?

Bryce: We'll have to see what happens and hope for the best! (Laughs).

Preeya: It's Bryce and Ofelia!

Ofelia: Yay! Hiya, Preeya!

Bryce: It's lovely to be here! At least! Preeya: Yes. I imagine it's been quite a strange week for you both. Ofelia, if you're OK about it, would you mind explaining what happened that prevented you both from going in on launch night?

Ofelia: Sure. Well, basically, my Dad fell ill quite suddenly. Not coronavirus, or anything, but he had a heart attack. He's absolutely fine now. It was a small one and there's not been any side-effects or long-lasting damage. He's expected to make a full recovery. But I obviously I couldn't go into the house not knowing if he was going to be OK.

Preeya: Of course! And we're so glad he's better! How you both feeling about being able to go in?

Bryce: It's sad we're having to go in as latecomers now, but considering what could have happened, how can you complain?

Preeya: Exactly. And you guys have only been together a short time... and that house can be a very stressful place.

Ofelia: We're optimistic. (Laughs).

Preeya: Well, I can't wait to watch! In you go, guys!

Bryce: Here goes.

Ofelia: So fucking excited, I can't even tell you.

Ofelia: It's freezing.

Bryce: Let's get inside.

Bryce: Wow. Look at this.

Ofelia: Lovely, isn't it?

Corinne: WHAT THE FUCK!?

Kalyani: New people!?

Emery: WHAAAT!?

Bryce: (Laughs). Hi, everyone! Ofelia: Lovely to see you all!

Preeya: In the first couples series back in 2006, latecomers Anne and Mary, an older lesbian couple entered as latecomers and became the life and soul of the party before eventually finishing in third place. Sadly, both ladies are no longer with us, but we're paying tribute to them tonight with our final couple to enter the series by putting in two old friends of theirs...

Preeya: It's Dennis and Lionel!

Dennis: Evening! Lionel: Why do you get to talk first!?

Dennis: Because I do! I'm Dennis, I'm sixty-seven, and I'm originally from Devon. I worked as a teacher for a number of years.

Lionel: And I'm Lionel, darling! I'm a little bit older than Dennis.

Dennis: Two years older!

Lionel: SHUT UP! And I'm originally from Kent. I used to be a greengrocer.

Dennis: We've been together for how long now?

Lionel: Too long.

Dennis: Well, I agree with you there, but how long, you stupid old twerp!?

Lionel: Fuck. Since 1973?!

Dennis: Around then. You'd just turned 50.

Lionel: You cheeky fucker! We kept our romance hidden for a long, long time. We both married women.

Dennis: And I had kids. Luckily, they've been totally accepting and amazing since I came out and Lionel and I revealed we were together almost twenty years ago now.

Lionel: It was a very difficult experience. A trying time. For a long time.

Dennis: Indeed. Living a lie can definitely take a toll on you.

Lionel: And having to pretend to like vagina... it's just...

Dennis: Lionel!

Lionel: (Laughs). And just in case you're wondering, you filthy sods, no I don't have a vagina! I'm a man and am proud to be so! I just like to dress the way I do. And why not!?

Dennis: I accept and love him for who he is.

Lionel: Settle down.

Preeya: It's Dennis and Lionel!

Lionel: Hiya, darling! You look stunning!

Preeya: Thank you, Lionel! You do, too!

Dennis: What about me!?

Preeya: And you look very handsome tonight, Dennis! Dennis: (Chuckles).

Lionel: Don't fish for a compliment, dear.

Preeya: So, you guys knew Anne and Mary, two former housemates of ours.

Dennis: Indeed. Anne used to work at the same school as I. She and Mary were instrumental in Lionel and I coming out and being together publicly.

Dennis: We miss them a lot. But we're hoping to do them proud! And if we don't, they'll probably haunt us in our sleep, the pair of old trout's!

Preeya: (Laughs). Do you think you'll get on OK in the house?

Lionel: Darling, I've been through worse. This will be a walk in the park.

Preeya: I hope so! Best of luck, you guys! In you go!

Lionel: Do hurry up. We haven't got all day!?

Dennis: Evening all!

Naveen: NO WAY!

Sasha: Oh my God!

Zsa Zsa: What's going on!?

Lionel: You've never seen someone as fabulous as me before!? Lock up your men, ladies!

Preeya: (Laughs). Oh my! What a night! Kim and Roy became out first evictees and we have two new couples! However, the road ahead isn't going to be easy for one of those new couples. What's gonna happen? You'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out! I'll be back here in a week's time to throw another pair out! But for now, night night!

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