Sim Brother Couples 2: Live Eviction 02 & 03

Preeya: Hello and welcome to eviction night here on the second series of Sim Brother Couples! Tonight, two couples are heading for the door, missing out on the chance to experience Christmas day in the Sim Brother house.

Preeya: There are two bunch of nominees tonight. Let's evict the first couple, shall we? The eviction they're actually expecting. It's time to cross over to the house.

Maximillian: If I do go, you guys don't get to eat any of the cheese I've left in the fridge.

Sasha: (Laughs). Just you try and stop us.

Aleks: How much longer are they going to make us wait!? Zsa Zsa: I have a feeling it'll be soon.

Emery: How do you know? Zsa Zsa: Because Preeya's on the screen.

Preeya: I am indeed! Hello, housemates! Maximillian: Howdy! Ofelia: Hiya!

Emery: Whoo! Hey, Preeya!

Preeya: You're live on SimTV, please do not swear.

Preeya: Aisha and Corinne, how are you this evening? Aisha: Nervous!

Corinne: But hoping for the best! We really want to stay!

Preeya: You were in the same boat this time last week and stayed. What do you make of your chances tonight? Corinne: I don't think we're gonna be saved again.

Aisha: Me neither, but we should be optimistic.

Preeya: Indeed you should. Good luck tonight.

Preeya: Aleks and Emery, how are you, boys?

Emery: Absoutely bricking it! Aleks: (Laughs). I'm fine.

Preeya: You're cool, calm, and collected aren't you, Aleks? Aleks: Always, Preeya.

Emery: It's really annoying.

Preeya; How would you guys feel if it was time up for you tonight? Emery: He's not bothered but I'd be devastated. I wanna be here for Christmas Day so bad!

Preeya: Well we'll soon find out. Good luck to you both.

Preeya: Maximillian and Zsa Zsa, how are you feeling? Maximillian: Excited and honoured to talk to you! Preeya: You're too kind! Zsa Zsa: I'm nervous! (Laughs). My palms are sweating like mad. I just want to get this over with.

Preeya: Very well. Let's get to it, shall we? Zsa Zsa: Yes please!

Preeya: Aisha and Corinne, Aleks and Emery, and Maximillian and Zsa Zsa. For the past few days the SimTV viewers have been voting for the couples they would like to save. One of you has received the fewest votes and is about to become the second couple to be evicted. It's time to go...

Zsa Zsa: Lord.

Emery: Here we go.

Corinne: Shitting it.

Sasha: Best of luck, you guys!

Wilbur: Yeah good luck!

Aleks: Oh, c'mon.

Dennis: Put these people out of their misery!

Emery: Or just us all stay!? (Laughs).

Aisha: If only we were that lucky.

Kalyani: Come on, Preeya!

Preeya: It's time to go.. ALEKS AND EMERY!

Emery: FUCK!

Kalyani: NO! Aleks: Ah well.

Corinne: Oh my God! No way!

Aisha: I can't believe that.

Naveen: Guys, this sucks.

Zsa Zsa: So sorry, boys.

Emery: It's cool. It's all good.

Preeya: Aleks and Emery, you are the second couple to be evicted from the Sim Brother house, please say your goodbyes and leave the house!

Naveen: Emery, bud, I honestly don't know what to say.

Emery: It's OK, man. It's the name of the game. I'll miss ya. Have an amazing time in here, all right?

Naveen: I'll miss you, too. And I will.

Kalyani: I just want to break down. This is horrific.

Aleks: It's all right, hon. We're OK with it. We'll have a good Christmas!

Kalyani: I'm so annoyed with this result!

Kalyani: I'm gonna miss you boys so much.

Emery: Likewise, babes. Thanks for being my best mate in here. I hope you win.

Kalyani: Oh, Emery. I love you.

Corinne: Sorry, Aleks. I think you're a good guy.

Aleks: Appreciate that, Corinne. We'll see you on the outside.

Corinne: Definitely. Have an amazing Christmas.

Aisha: I'm sorry, Emery. I know how much this meant to you.

Emery: Don't apologise! I'm happy for you girls! Well done! Aisha: Thank you! Enjoy your night.

Ofelia: Thanks for being so nice to me! I'll always remember it. I'm gutted you're going.

Sim Brother: Fifteen seconds...

Emery: Me too, babe. I'll see you soon. Stay strong in here, all right? You're made of tough stuff.

Emery: Bye, Maximillian! Well done on staying! Maximillian: Thanks, my friend. Sorry to see you depart. Have an incredible night and a wonderful experience.

Emery: You too!

Sim Brother: Ten... nine...

Zsa Zsa: I'm so upset.

Aleks: Don't be! I'm so happy for you, Zsa Zsa. You're a great woman! Well done! Zsa Zsa: Thank you, darling. Have a blast our there!

Aleks: Oh, I will.

Sim Brother: Eight... seven...

Sasha: I can't put into words how much I'm going to miss you.

Emery: Likewise, Sasha.

Sasha: Have a great time out there, OK? You've been a rock to me in here.

Sim Brother: Six... five...

Emery: Thanks! I feel the same!

Tammi-Louise: Bye, babes. Enjoy it out there, yeah?

Aleks: I will, Tammi! Have fun in here!

Sim Brother: Four... three...

Lionel: Come here, you handsome man! I'm gonna miss you!

Emery: I'll miss you too, Lionel. Thanks for making this past week so great.

Lionel: Oh, that's sweet of you to say. Good luck!

Sim Brother: Two... one...

Sim Brother: Aleks and Emery, you have been evicted, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Aleks: Bye, everyone! Naveen: See you, mate!

Sasha: Have an amazing night, guys! Ofelia: Enjoy every second! Emery: Love you all!

Lionel: Go on, lads! Aisha: Rock it! Vaughn: We'll see you soon!

All: Aleks and Emery! Aleks and Emery! Aleks and Emery!

(They all cheer)

Kalyani: LOVE YOU, BOYS!

Emery: We love you, too!

Aleks: Here goes...

Aleks: Whoa.

Emery: This is so surreal.

Emery: Hi, Preeya!

Preeya: Hey, gents! Come on over and join me!

Preeya: Lovely to see you, Emery.

Emery: You too, Preeya. You look amazing.

Preeya: Why thank you!

Preeya: Hi, handsome. Welcome out.

Aleks: Thanks, Preeya.

Preeya: Take a seat and we'll get started with the interview.

Preeya: So, there we are! Two weeks in and you're the second couple out. How you both feeling?

Emery: Honestly? I'm absolutely devastated.

Preeya: Oh, Emery. I'm sorry!

Emery: I just wanted to be in there for Christmas and we were having such a great time in there. Yeah, it wasn't always fun, and sleeping in the tent was shit, but I just loved the entire experience and everyone in there.

Aleks: I'm a little sad and I'm sad for Emery, but to be honest I'm OK with being out. Two weeks is about my limit, I think.

Preeya: You didn't seem to enjoy the experience a much as Emery, I think it's fair to say?

Aleks: That's right.

Preeya: Why do you think that was?

Aleks: He's a more naturally sociable, extraverted person and makes friends in the click of a finger. People flock to him too and tend to really like him. I'm different. If I don't feel like I've got much in common with people then I struggle. And while I made friends in there I didn't particularly feel like there were many on my wave-length.

Preeya: You seemed to get on best with Kalyani and Naveen.

Aleks: They're amazing people. I'll miss them for sure.

Emery: Yeah. They're an incredible couple and they're such a laugh. We'll be friends for them for a long time, no question about it.

Preeya: She seemed to be really upset that you guys were out.

Emery: Yeah she really wanted us to stay. Bless her.

Preeya: How do you feel to lose to Aisha and Corinne and Maximillian and Zsa Zsa?

Aleks: Eh. That doesn't bother me. I didn't think Max and Zsa Zsa would go, but I thought there was a possibility the girls might.

Preeya: How come? Aleks: Well, I know they survived last week but I thought maybe the viewers had gotten everything they were gonna see from them? And to be honest, I don't think they bring all that much.

Emery: They tend to just keep to themselves. We were in there with them for two weeks and I feel like I barely know anything about them.

Preeya: Let's talk about Maximillian quickly.

Aleks: Know where this is going. (Laughs).

Preeya: Sorry, but we have to discuss it! (Laughs). What was it you thought was insincere about him?

Aleks: Well, he's clearly been through a lot in his life and as a result, I think we wears a bit of a shield and always puts on this jolly, jokey persona and after a little while it just started to wear thin.

Emery: It seemed like he was reluctant to show people the real him.

Aleks: Which is understandable given what he's gone through. I know that now.

Preeya: We saw you apologise to him yesterday over the incident during the argument.

Aleks: I was completely out of line. I felt so bad.

Emery: Yeah. You were a dick. (Laughs).

Aleks: But he accepted my apology really graciously and I admire him for that.

Preeya: You guys also seemed to have a good bond with Lionel and Dennis. You especially, Emery.

Emery: They're just amazing people. They came in with so much positive energy and it rubbed off on the house immediately. I honestly think they're two of the best people I've ever met.

Aleks: I do agree. They're great. I think they're potential winners, actually. Even if they came in late.

Preeya: They've certainly made an impression. Now, we're running low on time, so I'm gonna ask you some final quick questions. Which couple do want out next?

Emery: Bryce and Ofelia. No question.

Aleks: They need to go.

Preeya: We saw how Bryce tried to blame you for his time in the house, Emery.

Emery: Oh my days. Preeya, I was fuming! Preeya: And which couple would you like to see win?

Emery: For me, Lionel and Dennis.

Aleks: Or Naveen and Kalyani.

Emery: Sasha and Vaughn are lovely people too, actually. I'd be for happy for them.

Preeya: Aleks and Emery, you have both been fantastic housemates and we really appreciate you both. Thank you so much!

Preeya: So, Aleks and Emery are out and that should be the end of it for the housemates tonight, right? Wrong!

Emery: Whaaa!?

Preeya: Tonight is a double eviction.

Aleks: Whoa! Nobody is expecting it to be.

Preeya: But there's more to the story. The nominees for this eviction are actually different. One of the newest couples is about to be evicted...

Emery: Ooh! What a twist! Get Bryce out! Preeya: It's now time to cross over to the house.

Corinne: I felt so bad for Emery.

Kalyani: Me too. He really wanted to stay.

Naveen: He'll be fine, babe. I promise.

Kalyani: I know. I'm just gonna miss them, is all.

Wilbur: We all will. They were great personalities.

Preeya: Good evening again, housemates!

Ofelia: Whoa! Zsa Zsa; Eh!? Sasha: What's going on!?

Aisha: Please don't tell me there's another! Corinne: Oh, shit.

Preeya: Bryce and Ofelia, how are you both this evening?

Bryce: Fine.

Ofelia: I'm OK. I'm a bit nervous as to why you're speaking to us two though? (Laughs). We're not in danger, are we!?

Preeya: Dennis and Lionel, what about you? You good?

Dennis: Can't complain.

Lionel: Oh, I have a feeling we're up.

Dennis: Me too.

Preeya: You both face eviction right now.

Bryce: Oh, of course.

Ofelia: (Screams).

Zsa Zsa: No way!

Tammi-Louise: This is unreal.

Corinne: Fuck...

KalyanI: Good luck, you guys.

Preeya: Bryce and Ofelia and Dennis and Lionel, for the past few days the SimTV viewers have also been voting for which of you they would like to save. One of you has received the fewest votes and is about to become the third couple to be evicted.

Lionel: I can't believe this! I'm not even dressed, you fuckers!

Preeya: It's time to go...

Lionel: Do I have time to run up and put on a dress quick? Dennis: I'm gonna say no.

Lionel: This is outrageous.

Maximillian: These awful pauses...

Ofelia: Please hurry up!

Bryce: We both know what's gonna happen here.

Preeya: It's time to go...


Ofelia: Aw.

Bryce: Of course. Fuck this. I'm out.

Ofelia: Bryce...

Bryce: Nah. Sorry. This was a complete waste of time.

0felia: (Sighs).

Kalyani: Try and be positive, babe, OK?

Preeya: Bryce and Ofelia, you are the third couple to be evicted from the Sim Brother Couples house. Please say your goodbyes and leave the house.

Sim Brother: Fifteen seconds...

Tammi-Louise: I'll miss you, Ofelia. You're a lovely girl.

Ofelia: Thanks, Tammi! And thanks for everything!

Sasha: I'm so sorry to see you go!

Sim Brother: Ten... nine...

Ofelia: And I'm sorry we never got to strengthen our friendship!

Sasha: There's the outside, darling!

Sim Brother: Eight... seven...

Ofelia: Of course! Best of luck!

Sim Brother: Six... five...

Ofelia: Goodbye, Lionel! Thank you so much for everything!

Lionel: You're welcome, gorgeous. Have a great time out there. And please remember what I said, OK? Ofelia: I will.

Sim Brother: Four... three... two... one...

Sim Brother: Bryce and Ofelia, you have been evicted, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Zsa Zsa: Bye, darling! Kalyani: Have fun!

Vaughn: Enjoy every second!

Dennis: And take no shit!

Tammi-Louise: Whoo! Bye!

Aisha: You look amazing!

Ofelia: Thanks so much! Bye, you guys! I love you all! Good luck!

Bryce: Take your time.

Ofelia: Don't start, Bryce.

Bryce: C'mon...

Ofelia: Hi, Preeya! Preeya: Hi, honey! Come on over!

Preeya: You look radiant.

Ofelia: I didn't even know I was up! This isn't an eviction outfit.

Preeya: You honestly look great anyway! I promise!

Ofelia: Thank you! Preeya: Take a seat and we'll make a start on the interview.

Preeya: So, guys, you were in there for just a week and you're out at the first opportunity. How you feeling?

Ofelia: Not great. (Laughs). It feels rubbish to be out after just a week, especially as we weren't expecting it and thought we were gonna experience Christmas in there, but hey. It is what it is. I knew we'd be the next ones out anyway

Preeya: Why?

Ofelia: Why do you think? (Laughs).

Preeya: Bryce?

Bryce: What?

Preeya: How are you feeling about everything?

Bryce: To be honest, I just feel like I was royally stitched up from the get-go. I didn't stand a chance of having a good time in there.

Preeya: But why do you keep saying that? It's not like Sim Brother treated you any differently than they've treated other housemates.

Bryce: Oh, please. That entire thing was set up on the first night to screw us over.

Ofelia: C'mon, Bryce, please.

Preeya: How can you actually think that though? Seriously? Nobody asked you to act the way you did in the house. It was all you.

Bryce: Oh, this is a very professional interview.

Preeya: Bryce, I asked you to express how you feel as you're more than entitled to do so, but I'm not going to sit here and have you say that you were picked on by Sim Brother when your experience in the house was dictated and was a consequence of your exact behaviour. Nothing else.

Bryce: Well, I think you're wrong, and I don't care what you think.

Preeya: No clearly not.

Bryce: This is just stupid, actually. I'm not being part of this. I'm out of here.

Bryce: Absolute joke this show.

Preeya: Thanks, Bryce. Good night.

Ofelia: I really am so sorry! But you know what? It's over.

Bryce: What!?

Ofelia: You heard me. It's over. I'm done. I don't ever want to see you again.

Bryce: Oh, fuck this.

Preeya: Are you sure that's what you want? Ofelia: Yes. Ever since I had a chat with Lionel in the bedroom yesterday my mind has been going round and round in circles and I've been weighing up the options. I always knew he had some negative traits, but never to the extent he showed in there. It was embarrassing. And disgusting. What he said to Sasha and Lionel was unforgiveable as far as I'm concerned. I should have listened to my family from the get go. He's gone. I'm done.

Preeya: I probably shouldn't say this, but you've made the right choice. You're a lovely women and you deserve a lot better.

Ofelia: Aw. Thanks, Preeya.

Preeya: Did you have any good moments during your stay?

Ofelia: Of course. I had a laugh with the people in there and they're all great. I especially got on with Sasha and Kalyani. Oh, and Lionel. He's an absolute gent.

Preeya: Which couple would you like out next?

Ofelia: Oh, uh. Tricky. Um. Probably Zsa Zsa and Maximillian if I had to pick.

Preeya: And who would you like to win?

Ofelia: Lionel and Dennis. Or Sasha and Vaughn.

Preeya: Ofelia, I know you didn't really have an incredible time in there but I hope it was a positive experience for you.

Ofelia: It was. Thank you.

Preeya: Thank you very much. So, that's it for tonight. Aleks and Emery and Bryce and Ofelia have been shown the door as a consequence of your votes, but you know what else has consequences? I'll explain in a sec. Let's hand over to Sim Brother for a quick announcement first.

Sasha: Please let us leave this sofas. It's so dull.

Aisha: Yeah. Enough is enough.

Sim Brother: This is Sim Brother...

Tammi-Louise: Ooh.

Sim Brother: Congratulations to you all, you are going to spend tomorrow, Christmas Day, in the Sim Brother house.

Corinne: WHOO!

Kalyani: That's amazing.

Sim Brother: For tonight only, the ranking systems have been disabled. The top ranked couple may still sleep in the luxury bedroom tonight but the rest of the housemates can sleep in the communal bedroom.

Corinne: Aw! Horray!

Sim Brother: Sim Brother is also going to provide unlimited food and drink to the house over the next few days and housemates can listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies to their hearts content.

Zsa Zsa: AMAZING! Sim Brother: Enjoy Christmas, housemates.

Aisha: WHOO!

Vaughn: Thank you so much!

Preeya: Just to sum up: Sim Brother is going to be very kind, loving and spoiling to the housemates tonight and on Christmas tomorrow which is all well and good, but what interests me is what comes the week following Christmas, because week three in the house, is going to be known as the last temptations of Christmas. The housemates will be called to the diary room multiple times and each be given a special temptation of something they have always wanted or dreamed of, we're talking expensive stuff here guys. If they take the temptations, then there will be consequences for the rest of the house, potentially financially. It's going to be a cracker. Pardon the pun. Have an incredible Christmas, guys! We'll be back soon!

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