Sim Brother Couples 2: Live Launch

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Preeya: Hello...

Preeya: And welcome to the live launch of Sim Brother Couples: Series Two! Can you believe it!? We’re back! And for Christmas! What perfect timing! Tonight, seven couples will enter the house beside me for several weeks of fun, frolics, and Sim Brother goodness! And to clarify: the couples will be one housemate! They’ll nominate together and be evicted together, just like the previous couples series way back in 2006! Before we meet our line-up who are going to spend the holiday season with us, shall we look at the house?

Preeya: Up we go!

Preeya: And in we go! I love the entrance here. Very pretty.

Preeya: This hallway serves at the midway point to the house. On this floor, we have a task room through that door there. We have the diary room and another room you will be seeing more of later, but let’s head downstairs, shall we?

Preeya: Down into the living area!

Preeya: I have to say, I love the layout of this room. It’s comfy and there’s obviously lots of Christmas décor to keep everything festive!

Preeya: And there’s a tree. Naturally.

Preeya: Through here is a small toilet. No need to show you. It’s pretty basic.

Preeya: A nice dining area here. Room for all the couples to sit together... whether they do or not... well, you’ll see later.

Preeya: Here’s the kitchen! And I really like this! It has an old fashioned, cottage theme and it’s quite homely! Not many decorations though, but maybe that’ll change the closer we get to Christmas?

Preeya: Love the windows here, too. And for what I believe is the first time ever... we have a washer and a dryer! Housemates are gonna have to sort out their own clothes! Wonder how that’ll go down? In my series, we had ours dry-cleaned. Those days are clearly gone.

Preeya: Out into the garden!

Preeya: There’s not a great amount of stuff out here, as it’s so cold the housemates won’t spend a great deal of time out here, but there’s a campfire over there and an ice skating rink.

Preeya: There’s a lot of open space! And there’s some things over there, as you might notice. Hm? Wonder what all that is? Stay tuned.

Preeya: Back upstairs. There’s one thing I wanna point out quick, right over here... tucked away...

Preeya: Is a comfy little snug! How nice is that!? I love it. Quite a few bitching sessions will occur there, no doubt.

Preeya: Up we go! Let’s see the bedroom!

Preeya: I LOVE this room so much! It’s like a pretty loft!

Preeya: It’s very warm up here so I can imagine with all these couples shacked up together, it might get a bit hot! I love the rugs in here.

Preeya: There’s five double beds here, but seven couples going in? Hm. Wonder what that’s about?

Preeya: Through the doors near the stairs is a bathroom. Quite simple, but nice at the same time. I love the bath.

Preeya: Let’s quickly head into the diary room.

Preeya: Oh, wow! Here it is! How lovely!

Sim Brother: Hello, Preeya.

Preeya: Hi, old friend! How are you?

Sim Brother: Sim Brother is expecting company.

Preeya: You’re as blunt as ever. Want me to go, then?

Sim Brother: Thank you, Preeya. You’re now free to leave the diary room.

Preeya: Right! Great! So nice to see you again as well, big guy! Let’s get straight to it and meet the first couple!

Preeya: It’s Maximillian and Zsa Zsa!

Maximillian: Howdy, folks! I’m Maximillian and this is my good lady wife, Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa: I’m his better half.

Maximillian: No arguments there. We’re from the great US state of Colorado. I’m forty-three.

Zsa Zsa: And I’m forty-five.

Maximillian: And who would believe it!?

Zsa Zsa: You’re trying too hard.

Maximillian: Sorry, Dear. As for our occupations, I’m an author. Not that successful of one, mind you, but I’m comfortable.

Zsa Zsa: And I’m a journalist.

Maximillian: How long have we been together?

Zsa Zsa: You’re asking me because you don’t know or because you want me to say?

Maximillian: Uh... the latter?

Zsa Zsa: Eighteen years together, sixteen married.

Maximillian: That sounds about right.

Maximillian: I was with her sister orginally.

Zsa Zsa: Why bring that up?

Maximillian: Because it’s a funny story?

Zsa Zsa: (Laughs). Yes, well, there was no funny buinsess! I didn’t steal my sister’s man.

Maximillian: You sort of did.

Zsa Zsa: You’d broke up and she was the one who introduced me to you!

Maximillian: Keep digguing the hole, home wrecker.

Zsa Zsa: You’re intolerable. Anyway, we’re quite the eccentric couple as you might have seen, so we’re natural housemates!

Maximillian: What she said.

Preeya: It’s Maximillian and Zsa Zsa, everyone!

Maximillian: Good evening!

Zsa Zsa: Lovely to meet you!

Preeya: You, too! Love the monocle, Maximillian!

Maximillian: Why, thank you.

Zsa Zsa: He was beside himself with excitement when he saw that in the shop. (Laughs).

Preeya: How you both feeling?

Zsa Zsa: Excited... nervous. This is the sort of thing we’d never normally dream of doing so we’re really throwing ourselves into the deep end.

Maximillian: They’ll love us! Or we’ll be the first ones out.

Preeya: (Laughs). Be confident. Best of luck, guys! In you go!

Maximillian: Very exciting. Wait up, will you!?

Zsa Zsa: Wow. Quite nice, huh?

Maximillian: It’s not bad, by any means.

Zsa Zsa: Nice and warm in here.

Zsa Zsa: Wow! Look at this! How lovely!

Maximillian: Charming, isn’t it? Looks like we’re the first ones in.

Zsa Zsa: Good! I would’ve hated to have walked in last to a crowded house. Would’ve been really intimdating.

Maximillian: Starting to feel real.

Zsa Zsa: It is, isn’t it? The next three weeks begins right now...

Preeya: So, that’s Maximillian and Zsa Zsa! They seem like a laugh, don’t they? And did you see their outfits? Someone’s got money! (Laughs). Let’s meet the second couple!

Preeya: It’s Aisha and Corinne!

Aisha: Hello, everyone! I’m Aisha, and this is my girlfriend, Corinne.

Corinne: Fiancée.

Aisha: Yes. Sorry, babe. I honestly keep forgetting.

Corinne: Great. (Laughs). I’m thirty and Aisha’s twenty-eight and we’ve been together for just over a year.

Aisha: Feels so much longer, though.

Corinne: In a good way!?

Aisha: Well, of course.

Corinne: I was born in bred in Liverpool, hence my awful accent.

Aisha: (Laughs). Land of the Beatles, though!

Corinne: Overrated.

Aisha: Urgh. We’ve had this conversation before and we almost rowed. (Laughs). Anyway, I’m originally from Pakistan but moved over to the UK when I was two.

Aisha: Coming out as queer and being in a lesbian relationship has been hard to say, the least. Most of my family weren’t accepting, but some are coming around.

Corinne: And me being so head-strong and over-protective hasn’t exactly helped things.

Aisha: No. But you mean well.

Corinne: Thanks, babe. I really do.

Aisha: At the end of the day, I am who I am and I’m with the woman I love! There’s nothing more to it.

Corinne: Amen to that!

Preeya: It’s Aisha and Corinne!

Aisha: Hiya!

Corinne: Man, I’m so pumped for this!

Preeya: How are you both feeling? You’re about to become Sim Brother housemates!

Aisha: I’m really quite nervous! I’m glad I’m not going in alone, put it that way.

Corinne: And I’m just ecstatic! I’ve been a fan of this show since I was a kid so as you can imagine, this is a dream come true!

Preeya: How well do you think you’ll do?

Aisha: Oh, I don’t know. The trouble maker next to me can rile people up on occasion.

Corinne: Nonsense! We’re gonna win!

Preeya: (Laughs). That’s the spirit! In you go, ladies! Best of luck!

Corinne: Ready, baby? Aisha: Ready. You lead the way.

Corinne: Wow. Look at this.

Aisha: It’s like a rich old manor.

Corinne: The complete opposite of our shithole flat. (Laughs).

Aisha: Eee! Hi, everyone!

Corinne: The entertainment has arrived!

Maximillian: Hello there, my friend! I’m Maximillian! Love the dress! It’s quite striking!

Corinne: Why, thank you. That’s what I was going for. I’m Corinne.

Aisha: Hiya! I’m Aisha!

Zsa Zsa: Aisha, darling, I’m Zsa Zsa! You look radiant!

Aisha: Me!? Look at you!

Zsa Zsa: Oh, stop! (Laughs).

Corinne: You look like the bloke from the Monopoly game with one of those on.

Maximillian: The monocle? Well, actually, that’s what the internet likes to refer to as an example of the Mandela Effect.

Corinne: Huh?

Maximillian: Something people assume to be true that actually isn’t. The Monopoly Man doesn’t actually have a monocole.

Corinne: What!? No way!

Maximillian: Way.

Corinne: I’m Googling that when I get out. I don’t believe you.

Maximillian: (Laughs). Feel free.

Maximillian: Hello there! I’m Maximillian!

Aisha: What a name! I’m Aisha!

Maximillian: You have a lovely name yourself! And you look a million dollars!

Aisha: That’s so nice of you to say. Thank you.

Corinne: Your other half is a character! (Laughs).

Zsa Zsa: Oh, absolutely. He’s great, though!

Corinne: Yeah! For sure! I’m Corinne!

Zsa Zsa: I’m Zsa Zsa, darling. Nice to meet you.

Preeya: (Laughs). Loving this bunch already. Let’s throw in another pair!

Preeya: It’s Kalyani and Naveen!

Naveen: Hey! I’m Naveen! I’m twenty-six and I work in insurance.

Kalyani: And I’m Kalyani, also twenty-six, and I’m a model who also babysits kids on the side. (Laughs). Quite a mixed career.

Naveen: We met when we were twelve, got together when we were fifteen, and that’s how it’s been ever since.

Kalyani: Couldn’t even imagine being with someone else.

Naveen: No. It’s wrong.

Kalyani: Haven’t proposed yet though, have you?

Naveen: (Laughs). I’ll get there.

Kalyani: Well, I won’t wait forever!

Naveen: You’ll wait forever for me, babe.

Kalyani: Even so, don’t take the piss.

Kalyani: We’re both from Indian families, so as far as all of our relatives are concerned, we should’ve married years ago!

Naveen: Here we go. (Laughs).

Kalyani: Maybe I’ll shack up with someone in the house? An affair! That’d make the headlines.

Naveen: Yeah. Right.

Kalyani: (Laughs). Just don’t propose on reality TV, please. That’s so cringey.

Naveen: I had no intention!

Kalyani: Good.

Naveen: See what I have to put up with!? She’s such a diva!

Kalyani: You give as good as you get.

Preeya: It’s Kalyani and Naveen!

Naveen: Hey!

Kalyani: So nice to meet you, Preeya!

Preeya: Likewise! And what a gorgeous couple you are!

Kalyani: Why thank you! You’re not so bad yourself!

Naveen: Agreed. Beautiful!

Preeya: You pair of charmers! You act that nice in that house, you’ll never be nominated.

Naveen: That’s the plan.

Preeya: Ooh. You have a game-plan?

Naveen: Not as such, but play it smart, I say. Don’t cause any trouble, keep your head down, and you’ll probably get past the first few rounds of nominations.

Kalyani: Exactly.

Preeya: Well, I’m very eager to find out how you’ll get on! In you go, guys! Good luck!

Naveen: Ready for this?

Kalyani: Do you really need to ask?

Naveen: Looking fine, girl.

Kalyani: Mmhm.

Kalyani: Wow. It’s lovely in here.

Naveen: And into the madhouse we go.

Corinne: Whoa! You guys are hot!

Naveen: Ha! Cheers! I’m Naveen, babe!

Corinne: I’m Corinne! This is my other half, Aisha.

Kalyani: Hiya! So nice to meet you!

Aisha: You, too! What’s your name?

Kalyani: I’m Kalyani! Aisha, right?

Aisha: That’s it!

Kalyani: Lovely to meet you!

Aisha: Hi! I’m Aisha!

Naveen: I’m Naveen! You look lovely!

Aisha: Thank you so much!

Corinne: I’m Corinne, gorgeous!

Kalyani: Hi, babe! I’m Kaylani! Love the hair and the dress!

Corinne: Cheers! I’m re-claiming pink for the tough girls!

Kalyani: (Laughs). Oh, right.

Maximillian: Hello there, radiant one! I’m Maximillian!

Kalyani: Hiya! I’m Kalyani! So nice to meet you!

Maximillian: Likewise!

Zsa Zsa: Hello there, handsome! I’m Zsa Zsa!

Maximillian: I can hear you, Dear!?

Zsa Zsa: Good!

Kalyani: (Laughs). More than enough Naveen to go around.

Naveen: My thought’s exactly!

Zsa Zsa: Ooh!

Preeya: Three couples down, four to go! Let’s meet the next pair!

Preeya: It’s Kim and Roy!

Roy: Hey there! I’m Roy, I’m fifty-one, and I’m a cars salesman from the great state of Missouri!

Kim: And I’m his wife of twenty-seven years, Kim! I’m forty-eight and I’m a housewife! I’m orginally from Kentucky.

Roy: We decided to apply for this reality show to prove to people that conservative Americans from the middle of the country aren’t actually wackos or small minded bigots but people who are actually open, welcoming, and just like everybody else really.

Kim: We all want the best for each other, regardless of where you stand on political issues.

Roy: Absolutely, hon.

Roy: Us two are the perfect example! I’ve voted democratic most of my life, whereas you’ve been predominantly Republican.

Kim: That’s right. And most of the time we’re perfectly happy to agree to disagree. I think it adds spice to our marriage personally!

Roy: Exactly. Who wants to agree with everyone all the time!? Although, the Bush v Gore saga in 2000 was a tough one.

Kim: You spent a few nights in the spare bedroom that month, honey. (Laughs).

Roy: And it was your side who won!

Kim: (Laughs). It’s in the past.

Kim: We’re proud parents to four kids! Three girls and a boy!

Roy: All of whom are going to be teenagers soon!

Kim: Yep! Our youngest is about to be thirteen.

Roy: Scary times lie ahead.

Kim: (Laughs). The thought of not being with them over Christmas is daunting and upsetting, but they’re staying and isolating with their Grandparents and cousins in a big house where they’ll be having the time of their lives!

Roy: We’re the ones who’ll miss them, not the other way around!

Kim: Probably! As long as we’ve left them presents, they’re clearly not bothered.

Preeya: It’s Kim and Roy!

Kim: Hello! This is so much fun!

Roy: Hi, Preeya!

Preeya: How you both feeling?

Kim: Nervous and excited! But more nervous! (Laughs).

Roy: I’m cool and collected! Just eager to see who we might be living with for the next few weeks.

Preeya: You’ll soon find out. How did your kids take it when you told them you were coming in?

Kim: There were some tears, but when they found out we could potentially come home with money, they soon cheered up!

Roy: (Laughs). Our eldest two weren’t bothered.

Kim: No, they’re all fine. It’ll be us who miss them more! Preeya: Well, good luck getting that money, guys! In you go!

Roy: Heady, honey?

Kim: Ready!

Roy: Ladies first.

Kim: Here we go!

Roy: This is exciting!

Kim: Best behaviour!

Roy: Of course.

Roy: Greetings, roomies!

Aisha: Hiya! I’m Aisha!

Roy: I’m Roy! Nice to meet you!

Aisha: And you. Where you from? America?

Roy: Yes, indeed! Missouri!

Aisha: Oh, cool!

Kim: Love the hair! I’m Kim!

Corinne: Thank you! I like your dress! I’m Corinne.

Kim: You remind me a bit of Pink! (Laughs).

Corinne: Ha! I’ll take that! She’s all right!

Maximillian: Hello, friend! Welcome to the madhouse!

Roy: Ah! Another American!

Maximillian: Indeedio! I’m from Colorado.

Roy: Missouri.

Maximillian: My apologies.

Roy: (Laughs). You joker! I’m Roy.

Maximillian: Maximillian.

Roy: Hey! I’m Roy!

Corinne: I’m Corinne. Nice to meet you.

Roy: And you!

Preeya: Three couples left. Let’s meet couple number five!

Preeya: It’s Aleks and Emery!

Emery: Hey, fuckers! I’m Emery. I’m twenty-nine and I’m a hairdresser from Essex.

Aleks: And I’m Aleks, I’m thirty-one and a teacher. And I’ve been putting up with this foul-mouthed monster for about three years now.

Emery: You wouldn’t have me any other way!

Aleks: (Laughs). Wouldn’t I?

Emery: The saying ooposites attract is probably a bit of a cliché, but it’s definitely true in our case, isn’t it?

Aleks: I can’t stand you half the time.

Emery: Likewise! And yet we love each other.

Aleks: Clearly. Otherwise I wouldn’t be going into a reality TV show with you! (Laughs).

Emery: Yes, this was mainly my idea, but you’re into this, too! You’re the most competitive person I know!

Aleks: True. We had a blazing row last Christmas over Cluedo, didn’t we?

Emery: Not that we need much excuse to row.

Aleks: Well, you changed the rules.

Emery: Don’t start.

Emery: I’m definitely the louder, more extroverted of us two. You’re silent, more calculating.

Aleks: Yep.

Emery: When we row, I could literally shout and call him every name under the sun and he just sits there unphased. He’ll take a minute and then just come out with one line that’ll rip me in two.

Aleks: You deserve it most of the time.

Emery: (Laughs). You’re such a little shit.

Preeya: It’s Aleks and Emery! Hi, boys!

Emery: Hey!

Aleks: Hi, Preeya. Very nice to meet you.

Preeya: And you! How you both feeling? You’re about to become housemates!

Aleks: I’m aprehensive, but also excited for what this is going to bring. I’ve not really watched these shows before, so I’m intrigued.

Emery: He’s gonna be a natural dickhead, trust me.

Aleks: Thanks, Emery.

Preeya: (Laughs). You two are going to be great! I can tell! Do you think you’ll make it quite far?

Aleks: Depends! If the house is full of people I can’t stand, I’ll probably be banging on the door to get out.

Emery: And we tend to like different people as well, so it’ll be interesting.

Preeya: Best of luck to you both! Get in there!

Emery: Wahey!

Emery: Whoa... shitting it now.

Aleks: You!? Mr. Confident!? Emery: I know.

Emery: Nice ass.

Aleks: Oh, grow up. (Laughs).

Emery: Ooh. Nice.

Aleks: Not bad. It’s like a fancy hotel.

Emery: Hiya, everyone!

Aleks: Hey!

Kalyani: Yay! Gays! (Laughs). I’m Kalyani, honey.

Aleks: Hey! (Laughs). I’m Aleks. You look sensational.

Kalyani: Oh, you smooth talker! You’re not too bad yourself.

Emery: Hey there, handsome! I’m Emery!

Naveen: Hey, dude! I’m Naveen!

Emery: We’ve got good looking men, haven’t we?

Kalyani: Sure have! (Laughs). How are you, darling? I’m Kalyani.

Emery: I’m great! I’m Emery!

Kalyani: Love it!

Aleks: Hey, man. I’m Aleks.

Naveen: Nice to meet you, mate. I’m Naveen.

Aleks: Hi! I’m Aleks! Kim: Hi, sweetie! I’m Kim. Lovely to meet you.

Aleks: And you! You have beautiful hair.

Kim: Why thank you.

Zsa Zsa: You’re a ball of energy, aren’t you? I’m Zsa Zsa!

Emery: I sure am! Love the name! I’m Emery!

Zsa Zsa: Lovely to meet you, sweetheart.

Preeya: So, that’s Aleks and Emery! Let’s meet the next pair!

Preeya: It’s Tammi-Louise and Wilbur!

Wilbur: Hi there. I’m Wilbur, I’m fifty-eight and I’m from Wales.

Tammi-Louise: And I’m Tammi-Louise, I’m twenty-four and I’m originally from Manchester but now living in the Welsh countryside with this one!

Wilbur: It was quite a culture shock for her. (Laughs).

Tammi-Louise: People always bring up our age difference as it’s the first thing we’re always asked about when we’re a couple. It can get a bit irritating as we get a lot of skepitcal, judgemental looks.

Wilbur: But at the end of the day, we know we love each other so we’re not bothered what people think.

Tammi-Louise: I had money before I met you, but people just assume I’m a gold-digger.

Wilbur: You barely take a penny from me.

Tammi-Louise: (Shrugs). Doesn’t matter. Nobody buys it.

Wilbur: Oh well. We met a few years ago and hit it off straight away. We got engaged last Christmas.

Tammi-Louise: We’re not in any rush to get married though. We’re going with the flow.

Wilbur: Sometimes soon will be nice, though!

Tammi-Louise: Not this time of year! I’ve always wanted a summer wedding.

Tammi-Louise: We’re quite similar as people, too. We both have a great sense of humour, quite a dark sense of humour sometimes actually, and we have similar interests.

Wilbur: Horse riding, looking after our animals, films, music...

Tammi-Louise: It barely feels like we have an age difference at all. And to be fair, I thought he was in his forties! Had no idea he was approaching sixty.

Wilbur: Thanks, I think?

Tammi-Louise: It was a compliment!

Wilbur: Half of one, maybe? (Laughs).

Preeya: It’s Tammi-Louise and Wilbur!

Wilbur: Whoo! Hey, Preeya!

Tammi-Louise: Lovely to meet you!

Preeya: And you, too! You both look stunning!

Tammi-Louise: Thank you!

Preeya: How you both feeling? You’re about to become housemates!

Wilbur: So excited I can’t tell you! We’ve been raring for this all day.

Tammi-Louise: Yeah, it went so slow waiting around.

Preeya: I bet it did! How do you think you’ll get on in there?

Wilbur: Well, hopefully they’re all open-minded, nice people!

Tammi-Louise: And if they’re not, we’ll nominate them out. (Laughs).

Preeya: Well, that’s how it works! In you go, guys! Best of luck!

Wilbur: Thank you, Preeya!

Tammi-Louise: Here we go! You go first! I’m scared. (Laughs).

Tammi-Louise: Wait up, though!

Wilbur: Sorry, babe!

Wilbur: Wow.

Tammi-Louise: This is gorgeous!

Wilbur: Hey!

Tammi-Louise: Hiya, everyone!

Aisha: Hiya! I’m Aisha!

Wilbur: Hey, Aisha! You look lovely! I’m Wilbur!

Aisha: Lovely to meet you, Wilbur! Love the suit!

Wilbur: Thank you!

Corinne: You’re stunning! Tammi-Louise: Aw, thanks! As are you! I’m Tammi-Louise.

Corinne: Lovely name! I’m Corinne. You’re shaking!

Tammi-Louise: Just a bit nervous!

Corinne: Aw! We’ll all look after you!

Wilbur: Hey, fella! I’m Wilbur! Emery: We have a Daddy, ladies and gents! Wilbur: (Laughs). Oh, goodness me!

Emery: Haha! Sorry! I’m Emery!

Wilbur: Don’t apologise. It’s all in good fun! (Laughs).

Tammi-Louise: Hiya! I’m Tammi-Louise!